In the land of the “free”,

You are now “free” to question popular belief.

Remember when a group of long- haired weirdo’s began to question if the earth was the center of the known universe?

At the time, the popular belief was that Earth was the center of it all and the sun, the stars, and all the heavens moved around us.

These wild- eyed men claimed the earth was just another object flying around the sun.

Religion took the blame for this one. (Keeping mankind in the dark.) The blame is somewhat unjust, as it was religion that was paying for the research of Galileo and Copernicus- as a way of “finding God” through research.

Just 600 years ago, mankind believed the earth was flat. If you sailed out too far in the ocean, you would fall off the edge.

A few people believed the earth was round and they were willing to risk their lives to prove this theory.

In each case: When “popular belief” proves to be incorrect over time, there are “people” who have a vested interest in maintaining that false belief.

In the case of the earth being the center of the universe, religion is blamed because “God would have made the Earth important.”

Keeping you from sailing across a “round” earth were Kingdoms that benefited from current trade routes across land. (Besides- you will fall off the earth if you sail out too far..!!)

Today- there are many people who benefit in the Global Warming Theory and Darwinism. They have a vested interest in maintaining this popular belief.

There is no room for wild eyed, longhaired scientists and philosophers to question Global Warming and Darwinism.

1,000 years ago- mankind KNEW the earth was the center of the universe.

600 years ago- mankind KNEW the earth was flat.

Today- mankind KNOWS life started in a bubbling mud puddle and a hand full of apes received “intelligence”, while no other ape ever did? No other creature ever “evolved” intelligence.

Imagine what you will KNOW- tomorrow..??

I have no bones about giving a student a well-rounded education. However, the FORCED, (without challenge) education of Global Warming and Darwinism- has no place in a free society.

It borders on indoctrination.

A student…

A teacher- should have the right to question why one monkey gained intelligence, when the other monkey (from the same region) never did.

“If mankind is causing the earth to warm up, what caused the earth to warm up 19,000 years ago, when man was NOT burning fossil fuels?”

In America today, a teacher could be in trouble for questioning Darwinism or Global Warming.

Just like the flat-earthers from 600 years ago: “You must believe that you descended from a monkey, who was formed from a mud puddle. And you are causing the earth to warm up.

You cannot question it.

A teacher will be removed from pubic schools if they question the POWERFUL popular belief that a couple of monkeys gain intelligence.

A student will receive lower grades if they challenge the Global Warming Theory.

Just except it.

Because that is the way it is in the FREE United States.

Not so fast there, Bubba…

In the land of the free, there is still some freedom.

A force that Democrats will have to deal with in the future:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law- The Louisiana Science Education Act.

This Act will allow Louisiana teachers to present contrary evidence against Global Warming, Darwinism, and many other “popular beliefs.”

For the first time in a long time, students and teachers will be aloud to think outside the box.

In a country where students can challenge the Constitution, students can question the wisdom of great presidents, but they cannot challenge Global Warming or Darwinism..??

(Read that last paragraph again. It is so freaking ironic; it almost makes you laugh.)

This Louisiana Education Act is refreshing.

I just keep hearing better and better things about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

He is doing what Barack Obama should have done.

Stay in State politics for awhile and gain a track record.

I am hopeful that Jindal is not talked into being McCain’s VP.

It would be the BEST thing for McCain. But the worse move for Jindal and conservatives in general.

If Bobby Jindal can remain in State politics and rack up a great State record, (like he has so far) he will be “the” conservative contender for 2012 or 2016.

But if he joins the McCain ticket today, Jindal will always be “second banana” and if McCain screws up- Jindal will also take the heat. (Similar to Gore taking the heat from Clinton.)

This was a great week for conservatives..!!

We found out that the second amendment still means that Americans have the RIGHT to own firearms. (I believe the founding fathers already spelled that out for us. But it is nice to know that a “modern court” can read he constitution.)

Global Warming and Darwinism can now be challenged in “some” American schools. (Pulling some of the strings away from the “puppet masters.”)

However, the wise Supreme Court gave US constitutional Rights to non-US citizens who are NOT on US soil. They gave constitutional rights to enemy combatants during a war or conflict. (Something that the US has never done.) And Supreme Court had no authority to do so. The founding fathers spelled out very clear that only congress and the president have authority for matters involving the military and events that take place over-seas.

Still, it was a good week for conservatives.

Like they say:

Two out of three ain’t bad..!!

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican