All across America, we have set aside parks and forests that are designated- “Wildlife Refuge.”

This is an area where “nature” is protected.

(Protected from WHO..??)

By design, these “wildlife refuges” are to protect nature- from you.

However, the “wildlife refuge” doesn’t protect nature- from itself.

For example; the common house sparrow and a field mouse are much less “safe” in a nature reserve- filled with hungry owls and hawks.

If you could ask a sparrow or a mouse where they would choose to live, it would probably be right next door to you. Far away from the “wildlife refuge.”

If we can drop the “humans are evil” mantra that is bred into every liberal / democrat’s mind from birth, it’s amazing how many hundreds of creatures have chosen to live near “us”, as opposed to living deep in the forest.

I understand the principal behind a “wildlife refuge”, in that; no one can build a shopping mall or a Hooters wing joint in the forest. (Although, more people might visit the forest if it had a Hooters Restaurant and a shopping mall.) But, I guess that is the point of a “refuge.”

Keeping YOU away from it.

When are we going to build a “Human Refuge”..??

This would be a place where humans can be free.

Free to be who we are.

This self imposed “dark ages” that we force upon ourselves is quite scary to a person like myself.

Could the great pyramids of Egypt be built today?

I doubt it.

Some law or environmental restriction would outlaw the project before it got off the ground.

Could a masterpiece like Michelangelo painting of the Sistine Chapel be created today?

Not bloody likely.

Most of your top artists today shun religion. (Something they have been taught from birth.) Besides, that much effort, money, and time spent on one church would be viewed as obscene- today.

Could the aqueducts of Rome be built today? A structure that is functional- bringing water into Rome, but also beautiful? A monumental engineering feet that has lasted 1,600 years?

Probably not.

Today, with government holding the purse, we build things that will only last 100 years.

So, here we sit.

In our self- imposed “dark ages.”

Humans are evil.

Mankind is no good.

And we build NOTHING that will last.

We create nothing that will remind future generations that “we were here..!!”

“We were alive once.”

Oh yes, we did live.

“Do you remember- us.”

At the “human refuge,” you can be human.

You can do the things that humans are designed to do. Create, think, and build.

At the “human refuge,” there is no BIG government limiting your creativity. You are free to explore the world. You are free to build the tallest, the fastest, and the biggest. You need not worry about the Canvas Back Duck. The duck will move out of the way. (Matter of fact, if you feed this little duck, she will probably visit you everyday- have babies, and you will have tons of Canvas Back Ducks living next door to you.)

At the “human refuge,” if you worked hard and earned wealth, go ahead and build- The Pyramids. There is no “taxman” taking your money to build a bridge that will only last 50 years.

At the “human refuge,” if you want to help the poor, you can. No one will force you to hand over a penny to build “swimming pools for the poor”, because everyone should have a swimming pool. “It is healthy.”

You can eat what you want.

You can smoke what you want.

You can marry whomever you want.

You can be human.

Great minds actually envisioned a place like the “human refuge.”

It was called “The United States of America.”

It is written down somewhere on dusty pages. Pages that are no longer taught in schools and no longer followed by political leaders.

The youngest are the key.

The ones who haven’t been contaminated with the ideology that “humans are evil”, and “mankind will destroy the earth,” the youngest will be the builders and creators.

I will see it with my own eyes…

I may be an old man in a rocking chair by the time it happens, but I will smile with pride, none the less.

When a future generation breaks the chains from a “self- imposed”, politically correct “dark age” and says ENOUGH…

I am good..!!

Humans are the only creatures on the face of the earth with the ability to stop a meteor from crashing into this planet. An event that probably killed more life on this planet then any other, during any time in earth’s history.

We are good, and we deserve to be here.

If we do not allow ourselves to be human, and learn to grow, then we will die alongside the sparrow and the deer, being helpless to stop anything.

I visit the “human refuge” from time to time.

Today it is called: The Internet.

On the Internet; there is no big government telling me that the color “red” is not a good color for my web site. (Because red is an angry color and might offend some people.)

On the Internet; there is no big government telling me that 40% of my income should go to the taxman so that we can build a bridge to nowhere.

On the Internet; there is no big government telling me that I must limit the amount of “blog pages” because the Canvas Back Duck is running out of wetlands.

I am hopeful that this younger generation matures fast, and sets us free.

These political correct chains, from the self- imposed “dark ages” are getting mighty heavy.

John McCain and Barack Obama are promising MORE government with new rules for you to follow. Higher taxes included.

What do I plan to do about this..??

Well, I wrote this stupid editorial.

Now I plan on going outside and feeding the birds. They get mad if I am not out there at the same time each day. Generations, upon generations of birds have grown up near my house. Birds fill the trees and call out as I fill the feeder with a bucket of seeds and peanuts.

The rabbits no longer fear me as I fly by them on my motorcycle. They have grown up around me and they understand that I am goofy.

The swifts fly behind me as I mow the grass. The hundreds of bugs that I stir up with the riding mower are easy pickings for the birds to eat.

You tell me: Which is the “natural refuge”..??

A place that includes ME…

Or a place without me..??

There are hundreds of creatures that might disagree with your answer.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican