He leaned forward in his chair, as if to take command. His political party’s “talking point” was firmly planted in his brain.

When the moment was right, he declared:

“You know, we cannot drill our way out of it..”

Is anyone else getting sick of this talking point..??

“We cannot drill our way out of it..”

What makes it even more sad and pathetic is that each person who uses this talking point acts like they are the FIRST to say it.

“We cannot drill our way out of it..”


It makes me want to puke.

Mainly because it is such a lie.

We can drill our way out of “it.”

We have enough coal in America to power the country for 100 years. If every electrical power plant was either coal, nuclear, or hydro (wind, solar powered)- we would not need oil for electricity. If every American who only drives 200 miles a day, ( to work, to the store, etc) drove an electric car, we would be able to “drill and dig our way out of it..”

It is estimated that 50 percent of Americans could drive an electric car. The batteries in modern electric cars would last long enough for the day to day driving.

If that were to take place, there would be enough oil to power the rest of the Americans vehicles.

Do we need the government to pass some kind of new law..??

Hell no..!!

Get the freaking government out of the way. The government is part of the problem. The free market will solve our problems. Today, with the high cost of gas, people are using mass transit more than ever. Also, motorcycle stores are having trouble keeping “scooters” in stock. A scooter gets 100 mpg, costs around $2,000 bucks, and can get a person around a city.

We do not need any NEW laws on fuel, in fact; we need the government to loosen up a few laws they wrote years ago.

Yes we can drill and dig our way out of it.

The free market will cause people to choose what transportation vehicle suits their economic situation. Some will choose mass transit, others will walk or bike, some will buy smaller cars.

This alone will not solve our problems.

We need an education system that doesn’t teach “history lessons” and political correctness.

Everything taught in schools should center around “facts”, not how the lesson illustrates global warming, racism, or condoms.

We need educated people in this country if we are ever going to find a new power source.

We have relied on the gasoline engine, in America, for about 100 years. We know we have about 100 years of coal and oil to power our countries future needs.

Instead of teaching kids how to put on a condom, shouldn’t we teach math and science? (When you think about it, a condom isn’t that tough to figure out how to use?)

Instead of teaching kids about global warming, shouldn’t we teach kids how to read and write? (If a child can read and communicate, they will learn about global warming because the information is freaking everywhere.)

Instead of teaching kids about the gay lifestyle, shouldn’t we dive a little deeper into engineering, science, and how things work?

We have children trapped in a school system for twelve years. Beyond that, most children are on their own.

We are pissing away these twelve years by teaching morality lessons on the “gay lifestyle”, global warming, and how to install a condom.

For a group of people who claim they want separation of church and state, I have never seen so much emphasis on teaching morality in school, in my lifetime. The morality of homosexuals, political correctness, global warming, and how to install a condom.

Yes we can drill, dig, and educate our way out of this.

But we need to start now.

We have watched President Clinton and Al Gore spend 8 years of our time and do nothing for the environment or energy.

We have watched President Bush and the republicans in congress spend 7 years of our time and they have done nothing for our energy problems.

I’m not willing to say that the democrats are in bed with the oil companies. Nor am I willing to say that republicans are either. But clearly, both parties do not want to tackle this problem.

Yes we can drill our way out of it.

But it looks like we, “the people” will have to grab the democratic and republican politicians by the hand and lead them into the future.

I would say, just leave the politicians behind in the past. But unfortunately, they are the idiots who write our laws.

(Who exactly, are the idiots..??)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

“If America forgets where she came from, if the people lose sight of what brought them along, if she listens to the deniers and mockers, then will begin the rot and dissolution.” — Carl Sandburg, American writer (1878-1967).