Florida, Michigan- is worth half a vote

How far back in American history would you have to venture to find a time when a man’s vote was only worth a portion of another man’s vote..??

A hundred years..??

During slavery..??

Thanks to the Democratic Party, you need not trouble yourself reading that far back in history.

The Democratic Party has decided that the people of Florida and Michigan are worth half of a normal vote.

My vote here in Pennsylvania was worth a full vote. 100 percent counted.

But just down the road in Michigan, those people only count as half a vote.


What did these people in Michigan do that was so terrible..??

Did they kill somebody..??

Did the people of Florida and Michigan steal an old ladies purse..??

Actually, the fine people of Florida and Michigan did nothing wrong. They showed up when they were told to and they voted like every one else.


It was the democratic leaders

in these two states that decided not to follow the rules set down by the Democratic Party and move their primary up ahead of schedule.Why punish the people..??

Punish the democratic leaders in Florida and Michigan. Fine them, make them pay. Kick them out of office.

But don’t punish the average voters who only did what they were told…

They showed up and they voted like the rest of us.


I know a lot of people who are democrats. They are bright, intelligent people for the most part. But the democrats that are in charge of the party right now are idiots.

They cannot run a primary..!!

They cannot follow their own rules- that they set up..!!

I’m not joking here

– This freaking scares me more than terrorism or global warming.

These people are a breath away from controlling the congress and commanding the White House. They have yet to prove to me that they can run a simple primary election process.

Let alone, a country.

I need some good news here…

(Ask and you will receive.)

Global Warming bill “might” be shot down in Senate

It doesn’t look like the Global Warming bill will have enough votes to pass in the senate this week.

This bill was penned by Joe Lieberman and Satan.(I believe Sen. Lieberman co- wrote this bill with the ruler of the “dark side.” But I could be wrong about that.)

The idea behind this bill was:

If we raise taxes on Americans, the earth will get cooler.

Thankfully, it looks like there maybe enough senators in Washington DC who realize that:

Raising taxes will not make the earth cooler.

(If you are unfamiliar with the “cap and trade” taxation bill, check one of my posts called- “Saving the gassy ball” or “Global Warming must be true..” In both editorials, I go into detail about the effects of a “cap and trade” system.)

It seems the senate will not have the necessary votes to pass this global warming bill. But you can be sure that they will keep trying. Mainly, because it is a bipartisan issue with republicans joining democrats on this issue.

There is nothing wrong with personal conservative. We should all try and care for the planet Earth.

But “forced” conservation does not belong in a free society. Raising taxes on companies, which will raise electric bills, gasoline, and heating costs; will hurt the middle class and kill low-income families.

Solutions to the problem——-

We need to write our state senators and tell them that-

“Raising taxes will NOT make the earth cooler.”

Vote for politicians who will fund research into new power sources. (Clean coal power, nuclear, solar, weed- or sea weed bio-fuels, etc.)

Sign Newt Gingrich’s petition by American Solutions“Drill here, drill now, pay less”

Once enough signatures have been received, American Solutions and Newt Gingrich will present this petition to congress.

The answer is simple: If we drill for oil in America, we will become less dependent on foreign oil and the cost will come down.

So far, while I write this, American Solutions has received 261,711 signatures and that is great..!! But more is needed.

You can sign the petition by clicking here:

(If that link didn’t work, please cut and paste the link below-)


And, you can also watch my stupid YouTube video on Global Warming.

(However, watching my video isn’t going to save the earth. But you might save a Hissing Frog.)

The 13th Angry Republican Video Broadcast

Global Warming Must be true.. (Unless it isn’t.)

Obama quits his church after 20 years..

Maybe 20 years too late, or at least 10 years too late, Obama has quit his church.

In a letter written in May, the latest thorn in Obama’s back side- Father Pfleger; penned these thoughts:

Father Pfleger writes-

“The truth is we need Senator Barack Obama and we need Reverend Jeremiah Wright and, if we are serious about wanting a new America, we cannot afford to throw either one of them under the bus!”

Well, Father Michael Pfleger, (if that is your real name) it looks like Barack Obama has thrown both you and Reverend Wright under the bus.

But it was 20 year too late…

All three editorials written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican


“I cannot give you the formula for success but I can give you the formula for failure — which is: Try to please everybody.” — Herbert Bayard Swope, American journalist (1882-1958).