Obama’s HEAD is too big for Rushmore

While visiting Mount Rushmore, a (stupid) reporter asked Barack Obama:

“…(Have you) ever envisioned (your)self carved into the mountain” Obama replied, “I don’t think my ears would fit. There’s only so much rock up there…”

I do not believe Obama’s ears are the problem…

Obama’s head has become too big to fit on that mountain.


Come on back down to earth and join with us-

“The little people..”

To be on Mount Rushmore, you must have accomplished “something” in your political life.

Signing a bill that makes it illegal for congress to receive free food from lobbyists while sitting down is not a ” face on Mount Rushmore” worthy achievement. (By the way, congress can still receive free food from lobbyists. They just cannot sit down to eat it. They can STAND at the bar and eat the food. “Standing” and eating is NOT considered a “free meal” under the Obama bill.)

Yes, I understand that Obama was participating in “self- degradation humor”, and MOST of the time this type of humor shows signs of humility.

But in the case, of your face- on Mount Rushmore…

Big ears are the least important reason why your head will not appear on Mount Rushmore.

Another (stupid) reporter asked Hillary Clinton if she ever envisioned her (or Bill’s) head on Mount Rushmore..??

Hillary shut the guy down and replied-

“Why don’t you learn something about the monument.”

When Obama has a speech written out and he can read from verbatim, he does very well.

However, when Obama just “rolls with it” and makes stuff up, he partakes in the kind of blunders that Dan Quayle made famous.

Verbal mistakes are the least of Obama’s problems today.

Shady, raciest people seem to follow Obama around.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Obama’s church is trying to destroy his presidential bid.

But they are not. In a twisted manner, they believe that they are helping Obama.

Father Michael Pfleger picks up where Rev Wright left off. In this video, (featured below) Father Pfleger raises an interesting point; Pfleger claims that “we all benefited from slavery and therefore we all share in the blame. Unless we are willing to give up our current lifestyles, we share in the blame of slavery..”

As I have said many times on this web site- My grandfather came to America in the early 1900’s. (Almost 50 years after slavery ended.) He did not benefit from slavery in any fashion. In fact, being Italian, he was treated as a low class immigrant.

There are millions of us Americans who took no part in slavery and received no benefit. The only crime we have committed is being born “White.”

When Obama’s preachers- Pfleger and Wright; talk about slavery, they do not name the plantation owners or the families that held slaves, they lump all “White” people together and blame all of us.

By putting all White people together and claiming we all share in the blame: You are being the racist..!!

The only people I see today that are directly benefiting from slavery are Father Pfleger and Reverend Wright.

Is Reverend Wright willing to give back his multi- million dollar mansion and $10 million dollar trust account because it was built on slavery..?? It is a direct benefit from slavery?

People need to open their eyes…

There are people today who make a living off of keeping the Black Man pitted against the White Man.

They hold many professions. They are Rap Stars, politicians, preachers, civil rights leaders, etc.

The LAST thing that these people want to see is you- the Black Man, and me- the White Man getting along with no problems.

That is why Barack Obama’s Church video is so important today and MUST be seen by everyone.

Also featured in this video is the “now famous” Father Pfleger “sermon” about Hillary Clinton.

We have places like this church where I live.

We call them “comedy clubs.”

They have names like- The Laugh Factory, and Yuk-Yuk’s Comedy Club.

We generally do NOT call these places “churches.”

Usually in church, people learn about God and how to treat other people with respect.

Would Jesus get a laugh out of Father Pfleger’s sermon on Hillary..??

Or would Jesus rush into this church, just as he did almost 2000 years ago, and overturn tables and tell these preachers (Wright and Pfleger)-

“Get out of my Father’s house..”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

“No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” — From “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, American author (1804-1864).