Today, in 1844, the first web broadcast in America took place.

Well, kind of…

164 years ago- today, Samuel F.B. Morse made the first telegraph transmission from Washington DC to Baltimore.

What was the first message set across the “wires” in America..??”

Mr. Morse hammered this statement out on his crude keyboard:

“What hath God Wrought?”

How prolific…

If only Mr. Morse knew that his creation would lead to this…

It is a hot, dusty world.

A dusty- hot world that is getting more dusty and more hotter every year. (Except for the last decade, which was a little cooler.)The desert tortoise use to stroll across the American deserts with pride. Today, you would have more luck getting a date with Angelina Jolie then hitting a desert tortoise with your car.


In 1999, when DEMOCRATIC President Bill Clinton was in office, the desert tortoise population was sky high in the Red Cliff Desert Preserve with 3,200.

But in the year 2000, when REPUBLICAN President Bush took office, the number of tortoises began to drop. Today, there are only 1,700 to be found.

Why would the turtles start kicking the bucket the minute a republican enters the White House..??

There can only be two reasons:

Humans are evil.


Turtles are mostly democratic, and almost never vote republican.

What can save these poor desert creatures..??


Education..?? (Education for the stupid humans, not the turtles.)

Answer- High taxation.

Democrats, (and now republicans) agree- Higher taxes will save the desert tortoise.

Evil conservatives are NOT willing to pay higher taxes to save the desert tortoise.

This makes me physically sick.

So sick, that I needed to go see a movie to get the evil conservatives out of my mind. But unfortunately, the only NEW movie was: “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.”

The movie about Indiana Jones has angered the Communistic Party in Russia and they are calling for a boycott of the movie.

In 1957, communist Russia was NOT interested in “Crystal Skulls.” They were interested in satellites that could peek into the United States and carry weapons.


Steven Spielberg

should stick to anti- republican and pro Palestinian movies and leave the Communists alone.

For centuries, mankind (and woman-kind) have gazed at the image of Jupiter in the night sky.

But Jupiter is changing.

Professionals and amateurs alike are very familiar with peering into the night sky with a telescope and seeing Jupiter’s large swirling storm system known as “The Red Spot.”

In 2006, (during the REPUBLICAN President Bush’s term but, BEFORE the democrats took control of congress) Jupiter has developed new storm systems, or MORE “Red Spots.” Since democrats have taken control of congress, Jupiter may be getting stable.

However, Jupiter has experienced “climate change” and this is tragic.

As we know from planet earth, the only thing that can cause “climate change” is human pollution.

Senator (and president to be) Barack Obama stated: “We cannot keep driving our SUV’s, eating a bunch of food, and keep our houses at 72 degrees…”

Those days are over, folks..!! (Not for Obama, as we see in this picture, but those days are over for you.) The sooner you understand that, the better you will be. The government will tell you how much driving you can do and how cool (or warm) you can keep your house.

The only way to save Jupiter, The Earth, and the desert tortoise is for you to shut off your heat / AC in your house. Stop driving your car, and quit eating so much food. If you do this, plus pay higher taxes, we can save Jupiter and the turtles.

John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all believe a “cap and trade” system will solve “climate change.”

It will, and I will explain:

BIG oil and BIG electricity will be taxed like crazy from the government. A guy in a lab coat, who went to State College, will choose how much pollution is acceptable to give off into our fragile world. BIG oil will have a choice of paying the taxes, or building a new multi- billion-dollar refinery.

Since we all know that the evil members of BIG oil will NOT build the multi- billion dollar refinery, they will pay the taxes, continue to pollute like crazy, and pass this cost on to us.

The evil owners of BIG electricity will also NOT build a new multi- billion dollar Nuclear power plant, so they will pay the taxes, pollute the planet like mad, and pass the cost on to us.

Not being able to afford electricity and gasoline, your personal “climate” will change drastically.

There are 6 billion people on planet earth.

Only 3 billion people have access to electricity. That is a fact..!! Only half of the worlds population can afford, and are able to get electricity in their houses, huts, adobe mounds, etc.

There is no reason why you need electricity..??

You would just waste it on cooking food and keeping soda pop cold.

It is possible that there could be hope for the turtles and the planet Jupiter. Americans paying higher taxes could save them.

You will not be able to see the success of the turtles because you will no longer have a car to drive and see them, and you will not have electricity to watch the turtles on TV.

High taxation is the way to beat global warming / climate change.

High taxation can fix everything…

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast number 5

“High Taxation can fix everything”

Today (May 25th), in 1961- President Kennedy addressed the nation that America would land a man on the moon and safely return him to earth.

Today (May 25th), in 2008- the President and congress are debating that taxing Americans MORE will save turtles.