“..Every conservative MUST do at least one; anti- global warming story each month. It is some kind of rule..”

I was watching one of those reality shows on The History Channel. This one, I believe is called: “Tougher in Alaska.”

Fishermen were netting salmon in an Alaskan Bay. Last years catch was one for the record books. Best in years.

You have to ask yourself: How can that be..??

I thought polar bears and salmon were being killed off due to global warming.


Before you claim that the fishermen are taking advantage of the poor fish, keep in mind that the Alaskan Fish and Game Commission counts all the fish and will not allow fishing to start until they have reached a magic number of fish. What they do is stick a Fish and Game Commissioner in a chair, which is sitting on top of a tower. He counts as many fish as he can while they are swimming up stream to spawn. He will not allow fishing to start until enough fish have made the journey.

This is a much better system then what we have in Pennsylvania, where we electrocute the fish and count the bodies as they float to the surface. (Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?) The electrified fish are not dead. They just look dead. Later, after avoiding the temptation to swim into that “bright light” from the great beyond, the fish return to the living and swim away.

Either way you do it, people are worried about the fish and so we count them.

Global warming seems to have been counted by all three of the presidential candidates. (Similar to the floating, electrified fish;) Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain have all said they will do “something” about global warming.

Even President Bush and Newt Gingrich are on board the global warming express.

So which ever way Americans vote this November, the trees, rocks, hissing frogs, polar bears, and Al Gore can be proud.

The earth will be saved..!!

Politicians will save the earth by taxing the crap out of oil refineries and electricity providers.

This will save the earth because oil companies will raise the price of gas to pay the tax. Electricity providers will raise your electric bill to pay the new “global warming tax”, and all of the fish, polar bears, and hissing frogs will be happy.

Congratulations..!! You saved the earth.

After all, we know global warming must be happening.

President Bush, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain are here to save us. (“Us” meaning- polar bears, bugs, rocks, and the proverbial hissing frog.)

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