Purging the Republican Party


This is an editorial that I never wanted to write.

I truly believe that having John McCain as president is better than the other two choices.

However, I look to the right of me and see conservatives claiming they will NEVER vote for John McCain.

When I look to the left, I am NOT seeing wacky liberals with some far out plan for the future of America. I see John McCain proposing global warming laws and wanting to build government programs.

I am a conservative, but somehow I am stuck in the middle?

Stuck somewhere between John McCain and President Reagan. My only goal with this web site was to promote conservative ideas and warn of the dangers of socialism.

I have been picking on Barack Obama, and will continue to point out his opinions because I believe Obama is the most dangerous man in America. He is the most liberal senator in DC. He has the most socialistic ideas of any of the candidates running, and people in Washington DC are afraid to oppose him. Having fear that they could be called “racist.”

Hillary has done her best, but she cannot win. My party is in no shape to win against Barack Obama. I’m not really sure that conservatives want McCain to win.

Peggy Noonan, from the Wall Street Journal, says it best.

She wrote an editorial about the situation within the republican party. Noonan tells us that the chairman of the RNC- Robert Duncan, said- “We can’t let the democrats take our issues. We can’t let them pretend to be conservative..”

Peggy Noonan writes: “..Why not? Republicans ACT like conservatives everyday..”

In one sentence, Peggy Noonan has described the problem within the republican party.

Republicans feel the only way to win this election is to explore some of the liberal issues of the day. Conservatives do not want to win that way and would rather lose.

I have been avoiding this post for some time…

Maybe it is time for the Republican Party to be purged..??

I became a conservative because I believe it is the perfect place between the two big “L’s”. (Liberalism and Libertarianism.)

Liberals today, want the government to control medicine. They want the government to control what car you can drive and how warm or cold your house can be. Like the American people are children and big daddy government must force you to conserve. (As if the high cost of fuel isn’t forcing you to conserve already.)

Libertarians want to CUT EVERYTHING and head back to 1886. How do you tell a young person, who has paid thousands into Social Security, that you are shutting it down. “Sorry about your luck, pal..!!” How do you tell the millions of government workers- “We are shutting down, go find a job in the private sector.”

Conservatives have always been there to fix the social programs that liberals create and then liberals abandon- when things go wrong. (Welfare, Social Security, and the future National Health Plan.) Conservatives usually kept taxes lower and spending under control. This is why I have been a conservative since 1980.

But something is wrong this time out?

I have been avoiding this post for some time…

Maybe it is time for the Republican Party to be purged..??

I have listened to some conservatives talk about a “purging of the Republican Party” and they sound gleeful about the prospect.

Sure, once we have weeded out all of the “democratic light” people from our party we will be back to basics. But the road to that goal is a bumpy ride.

We will lose more seats in the house and senate. We will not be able to stop the wacky left wing ideas that will pass by congress.

We will not be able to pick judicial nominees for 4 or 8 years.

We will lose the White House.

It is not going to be easy, however I have always tried to be optimistic about the future. I feel we can find some positives in this situation.

Here is a list that may help you cope with America’s political future:

Good things about an Obama presidency.

No matter what Obama does, everyone in Europe will be too afraid to say anything bad President Obama, in fear that they may offend the “political correct” Gods.

Magically, without Obama signing any bill, global warming and the health care crisis will disappear. (Remember how the “homeless crisis” and the “health care crisis” of 1993 went away without President Clinton lifting a pen to sign anything..??)

Liberals will tune out of politics with a President Obama. They will again love their country. All of the “cut and paste” stories of how mean US soldiers are, how evil America is, and how terrible all of us are to the environment, to other people, etc- these stories will all go away.

How much fun it will be watching late night comics “walk on eggs” while trying to make a joke about President Obama.” David Letterman, Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, etc- all use tons of political humor. However, all of these comedians are stuck inside a politically correct box when it comes to White and Black issues. Maybe they will all stick to the safe- “Bush is stupid” and “Clinton is a pervert” type humor. (No one is offended when you make fun of a White man.)

We will have 4 years of “Obama-isms.” (Things Obama can say, but no other person can.) Like when Obama thought the United States had 57 states. (If Bush said that, people would be all over it.)

You will be able to bet on whether today will be a “flag pin day.” Remember, Obama only wears his flag pin on special days. If Obama is speaking in San Francisco, you will not see a flag pin. However, if Obama is speaking to blue collar people in Michigan, you will see Obama’s flag pin. In the future, with a President Obama, you will be able to head to InTrade and bet on whether Obama will wear his flag pin during speeches. (For example: if there is a tragedy in West Virginia and President Obama is heading there to speak, you have a 70% chance that Obama will wear his flag pin. Betting against the odds could make you some serious buck..!!”

With a President Obama, liberals will not be able to blame everything on Republicans- Hurricanes, tornados, high food costs, wild fires, high gas prices, etc…

OK, that last one was a joke.

We all know that liberals will still blame republicans for everything, even when they control the Congress and the White House.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Sen. Ted Kennedy is rushed to a Cape Cod hospital. I have no details while writing this. I hope Kennedy will be OK..!! ABC News has that story.

Sea weed and algae could be made into bio-fuel. Which would not compete with food crops. Instapundit (dot) com has that story.

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” — Mark Twain (1835-1910).