Hagee equals Wright- Hillary wins


“…No democrat has ever won the presidency, without winning West Virginia, since 1916…”

The unstoppable Hillary Clinton rolls on.

With her HUGE win in West Virginia, she moves ever closer to Barack Obama, who cannot seal the deal.

The elitist liberal / progressives, who look down their nose at the rest of America, explain that the HUGE lost for Obama is unimportant because Obama still leads (for now) and voters in West Virginia and Pennsylvania are uneducated and “blue collar.” They do not count.

Democrats use to care for and defend “uneducated- blue collar” Americans. Today, democrats are willing to throw the poor working class and uneducated folks under the bus to get Obama nominated.

So this is the dirty trick coming from the elitist liberal / progressives- Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia do not REALLY count because they are poor, blue collar, uneducated voters. But North Carolina does count because they voted for Obama.

Look for more dirty tricks coming from the democrats in the near future.


Here is one such “dirty trick” that the progressives are already trying. Turning Hagee into Rev. Wright.

Are you one of those people who feel that there is no difference between the relationship of John McCain / Hagee, and that of Barack Obama / Rev Wright?

If you see no difference between the two relationships, then I already know two things about you:

You are a hardcore Obama supporter.

You also have very little knowledge of religion.

Well, in a free country, you have no obligation to study religion. You can choose any religion that you want to worship, or choose no religion at all.

But if you choose to be “an expert” on religion and what effects it could have on an individual, it would be helpful to have studied religion.

I would never claim to be able to explain thermal dynamics unless I first studied the principals.

Yet, millions of Obama supporters claim to understand religion enough to claim there is no difference between the relationship of McCain / Hagee, and Obama / Wright.

Hagee may have indorsed McCain, however McCain NEVER indorsed Hagee by attending his church for 20 years.

In the little town that I call home, (about 20,000 people) I have three churches I could attend that are credited by the religion I was born into. However, there are about a dozen other churches that I could attend in this little town, which would offer teachings in line with my religion.

In the small town that I live in, I have a dozen choices of churches to attend.

So Obama MUST have, at least, a dozen churches he could attend in the large city of Chicago.

Obama attended Reverend Wright’s church for one of two reasons:

Obama believed what was being preached inside.

Obama thought that being seen inside Wright’s church would help his political rise in the Black community.

Either way, I believe it is a sign of bad judgement.

McCain doesn’t have this problem. McCain didn’t attend Hagee’s church for 20 years.

But this will be the argument from the elitist liberal / progressives- John McCain is tainted by Hagee.

If you believe McCain is tainted by Hagee, then you must also concede the Obama is tainted by Wright.

That means you MUST vote for Hillary.

Democrats in the remaining primary states MUST vote for Hillary.

Yes, if Obama continues to stumble, America might see the first female president.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

(Special thanks going out to the elitist liberal / progressives who are pushing the Hagee story. You have given the remaining primaries the BEST reason to vote for Hillary Clinton..!! And keep this democratic battle going for another month.)