Fear of Fox News, back of the bus- young man

Once again, I (and millions of other conservatives) are being told to get on the “back of the bus.”

Because Hillary Clinton appeared on Bill O’Reilly and Barack Obama was interview by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, left wing bloggers are upset.

There is some kind of “secret code” that the elite liberals have in which conservatives are NOT allowed on the mainstream media.

Even today, as far as we have advanced…

Conservatives are NOT allowed at the front of the bus. We must head to the back of “the media bus.”


Obama and Hillary broke some kind of “trust” that liberals have.

(Although, liberals are giving Obama a pass on it.)

“Never, ever. Under any circumstance, give a conservative credit for anything..” Do not appear on conservative shows.

If the mainstream media were a drinking fountain, conservatives would be told to use the drinking fountain out back.

Do you remember how it was years ago?

When CNN was the only game in town..??

There would be 3 liberal democrats and one “token” conservative- debating. The token conservative usually had a goofy bow tie on (Tucker) and CNN would give the conservative 15 seconds to explain the conservative philosophy. Then the three liberals would use the remaining 23 hours to explain why the conservative was wrong. (Such was life under the rule of Ted Turner.)

Remember when Merv Griffin would give William F. Buckley the final 5 minutes of his show? Merv, to his credit, would allow Buckley to speak. However, Merv would break in by saying- “Fascinating.. But now a word from Preparation H..”

We have come a long way from those days, but we still must fight on.

Fox News is the number one cable news network in the United States. Bill O’Reilly is the highest rated cable news show.

And yet, liberals would like to see Fox shut down.

But Fox is number one…

Why wouldn’t a politician want to be on Fox News..??


Because liberals do not want to recognize Fox News.

They do not believe a conservative viewpoint is worthy, or important.

For example, on Friday- MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann had this to say about Hillary and O’Reilly-

“…I am the East Coast Distributor of “Fixed News” Outrage…”

(Keith likes to call Fox News- “Fixed News.” Isn’t that cute..!! I wonder if he thought of that on his own..??)

Keith Olbermann continues-

“…But hasn’t the most telling explanation about the surprisingly-yawny Billo interview struck anybody? She did it because it was serious free television time and if it costs much more than free, she can’t afford it.She was doing a freakin’ info-mercial…”

So, let me see if I understand this…

When Hillary appears on Fox News, it is an “info-mercial.” But when Hillary appeared on Keith Olbermann’s show (like she did ten days earlier) it WASN’T an “info-mercial”..??

Let’s forget the fact that a host from the lowest rated cable network is poking fun at a host from the highest rated cable news network, because you are always going to have “sour grapes” between competitors with small minds.

Let’s forget that…

I like to dig deep and find out why liberals do not want democratic politicians to appear on Fox News?

Hillary and Obama have appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and other networks many times.


But Obama on Chris Wallace, and mainly Hillary on O’Reilly, has caused a fuss.


Because elitist liberals and progressives pretend that Fox News is not real.


They pretend that Fox News will go away someday. That it is only “stupid” people who watch that channel.

Rather than compete against Fox News, progressives “HOPE” that if they boycott Fox News and say bad things about Fox, it will disappear. Someday, it will go away.


Fox News isn’t going to go away.

Matter of fact, Fox News will get bigger if we have a democratic president.

Wishing that Fox News would disappear is not going to make it happen.

(And Keith, calling Fox News silly little names like “Fixed News” or “Faux News” isn’t going to make Fox go away either. You should have learned that in the 4th grade.)

A News show becomes number one because people like the host. A News show becomes popular because they discuss topics the others are not covering. A News show becomes number one because they are asking the questions that people want answers to.

They do not become number one by wishing, or pretending that the other show will go away.

Let’s face your biggest fears, because Fox News isn’t going anywhere.

(And, Obama and Hillary NEED middle America’s vote, so they will appear on Fox more in the future.)

So let’s look at the top three “Fears of Fox” that liberals have.

Progressives- “Fear of Fox”: number one-

“Appearing on Fox News will give the network credibility and make Fox more popular.”

This fear is a complete myth because Fox WAS number one WITHOUT the democrats appearing on the network. (So boycotting Fox did nothing to harm ratings.)

Progressives- “Fear of Fox”: number two:

“Fox is NOT a real news channel. They will be unfair to the democrats..”

Another liberal myth.

Anyone who watched Chris Wallace interview Barack Obama, and also watched the last ABC Democratic debate, cannot say that Fox was unfair to Obama.

ABC was much tougher on Obama than Wallace was.

Hillary appeared directly into the “belly of the beast,” The Bill O’Reilly’s show. Hillary still has all of her fingers and toes. She seems physically and mentally OK.

So what is your freaking problem..??

Was Chris Wallace fair to President Bill Clinton..??

Or did Wallace bring out a side of Bill Clinton that you didn’t know existed?

Liberals “Fear of Fox” number three-

That just appearing on Fox might cause the democrat to wimp- out and become conservative. (OR- Somehow become “tainted” in some way- shape- or form.)

What are we talking about here..?? Some type of “tag” game? Like “cooties”? I realize we have the name calling, but do we really get “cooties” by appearing on Fox?


Dude, if your candidate is so weak, that just appearing on Bill O’Reilly will cause a melt-down, then you have bigger problems ahead of you. Good Luck..!!

Boycotting Fox News is no skin off my conservative backside.

McCain will appear on any news outlet that will have him. Every freaking channel on the dial. (Including the Food Network.) Sure, liberals will call McCain names like “McSame” and they will giggle. But his face will be everywhere. Every dam place you look.

Forcing your candidates to only appear on liberal shows is not a smart way of getting the progressive message out into the general public.

But if it works for you, I am fine with it.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican