Wright takes the stage, (and the presidency)


Try as you might…

You cannot get away from it.


The Obama / Wright connection is the TOP political story today.

I was going to move on to a different topic, but across my computer screen appeared tons of Obama / Wright news stories.

The AP wire service has two stories in their list of top headlines on how Obama is distancing himself from Wright. Bloomberg has a story, Drudge is pointing to it. ABC News and The New York Times are running with Obama / Wright as their TOP headline this morning.

Obama / Wright is the big story OF TODAY.

To the disappointment of many Obama supporters, the Reverend Wright story will not go away. One progressive- Obama supporter told me that the Wright controversy is boring. That it is a “no story” (Well, sorry about your luck. It’s all over the headlines today..!!) Another progressive blogger claimed that the reason the media is reporting on- Obama / Wright, is because Obama “will not kiss ass.” See.. everyone else in the news; Hillary, McCain, Miley, Paula Abdul, the cop who kicked his dog, the Virginia tornadoes, and all of the other possible news events- they are willing to “kiss the ass of the BIG corporate media giants.” But Obama doesn’t kiss ass, so these BIG corporate media people are going after Obama.


And who helped you with this theory? The little space men in the purple space ship?

But back here on planet “reality.”

How the hell did we get to this point..??


Because Obama should have listened to conservative bloggers months ago when this story broke nationally. But Obama’s elitist arrogance caused him to pretend it was just “wacky right wingers” and Hillary supporters. There was no need to act.

Big mistake. Very big mistake.

But how did conservatives come to this conclusion on Obama months ago..??

I can only speak for myself.

My first sight of Obama took place at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Obama gave one of the greatest democratic speeches I had heard in a while. So when Obama joined the 2008 presidential run, I listened closely to him. In a post I wrote called; “My picks for the 2008 election”, I picked Mitt Romney for president. But I talked about Obama as the person that I felt could lead the Democratic Party.

Like a curse, shortly after writing that editorial, I began to see that Obama was an empty suit. His speeches were filled with “hope and change”, and not much else.

Then I learned about Wright, Ayers, and Rezko. That was all I needed to see, to understand that Obama is not who he wants you to believe he is.

Since then, I have been poking fun at Obama in videos and writing editorials on why Obama should not be president.

Because I truly believe that Obama has a hidden agenda.


What kind of agenda..??

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Why do people decide to be a politician..??


Some might like the money. Others may like the political stage and spotlight. While others may still believe that they can change the world for the better.

For whatever reason, Barack Obama decided he wanted to enter politics in Illinois.

Obama had one problem…

He wasn’t from Illinois.

So Obama needed to grab the attention of some top Chicago people, if he wanted to enter Illinois politics.


William Ayers

, who is a terrorist, is a guy that many in Chicago seem to like. Though Ayers never personally blew up American buildings, his fellow members of the terrorist group- “The Weather Underground” had. It is strange to me that Ayers would be seen by some on the left as a hero because he speaks about“wishing they had done more (damage to American buildings)” IE- blown up more stuff.

So Obama asked for political guidance from Ayers. They sat on a charity board together, and this gave Obama the political attention he so needed at the time.


Tony Rezko

is a restaurant owner and a real estate developer in Chicago who also helped Obama in his political rise. Not only did Rezko give Obama the publicity that Obama needed in Chicago, Rezko bought a piece of property that Barack had been wanting to buy, but didn’t have enough money to purchase. Rezko bought the property and split the lot into two sections so that Obama could afford it. Rezko said he would “hang on to” the second lot, just incase the Obama’s wanted to expand their house in the future.I got no problems with this. “What are friends for..??”


Except that Tony Rezko has been investigated for illegally funneling money to and from overseas. Tony Rezko is originally from Syria. Some of the Rezko money could be heading to terrorist groups.

Finally, we have the Reverend Wright. If Obama wanted to be a Black man in Chicago politics, he needed the help of Rev. Wright.

It only takes an “intelligent” person a few minutes to understand that Wright is a racist. Wright is a separatist. He doesn’t want the Black community and White community to heal. Wright wants tension between the Black and White community to continue for as long as it can. And Wright is getting very rich.

Reverend Wright is stabbing Barack Obama in the back. Folks like myself have been warning people on the left that you MUST deal with Wright quickly. Nothing was done until now.


It may be too late.

Obama’s next step will be- “to play the victim.” (What other choice does he have..??


Obama lost Pennsylvania at the worst possible time. His supporters tried to claim that Pennsylvania doesn’t matter because “those people are ‘different’ in Pennsylvania.”


But Obama will lose more states and this will close the gap between Hillary and Obama.

Obama MUST play the victim.

Obama MUST pretend that he didn’t know Wright was so “anti-white” and now “Obama sees all” and he is sorry. Obama must claim that Wright is trying to destroy him. (Which he is, and conservative bloggers have been trying to warn you people of that.)

Obama must claim that he didn’t know Tony Rezko was a crook, and that he was taken advantage of by Tony Rezko.

Obama must also claim that he was a young man and he didn’t understand how dangerous William Ayers was. That he never should have taken the advice of Ayers.

If it were just ONE person, I could almost understand. Obama was a young man, who never had a father, and he was deceived by a crooked guy.

But we have three confirmed cases of “bad judgement” on the character of Obama. And these are just three cases that we currently know of. How many other examples of “bad judgement” by Obama do the republicans have stored up in their war room..??

No matter how liberal, or how progressive you think you are…

You have got to ask yourself this basic question:

Obama was friendly with a guy who was accused of funneling money to terrorist groups in Syria.

Obama was friendly with a guy who belonged to a group that blew up American buildings.

Obama was friendly with a preacher who hates White people, and blames modern America for things that happened decades, even hundreds of years ago.

How many “anti-American” people does Barack Obama have to “hang out with” before you realize Americans will not vote him president..??

If he walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then he must be a duck.


If you dance with the devil…

All along I have been thinking that Hillary would be the best candidate for John McCain to beat. But I no longer feel that way.

Obama might just be the easiest candidate for McCain to defeat.

(If only it were legal to place a muzzle on John McCain so that he doesn’t piss off more conservatives.)

But I think there is some law against that..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican