The Obama PIG blows up


It was a large pig.

It was filled with gas and it had Barack “Obama’s” name written on its side.

Somehow it exploded..??

This pig was huge.

The size of a two story house and as long as two school buses.

And this pig floated away. The pig blew up and rained down into people’s yards.

Of course, we could only be talking about Pink Floyd.

I’ve always liked the band Pink Floyd. (Yes, it is a throw- back to my young stoner days.)

A past girl friend of mine, who didn’t really party much, asked me how I could listen to Pink Floyd- because: “their songs don’t make any sense. They sing about the Dark Side of the Moon..??”

I told her that Pink Floyd doesn’t fit “the meaning of it all into one song.” Some times you have to listen to the whole CD before you will understand what Roger Waters and David Gilmour were trying to say.

(Yes, it does help to be “wasted.”)

One thing that pulled me to Pink Floyd was the fusion between hard rock, jazz, and story telling. They didn’t write “songs,” they wrote concepts and put them to music.

Sadly today, barring a couple of Reunion appearances, Pink Floyd has separated into two bands.

David Gilmour, who drove home the unmistakable Pink Floyd lead guitar and vocals, tours the world with most of the original Pink Floyd band members.

Roger Waters, who created all these bizarre scenes of exaggerated social ills that “will kill us all” and turn us into “another brick in the wall.” Roger Waters tours the world with a new group of musicians.

Both bands seem to have no problem with the other playing classic Pink Floyd songs during modern concerts. (They just can’t tour together, because they cannot get along.)


Which brings us to the Obama PIG that was full of gas, exploded in mid-air and rained down over California homes.

Roger Waters was in California playing Pink Floyd tunes for the Coachella music festival. During the song “Pigs”, the giant Obama pig was led out and walked around the concert grounds with handlers holding lines from the ground. Somehow, the Obama pig got away from the handlers and floated up skyward.

Roger Waters noticed the Obama pig, going where pigs shouldn’t go, and Rogers said: “Hey, that’s my pig..”But it was too late. The Obama pig was gone.

A $10,000 dollar reward was offered for the return of the Obama pig.

The “Waters Concert Group” was hoping that the pig would return in one piece, but that was not to be.


Somehow the Obama pig, which was full of gas, exploded and rained down on California yards.

Susan Stoltz found a plastic heap in her driveway Monday, but said she didn’t know what it was until she read about the missing pig in the Desert Sun newspaper.

“My kids are going to think I’m so cool,” she said.

Another resident of the same neighborhood, Judy Rimmer, said she found a piece of the pig draped over a front-yard plant.

The two couples will split the cash reward, Fold said.

On one side of the Obama pig was written; “Don’t be led to the slaughter.” With a picture of Uncle Sam holding bloody meat cleavers.

The other side of the pig had written; “Fear builds walls” also- “Obama” with a check mark by his name. (Meaning Vote for Obama.)

Can they use plastic weld to fix the Obama pig..??

I do not know…

That is out of my realm of experience with composite materials.

It’s too bad…


They could have gotten a whole summers worth of tours out of the Obama pig.

But the Obama pig got too high and he exploded.

Gee, is there some kind of hidden- Roger Waters / Pink Floyd meaning in all this..??

Could someone who is “stoned” right now, tell me what just took place?

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Here are two videos from Pink Floyd.

The first is “Another brick in the wall” from when David Gilmour and Roger Waters were still together.


The second video features David Gilmour without Roger Waters, doing- “Wish you were here.”