Prediction- the next terrorist attack?

I’m coming home from work the other day and I see an Arab man bend over and throw something into the city sewer.


This caught my eye because there was a garbage can right next to the street storm sewer.

Why would you bend down and toss something into the storm drain, when a garbage can was right there..??


People do some weird and quirky things that will cause us to take notice.

This story reminded me that I am still “on guard.” Having lived in a bad section of Los Angeles taught me to watch my back. To look out for the “strange and unusual.”

9/11 also caused me to be more alert to my surroundings, as I’m sure it effected many Americans.

To think…

We could have stopped the 9/11 attacks if only we had been more aware.

Actually we could have stopped the 1993 World Trade Towers attack had we listen to security. Rick Rescorla was the 62-year-old head of security at the Morgan Stanley Bank, located in the towers. Rick predicted that someone may want to attack the WT Towers. No one listen to him and the 1993 attack occurred. After that attack, people did listen to Rescorla within the towers and security was tightened up. However, not many people took Rescorla seriously when he mentioned that terrorists could fly a plane into the towers.

Rick Rescorla is dead today.

He died while trying to evacuate the Towers after the 9/11 attack. He is a hero. He saved many lives that day because he helped people escape the towers. And it killed him.

A man like Rick Rescorla teaches us that we must always keep our eyes opens, when it comes to terrorism. Average Americans like us; we are the last line of defense in this war on terror.

We MUST keep our eyes open and we must do it TODAY.


The 1993 World Trade Towers attack happened during the first few months of the NEW President Clinton’s first term.

The second major attack on American soil happened during the first few months of the NEW President Bush’s first term.

I believe that this IS NOT a coincidence. I believe that al Qaeda thinks this is the perfect time to hit America.

Think about it..

During the changing of a president, some top positions in the Pentagon and Cent Com are also changing hands. The FBI and the CIA may see personnel changes. This would be the perfect time to strike.

With both attacks, the terrorists seem to slip into America and place themselves amongst us during the election.

Just look at the news. We are focused on who will be King.

The time that we are in, TODAY- while I am writing this, is the time that al Qaeda positions the “sleeper cells” here in America.

Our “watch” starts right now. Yet no one is talking about it.


It would be easy for you to claim that I am trying to scare voters into voting republican. You could say that “Bush lied and people died” and he let the 9/11 attacks happen. I could remind you that the 9/11 hi jackers came to America during the Clinton Presidency.

But the truth is: al Qaeda attacked America during a democratic presidency and a republican presidency. It doesn’t seem to matter to them which party is in charge.


FACT- We could have stopped both attacks had we kept our eyes open. Had we listened to Rick Rescorla. Had the CIA listen to Airplane pilot instructors who called to say they had a person who wanted to learn to fly a plane, but didn’t care about “take off’s” and landing.

FACT- The successful terrorist attacks on American soil happened during the first few months of a NEW president. The planning and staging of the attacks happened during the months before the new president takes office.

The exact time we are living in right now…

What can we do..??

We can watch our neighborhoods and where we work. Terrorists usually take jobs related to the place they plan to attack. Or sometimes they have no job at all, but they seem to have lots of money. Yet they do not live like a wealthy person.

Building security or building managers are the second line of defense. Most building deliveries are NOT random. Someone in the building usually knows when a truck will be delivering supplies. A delivery manifest is a great way to document which trucks will be backing up to an important building.

Keep in mind, terrorists may not strike at New York City or Washington DC. They may hit Hollywood, or some other American landmark.

Terrorists could poison a drinking water supply, or release a “dirty bomb” in a city. A truck parked in a populated area with no driver is abnormal. Truck drivers usually take breaks, eat and gas up outside large cities.

The best I can do is direct you to Homeland Securities web site. (Google- Homeland Security)

They recommend:


Report Incidents

Everyone should be vigilant, take notice of your surroundings, and report suspicious items or activities to local authorities immediately.

Suspected Criminal or Terror Activity

Report any suspected criminal or terrorist activity to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Immigration or Customs Violations

Report suspected immigration or customs violations to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  • Report suspicious activity by calling 1-866-347-2423. 

    Both successful terrorist attacks on American soil took place during a new president’s first term.

    The attacks were staged and planned during the same time we are living in today. Right Now.


    I hope I am wrong.

    I hope we have done enough to cause terror groups not to mess with us. But that is wishful thinking.

    I am going to write Glenn Beck a brief message telling him about this theory I have. It would help if some of you do the same. (You need not give me credit for the theory.) Glenn Beck has been one of the most consistent national commentators when it comes to reporting on terrorism.

    My greatest hope from all of this, is to read about a terrorist attack that was foiled by someone like you, who spotted something that didn’t look quite right and called authorities.

    Or better yet…

    No terrorist attack at all during the new president’s first term. (Whoever he or she might be.)

    Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican


    If you have some spare time, check out Rick Rescorla web site. (Rick Rescorla- the man who predicted the 9/11 attacks. rickrescorla dot com) His life and story is a must read and a prolific tale.