The WRIGHT to destroy a candidate


Quote from Rev. Wright:

“..(Obama) says what he has to say as a politician..”

(Hmmm. That sounds like a hidden agenda. Doesn’t it.?)

I wonder what else Obama has been saying that may not necessarily be true? Things he is saying, “just because he is a politician?”

Obama had this to say:

“When it came time to stand up against the oil companies, to stand against Dick Cheney’s energy bill, my opponent voted for it and I voted against it,” Obama said. And he continued- “And that bill had billions of dollars in giveaways to the oil companies. It was the best bill that the energy companies could buy.”

Actually, the bill that Obama voted against RAISED taxes on the oil companies by 300 million over a period of years.

You have, of course, heard that Obama is against removing the federal gas tax for this summer. McCain is for it. Rush Limbaugh has been suggesting it for some time now. Even Hillary might sign on to it. Many in congress think it is a great “short term” idea. Removing the federal tax from gas could really help Americans over the 3 summer months.

Let’s back up and review this information…

Obama voted against the 2005-energy bill that would raise taxes on oil companies.

Obama is against cutting the federal gas tax this summer to help poor Americans pay for high fuel costs.

This doesn’t sound like a guy who has “the peoples” interests in mind?

Obama claims he is the only candidate running who doesn’t except money from oil companies. “..Obama, it is against the law for ANY candidate to except money from oil companies..” Besides, Obama has received money from people who work for oil companies. The same as Hillary and McCain; donations in the legal amount.

So, why does Obama say these things..??

But the bigger question might be…

Why do people believe him and trust what he is saying as the truth..??

Because they have to.

Liberals are so invested in Obama, there is no turning back now. They finally, after YEARS of listening to how bad the Clinton’s were, now believe us on that. These folks feel they can’t vote republican. They have no choice. They must defend Obama no matter what the guy says or does.

This is why I am so glad that I am a conservative. We can openly talk about our candidate. We can point out his good points and bad. We do not have to hide or cover up the weakness McCain has.

On the left, they spent years trying to pretend that some “right wing political machine” brought on all the problems that the Clinton’s had. But only now are they seeing what the Clinton’s are really like.

For people on the left, they cannot ask questions about Obama. Like baby birds, these liberals would be kicked out of the nest if they asked tough questions of Obama. YOU CAN’T DO THAT..!!

For if you dare challenge Obama. You are not liberal. You are a racist.

You folks on the left have no free speech. How easily, you folks on the left, give up free speech- scares me!


Here on the right side, I could one day ask readers: “What’s so bad about John McCain? Let’s look at President Reagan’s record..”

I can write an editorial like that, when McCain IS NOT POPULAR, and no one kicks me out of the conservative movement. The next week I could spend time talking about how McCain pisses me off.

Here on the right; I could challenge global warming. Or I could enter the movement to voice my side of it like Newt Gingrich.


Conservatives can debate topics like “Darwinism.”


You will find nothing like that on the left. You MUST comply FULLY on every idea that the left has adopted, or you do not belong. There is no debate.

We have free speech here on the “right side.” We can talk about anything.

On the liberal front, with blinders firmly in place: “Don’t you dare ask Obama any of those tough questions..” Obama is above all those stupid questions like: What he voted on- Obama voted to suspend the Illinois state gas tax, but Obama doesn’t want to suspend the federal gas tax..??

Don’t ask Obama about past friends…

Don’t ask Obama about his Reverend…

Just sit there with your blinders on and do not speak.

(Chanting “Obama, Obama” is acceptable. But only if Obama is NOT speaking.)

Well, at least you will not have to BUY a new pair of blinders to shade you from the Obama truths. You can use the same blinders that you wore for years with the Clinton’s.

With Obama appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace later today, you folks on the left might need a blindfold and ear plugs.

(Or better yet, just blame republicans for anything said by Obama. That always works for you guys.)

I thought democrats were not going to appear on Fox News..?? What happened..??

Maybe, in the middle of all this mess, the Reverend Wright explained Obama better than anyone else has:

“..(Obama) says what he has to say as a politician..”


Obama is NOT a God.

Obama is human.

And if Obama is human, we can beat him.

You folks on the left need to deal with Rev Wright. He is the one man that will destroy Obama.

Maybe giving Wright a million-dollar mansion and 10 million in cash WASN’T ENOUGH.

You might have to dig deeper into the wallet. He likes the spotlight.

(And I like Rev Wright in the spotlight..!!)

See.. again..

People on the right enjoy free speech.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican