Pennsylvania gets Invaded


Here at The Angry Republican, we must get serious for a moment.

Something has happened to my great state.

The state of Pennsylvania.

Not since General Lee advanced on Gettysburg, has Pennsylvania been thrashed like this.

Folks, if it were a frontal invasion from one location, we may have had a chance. But this attack is taking place from all locations simultaneously. Attacks in Pittsburgh, Reading, Erie, Philadelphia, and other locations, seem to be coordinated by an intelligent force.

I’m not sure how long I will be able to broadcast..??

But we have turned up the power here at The Angry Republican to get our signal out to you, and we will be broadcasting for as long as we can.


Oh, the humanity…

And we never saw it coming..!!

I cannot even put it all into words, all that I am feeling at this moment. It would be better if I show you the video.

Seeing, is believing.

This must be seen.


The 12th Angry Republican

Video Broadcast

“Pennsylvania gets Invaded.”

Keep in mind that all of my fellow Pennsylvanians fought hard. We never lost the faith.

If you never here from me again…

Please notify Rush Limbaugh that many of us folks in Pennsylvania fought hard for “Operation Chaos.”

Please, also tell President Bush that…

Well, tell him that he spent way too much money on pork projects. Also, tell him this whole “trip” he now has on global warming, it is a BUNCH of **** crap.

(You could leave out the profanity if you want to.)

If you see John McCain, please tell him that he is making it very hard for a conservative to vote republican.

And last but not least, if you never hear from me again…

Please notify Candy, Bambi and Sexy Sherri at the “Fox Hole” strip club. Tell them that the “check is in the mail.”

If I am never able to post another editorial on this website, please remember something that I have believe since the very beginning of my website and something that I have tried to pass on to you:


“A bird in the hand is NOT worth two in the bush.”

However, a bird in the hand is one hell of a “handy” bird.

Folks, it is happening.

Someone is knocking at my door..!!

Outside my window, people are chanting: “Obama, Obama, Obama..”At the edge of my yard, people are placing a “Hillary for President” sign.


The “Obama people” have now spotted the “Hillary people” in my yard.

I am hearing some people shouting.

I just heard a loud BANG.

This may sound crazy, but I am going to try and…