They love us, they hate us


This week I watched as two “Hollywood Types” called the Pope a Nazi.

Bill Maher called the Pope a former Nazi and then went on to say that if the Pope were the head of a national day care chain, that was abusing children, he would be in jail.

I can’t argue with the second part of his statement. The Catholic Church screwed up big time in trying to cover up the child molesting cases and move Priests, that they knew had problems, around to different churches. That was wrong and one of the reasons I do not attend the Catholic Church anymore.

But the Pope was never a Nazi…


Jon Stewert, “The Daily Show”, cracked a similar joke that linked a group of people with the Pope. Jon said: “the Pope, who used to be a Nazi.. blah, blah, blah..”

The Pope was a 14-year-old boy when Hitler was in power. Hitler believed in Darwinism. So much so, that he wanted to create a “master race.” By using Darwinism, Hitler believed that he could breed out the “weakness in German people”, then he could create a super race of people.

But Hitler needed an army today, to carry out his evil plans. He could not wait decades for his “master race” to mature.

So Hitler rounded up young men. Some joined up because they really had no choice. Our current Pope was one of those young men. Hitler began to separate these young men from family and friends. They would be trained to LOVE fighting. They would eat, sleep, and love war.

As soon as the Pope realized what Hitler had in store for this group of young men, the Pope looked for his chance to escape. He did and never looked back. The pope never took up arms against the allies. He was a 14-year-old boy.

I find it strange that a group of people, who believe Obama could sit “willingly” in a church for 20 years and not be effected by the racist sermons of Rev. Wright. These same people now claim that the Pope was a Nazi because he was coerced into the “Hitler Youth” at age 14, but escaped and never went back.


It makes no sense..??

It is a desperate attempt by the left to say: “Hey, Obama ain’t that bad. Look at the Pope..”

Yes, Obama is that bad..!!

Obama is SO BAD, that you now have to defend him on a daily basis. You have to find a way to deflect questions. “What about Hagee..?? Hagee said nice things about McCain. See, Obama isn’t that bad..”Yes, Obama is in trouble and top democrats are wondering if he can stand the pounding that the right will throw at him.

So I’m reading the news this morning and Bill Maher’s apology to the Pope was one headline. But another story grabbed my attention.


Top entertainment companies and Hollywood are trying to figure out how to open theme parks in the Middle East.

Yes, you read that correctly…

Hollywood wants to bring Superman and Batman to the Persian Gulf region, but they are worried about offending the Muslim culture.


When have these idiots ever worried about “offending” the Christian culture here in America..??

They call the Pope a Nazi.

When has Hollywood ever worried about offending Americans..??


The Politico has a story today about another crop of anti- American, anti- war movies coming out this summer. Many of these movies are comedies. (Yes, Hollywood is looking for humor within this war in Iraq.)

Hollywood hasn’t cared about America for some time now. They rarely film movies in America. Many Hollywood films are made in foreign countries. Film crews are rarely American. Take a look at one of your favorite “big budget” movies. Look at the credits at the end of the movie. You will see a lot of foreign names.


Because Hollywood has “out sourced” it’s employees.

Hollywood use to employ thousands of American carpenters to build sets, electricians to wire up effects, sound and lighting professionals, and many more occupations that Americans use to make a living at.

Today, Hollywood is out sourcing it’s audience as well.


Hollywood doesn’t seem to care if YOU, the American, is offended by a movie. But they are worried that a Muslim in the Middle East might not understand “Batman.”

So they are debating how to “tone a superhero down.”

DE-Americanize a superhero..??


Members of Hollywood have no problem calling the Pope a Nazi.

But they worry that “Captain America” will offend Muslims. So the super hero “Captain America” will not make the trip to the Middle East.

Man, I got hip boots on as I am wading in the “Hollywood Hypocrisy.”

One film critic said:

(It’s a strange thing) “..On the one hand, they hate America. On the other hand they love America to the bone…”

That is a very true statement.

Arabs love our freedom. The way we express ourselves. The confidence. The food, the entertainment, the style, and the look. They love this stuff and they buy tons of it.

But they hate the conflict.


Muslims grow up in conflict. It is all around them and they hate that America is in a conflict with part of the Muslim world.

But as Billy Joel once sang: “We didn’t start the fire..”America was an infant country when Muslims attacked us near Tripoli and took hostages.

Most Americans were going about their business on 9/11 when radical Muslims flew planes into our buildings killing thousands of Americans.

For what..??


Because American oil companies are buying oil from the Middle East? That is how these Arab countries are getting rich. Selling oil to the world.

Because American foreign policy propped up the Shaw of Iran?

How about Muslim foreign policy that props up Sharia Law, wife beatings, and the killing of homosexuals?

We didn’t start this fire. It’s been burning since the world’s been turning.”


Muslims need to lighten up. Some of their radical leaders are causing these conflicts. My leaders are reacting to it. And that is why we are at war.

Hollywood needs to lighten up. Why are you worried about what Muslims will think of your work? You never seem to care what we Americans think of your work?

And Obama supporters need to lighten up. The Pope is not a Nazi. I realize you are grasping at “anything” to try and help Obama out of this mess he is in.

I will leave this editorial with a thought:

The Pope asked if you would forgive the Catholic Church for how badly they handled the scandal with priests and children.

Obama’s preacher said “White People” in the government created AIDS to kill off the Black Man.

The Pope wants the War in Iraq to end, but he understands that leaving quickly could cause more problems.

Obama’s preacher believes America got what we deserve on 9/11.

The Pope said: “God Bless America.”

Obama’s preacher for 20 years said: “G*d Dam America.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

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