The Democratic Debate

This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, David Axelrod- An Obama senior adviser said- “ the debate last night, it took 50 minutes before they tackled any real issue that the people in Pennsylvania care about…”

I am from Pennsylvania and I want to know why Obama sat in that church for 20 years listening to a racist Preacher. After the Sept 11th attacks on the World Trade Towers, when Rev. Wright preached that America was responsible for the attacks, (the chickens coming home to roost) why did Obama attend this church for 6 more years after that..??

Why did Obama sit on a board with a fellow member that was a known terrorist..?? (William Ayers of the terrorist group- The weather underground.)

Why doesn’t Obama wear a flag pin and why does his wife Michelle sound so bitter towards America..??

These ARE the questions that I wanted answered because they speak to a persons character.


We already know what each candidate “says they will do” from their speeches:

Both Hillary and Obama will let the Bush tax cuts expire. This will be a tax increase because average Americans will see a $1,000 to $2,000 dollar increase in yearly taxes. The wealthy will pay much more.

We know that both Obama and Hillary will raise the capital gains tax from 15% to possibly 20%. The capital gains tax doesn’t just effect the rich. If you were selling a home, you would be surprised at how much more the government will get from you, by just increasing the tax 5%. (at 20%- the government gets $20,000 bucks from you, for every $100,000 dollar value of you home. You are left with $80,000. Why..?? You already pay a third of your income to the feds.)

We all know that Hillary and Obama are going to either FORCE, or offer some national health care system. But, they will over tax people who make $250,000 per year to achieve this. Some small business owners fall into this bracket.

Small business, that used to offer health care to their employees, will drop that health care because they cannot afford it with all the new taxes they must pay under the Obama and Hillary system.

Here is the problem that no democrat wants to talk about…


Both Hillary and Obama are counting on the amount of 50 million uninsured Americans (as reported today) remaining a “stable” figure.

However, I know a few small business owners, if you raise their taxes higher in this economy, they cannot afford to pay for employee health care or employee 401K programs. THEY WILL DROP BOTH programs..!!

Under the Obama and Hillary system, you will create 50 million MORE Americans without health insurance.


Both Hillary and Obama have NO plan to deal with 100 million uninsured Americans. (They are counting on the uninsured level remaining at 50 million.)

So now we will have a crisis.


Small business’ will be blamed for dropping employee health care. But the only reason small business will drop health care is because of the high Hillary and Obama taxes. (On those making $250,000 per year.)

This falls on a basic principal that conservatives understand and liberals never learn.

Why do people start a business?

Liberals, (from listening to them talk) believe a person starts a business to-

Goal 1- become rich

Goal 2- rip off the customers

Goal 3- rip off the employees

Goal 4- laugh all the way to the bank

Hey, I might get some flack for this, but this is really how many liberals view the business owner.

The model above is so far from the actual truth.

If you have ever owned a business or managed a business, then you already know that if a business were run like that, it would be out of business in a month.

Most people, whom I know of, started a business because they were doing something BETTER than anyone else they knew of was. Plus, they were tired of working for someone else. Getting wealthy was far from reality because it takes TONS of money to start a business. (Don’t believe me? Try starting a business. You will see that I am right.)

Here is the actual model many business owners follow.

Goal 1- stay in business. (Do whatever “legally” you have to, to keep the doors open.)

Goal 2- make the customer happy. (So they will return and tell others about your business.)

Goal 3- make the employees happy. (It’s too expensive to keep re-training new people. Happy employees will treat the customers better.)

Goal 4- Pay the bills, then pay yourself.

Goal 5- save enough money so that you can (one day) quit working so freaking hard. You can retire and give the business to your kids so they can bust their asses, while you lay on a beach somewhere.)

Understanding how small business works helps to understand why small business cannot afford higher taxes without “cutting something.”


So we already know what Obama and Hillary are proposing.

The questions I wanted to know about are based on character.

I want to know WHY Obama listened to the Racist Rev. Wright for 20 years? Why Obama bought his house with the help of con man Tony Rezko? Why Obama was friends with a terrorist- William Ayers.

(If liberals were objective, they would be asking these kinds of questions. Because they ask them of President Bush all the time.)

I want to know why Hillary cannot keep her stories straight? Why she is drinking booze?

I want to know why McCain votes liberal?

So I am glad ABC News finally quizzed Obama and Hillary on questions of character.

(“CAUSE” we all know their plans.)

Hillary and Obama will raise taxes on business owners who make $250,000 per year. This will “CAUSE” more Americans to be uninsured. This will “CAUSE” the government to raise taxes on the middle class. Which will “CAUSE” you to have less money tomorrow with a national health plan, then you would today if you bought your own health plan.


Which brings us to this weekend’s editorial…

“CAUSE” and effect.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican