Science gets Expelled


Do you feel that if you wear a sweater inside your house to keep warm, you can make the Arctic ice shelf stop melting?

Do you believe that if you drive your car less often, you can stop hurricanes and forest fires from happening?

It sounds silly when you think of it in that way.

However, you are not alone.

All through history people have believed some wild things. Men once believed that if they sailed too far out into the ocean, they would fall off the edge of the world.

Let me tell you about something that I believed since I was a child and just recently found out to be untrue:

All my life I believed that Galileo was thrown into prison by the Church because he believed the earth was NOT the center of the universe.

This is completely false.


The church never confronted Galileo on his scientific research. It wasn’t until Galileo began to publicly decipher the Bible, which in those days was not permitted, without confiding in the church- first, that Galileo was arrested.

Galileo was never thrown in jail.

He was confined to his house, (which was a huge house) and he continued to work on his scientific theories. The church never bothered him again.

See, Galileo was a member of the church and therefore church rules applied to him.

Most famous scientists believed in religion.


Almost all of them. From Darwin, to Albert Einstein. From Galileo to Copernicus.(Matter of fact, Copernicus was the Deacon of his church.)

Actually, (and this is really wild) it was a Catholic Priest who first presented the theory that the universe is expanding outwards from “some beginning.”


In 1927, Joseph Éduard Lemaître, using facts he obtained from years of viewing the sky with his telescope, presented his theory of an expanding universe. Albert Einstein refused to believe this expanding universe theory because Einstein held on to the belief that the universe was stagnant. (Unchanging.)

When most men would walk by and pay no attention to the night sky, it was religious people who began to chart the heavens. It was religious people who started mapping out the sky and created astronomy. Giving special names to the planets that they could see with the naked eye. Names we still use today like Mars and Venus.

It was religious people, who thought that they were naming Gods, who started us on this scientific journey to discover “who we are.”

It has been said that science tries to discover “how things work.” Religion tries to discover “why things work.” This was very true in the past. For most, if not all, great scientists were religious. (And remained religious until their death.)

Today, I’m not so sure people understand this symbiotic relationship.


As I travel around this great blog world, I find many non- religious people who believe that they are the “cats ass.”

Cats ass

(definition) Free thinking intellectuals.

They believe religion garrotes scientific study. Which is not the case. Had Galileo NOT believed in God, he would have been an outsider. He would have never had the money to own a telescope, let alone perfect it. Galileo needed religion to fund his studies, because no one else had that kind of money.

Liberal non-believers have their ears closed.

I have been called a “flat-earther”, a Jesus freak, and ignorant because I believe in God.

Years ago, when I first started blogging, I would argue with these people. I would remind them that Darwin believed in God and actually dropped his evolution theory and dedicated the remainder of his life to God.

It doesn’t matter to these people. They believe religion, all religion is wrong. Could you imagine a person saying that all Black people are criminals? But today, you have many people in the blog world claiming that all religion is evil. That religion is the cause of humanities suffering.

“Free thinkers” who do not have much freedom in thought.


I do not have much time for the non-believer who calls me ignorant. For I know where all science derives from. It comes from one person reaching out in this world. It has little to do with a belief in God, or if the person is male or female, white or black.

With that said

, I have given some thought to fighting with people who believe in “man made” global warming. I will still point out factual errors in the theory and fight a stupid greenhouse gas tax. But I am not going to fight with the“greens.”If you believe that walking to work, instead of driving your car, will save the polar bears…

That’s fine with me.

Walking is great exercise and you will save money not buying gas.

Besides, walking to work will give you time to think. And just like ancient man who thought he was naming the Gods. (But in reality, he was inventing astronomy.) Maybe while walking to work, you will ponder cancer and come up with a cure.

Maybe, while you are sitting in your dark house with the TV turned off, (to save the Australian Hissing Frog) you will become bored and write a great novel. Without the distractions of a computer, iPod, and cell phone- you might paint a masterpiece. (On recycled canvas, of course.) 

So walk to work.

Turn off that TV.The polar bears thank you.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Research material used- The History Channel’s“The Universe.”

Originally written and published on November 11, 2007

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Ben Stein gets Expelled


Ask a liberal about Joseph McCarthy, and they will tell you stories about people being blacklisted for “no good reason.”

However, ask a liberal about scientists being Blacklisted for asking questions about Darwinism, you will not hear a peep.

Why MUST science be trapped in a box..??

Isn’t science the art of questioning- things..??

Ben Stein’s movie- “Expelled”

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