(Things Obama can say. But you or I would be fired if we said the same thing.)

Obama-isms are a neat thing and a great gift held by one man.


Only Obama could ever say some of these things.

For example:

If I said: “..Obama is a ‘typical Black man’, he fears people who are not like him..”

I would be run out of town. I would be called a racist and I would be threatened.

However, Obama can say these things with ease.

Obama claims that getting pregnant is like a punishment, in the lines of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

No one on the left, nor many in the media condemned this statement of Obama’s, so I must assume that many democrats also view a “baby” as punishment.

Obama believes people in small towns are “bitter.” Obama believes that we are so “bitter” that we “cling to our guns and religion”, (like a bunch of Hillbillies) and we take this “bitterness” out on immigrants and people who are not like us.

Obama, we are not “bitter.”


In fact, the folks in Pennsylvania believed in the 2nd Amendment and we respected “freedom of religion” long before Illinois became a State in the Union.

So, in honor of the many “Obama-isms” that have been created by Obama thus far. (Just think about how many more are to come. We have 6 months until the general election.)We have a collection of “Obama-isms” set to bumper stickers. Ready for you to cut and paste to “sticky paper” and place around town.





Normally, (being a self- absorbed capitalist) I would sell these bumper stickers to Flea Market vendors and T-shirt shops. However, since I am a “typical BITTER White person” from Pennsylvania, I thought I would give them away.

(How to make a bumper sticker)


I have made these stickers “easy to steal.” Just (right click) your mouse over the sticker. A menu should appear asking if you want to “save the picture.” Click that. Save as a “Jpeg image” and give it a file name.

At this point, you should be able to “insert” the sticker in Microsoft Word, or any printable program. You should also be able to expand the sticker to a larger size by “clicking the image” and pulling it bigger.

You will now need “sticky paper.” You can buy it at Wal- Mart, or Staples, etc. Usually called “label paper,” it fits into your printer. (Do not buy small, pre-cut labels. Buy full sheet- label paper.)



You are now in the Bumper sticker business. Have fun..!!

(Though, I wouldn’t recommend placing any of these stickers on a liberal democrat’s car. That would be a mean thing to do.)

Since we are on the topic of Obama…


This next video was the “MOST viewed” of the Angry Republican Video Broadcasts.

The idea for this video came to me when I remembered how wacky liberals tried to claim President Reagan was the “Anti-Christ”, when Reagan was running for his second term.

These liberals said Reagan would push the “button” and attack Russia, bringing on the Armageddon. The letters in his name added up to 666, so Reagan must be the Anti- Christ.

I thought it would be fun to claim that one of the democrats was the Anti-Christ. (I picked Obama only because he “was” the leader in this presidential race.)

It is just a parody. Do NOT take it seriously.


The character I play in these videos is not really who I am. (If you saw me on the street, you would not recognize me.) AR Babonie, in the videos, is a cross between Leone Redbone, Doctor Johnny Fever (From the TV show- WKRP in Cincinnati), and some Right Wing talk show host. (If you can combine all those elements.)

So- Obama supporters, do not get too mad at this video. It is just a little payback for what your liberal piers did to Ronald Reagan in 1984.


The 8th Angry Republican Video Broadcast

Is Obama the “Anti-Christ..??”