Is it really- “Neo Con”..??

Or is it “Neo- Liberal”..??


When liberals attack

Generally, when a liberal wants to attack you, (which they will often) they might use the term “neo-con.”

Neo con- meaning: New Conservative, was a term created by liberals to describe a “straw man”. Some liberal, with a couple more brain cells then most, realized the term “neo” meant “new”, but it was also associated with Hitler, as in Neo Nazis. It has become a cute little sound bite to claim conservatives are like Hitler.

Liberals created the term “neo con”.

It is your classic “straw man” tactic. Build a straw man image of ALL conservatives and then tear that straw man down.

But is there anything NEW about modern conservatives?

One thing that comes to mind; under the Bush administration we spent way too much money on government programs and pork projects. But for the life of me, I can not understand why liberals would condemn that? The platform of Obama and Hillary is built on government programs and pork projects.Other than that, is the modern conservative movement really new..??

Not really.

Is the modern liberal movement “neo liberalism”..??

Do modern liberals follow in the footsteps of liberals from the past..??

That is the question I wanted to answer today.

Most conservatives believe in a smaller government. President Reagan believed that the government should get out of the way and allow the people of America to excel. Barry Goldwater and William F Buckley reinforce these principals many years ago. You can trace these principals back to the beginning of the conservative movement.

Conservatives believe in lower taxes to stimulate the economy. Nothing has changed there.

Conservatives believe that the power to “lift you up, is within you.” No government or human force can make you a better person if you are not willing to work for it. Nothing has changed with this attitude.

Conservatives believe that we MUST have a strong military and we should not allow America to be bullied by tyrants. You see this trait in President Reagan and the republicans who voted with democratic President FDR to help fight the Nazi’s and Japan.

Conservatives have always loved America and they are not ashamed to show it in public.

Let’s take a look at liberals and see if there is anything “neo” about the direction they have taken.

Modern liberal democrats believe you should run away from terrorists. They are afraid to confront radical Islam. Instead they want to make deals with radical Islam. (Obama wanting to meet with Iran and President Carter wanting to meet with Hamas.)This is new. This is “neo.”


President Johnson would not have made deals with terrorists. FDR would never have run away from Hitler. I do NOT believe JFK would have met with a third world dictator. What was it that JFK said… “we will oppose any foe. We will help any friend..”

Your “neo liberals” of today no longer subscribe to this philosophy. They are not willing to oppose anyone. (Other then fellow Americans.)

JFK lowered taxes and truly believed that government should not interfere in Americans lives. This all changed with President Carter. These “neo liberals” like Bill Clinton, Obama and Hillary believe the government should be a babysitter. The government should be a traffic cop because you Americans cannot be trusted to help each other. The modern liberals believe that you will not help the environment, or plan out your health care needs, so “daddy government” should plan out your life for you.

This is a new trait in the Democratic Party. It is “neo liberal.”

I believe that before President Johnson, you never heard liberals cutting down America. You never heard them say America is wrong about anything. Sure, America has made mistakes, but not with evil intentions.

However, after the hippie movement and President Carter, many liberals cannot find anything America has done right. They talk about how Europe is better socially or that Cuba has better medicine. They come up with “grand conspiracies” about how America is stealing oil or how America blew up WT Tower 7 to hide the tax forms of Enron.

Hell, singer Alicia Keys believes the “White Man” created rap music to kill off the “Black Man.”

(And all this time I thought The Sugar Hill Gang recorded the first rap record..??)

This kind of thinking is new to the Democratic Party. It is “neo liberal.”

This editorial could be turned into a book because the research is so plentiful. But just with the few points I have made here, you can see that conservatism has not changes much in the last 50 years. There isn’t much that is new.

However, liberal democrats have changed drastically since the 60’s and President Carter. The whole image of a liberal is “neo” to what it once was.

Really, today, we are talking about “old conservatism.”

And “Neo Liberalism.”




That would be more accurate, if you want to use facts.

Building a better “straw man.”

I get accused of creating a “straw man” when I talk about liberals.

I might say something like; “liberals talk about saving the earth and conserving fuel, but then they hop into big jets and fly around, burning up more fuel in one day then most Americans will in a year.”

A liberal will claim I have created a “straw man” with that statement. But that isn’t true because there are actual people like Al Gore or John Travolta who do just that. They talk about saving the earth but they waste more power than a small town does.

Even on a small scale: liberal bloggers will say that we should save the earth by conserving. I will tell these liberal bloggers to quit driving their cars and get off the Internet. Just running their computers is causing the electric company to burn more coal to provide the electricity to run your computer.

There is no “straw man” built by me with those two statements These are real people who you can prove are hypocritical. I can name the bloggers and direct you to the posts and comments. We have video proof of Al Gore riding in big private jets.

However, liberals do create a huge “straw man.”

As I showed in the editorial above, just the term “neo con” is a straw man because there is not much that is new about the conservative movement.

But a popular favorite of liberals is to cl.. “Bush and Cheney are in the pockets of oil companies and they started this war in Iraq to get rich.”

That statement is a huge lie because it cannot be proven.

Both Bush and Cheney sold all of their stock in oil companies before they ran for office. President Bush’s tax returns for last year showed that Bush’s made $923,807. ($150,000 of it was from Laura Bush’s children’s book she wrote.)The Clinton’s, on the other hand, made $109 million dollars since leaving office. I’m too lazy to reference this, but I believe the Clinton’s have more money than George H Bush, George W Bush, and Dick Cheney combined.

This is a “straw man” that democrats build up. They claim republican politicians are “rich fat cat corporate people.” But the fact is; liberal politicians are the richest members of congress, with Kerry and Kennedy leading the pack.

This claim that Bush is getting rich from the Iraq war is a complete lie and a “straw man” tactic because there is no evidence, being filed in an American court, to show that this is true. It is all based on hearsay, which cannot be proven in court.

The older I get I am finding out something to be true…

When a democrat claims: “Bush lied, Bush lied..”Shortly after, you will hear BOTH Hillary and Obama pull off some of the biggest lies to come down the pike.

When liberals poke fun at republican Larry Craig for tapping his foot in a men’s restroom, you will have two democratic governors of New York involved in some kind of sex scandal.

If you have liberals accusing republicans of taking oil company money, you will find Hillary Clinton taking money from the Chinese.

If you hear liberals claim republicans are racist and homophobic. You will see Obama refuse to be interviewed by a gay lifestyle magazine. Obama will claim that people in Pennsylvania are “bitter and cling to their guns and religion.” You will hear Obama say “typical white” person and his reverend will use language about Whites that I do not even want to go into now.

It is almost like every terrible thing that liberals claim republicans are doing, liberals are already doing it.

“Neo Liberals” build straw men.

Conservatives point out actual hypocrisy on both sides of the political fence.

Neo Liberals will never point out hypocrisy of their own party.

(Fact) Liberals will NEVER condemn Obama for sitting in that church for twenty years, listening to the racist Rev Wright. (Fact) Democrats will not say a word about liberal- Michael Lacey, the owner of the liberal paper “The Village Voice” when he used the word “n***r.”

So it is with great pleasure that I announce…

“Neo liberalism” will die soon.

Americans will not stand for the kinds of taxes that these “neo liberals” are talking about. Real liberals like JFK and Johnson would never crush the American middle class with this high of a tax burden.

“Neo Liberalism” is dead.

Americans do not want some freaky government that peaks into your windows to see what kind of light bulbs you are using. How high your house thermostat is set at. How powerful the motor is in your car. What doctor you can visit and when.


Americans want freedom and liberty.

They will not except “neo liberalism.”

Neo Liberalism is dead.

President Carter poisoned Liberalism, Bill Clinton drove a stake into the heart of liberalism by running one of the most corrupt presidencies in modern times and getting himself impeached. The unproven science of “man made” global warming drove the nails into the coffin of “neo liberalism.”

Is anyone weeping over the death of “neo liberalism”..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Obama- mania continues with more Obama-isms

Obama said this:

“…You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them…”

Aaahh, Obama…

We have jobs here in Pennsylvania. We are not standing in the soup lines waiting for YOU to save us. What the hell are you talking about?

You better start talking to us…

Instead of talking “down” to us.

Obama continues…

“…And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations…”

You have just got to love this..!!

Obama had several great speeches early on that were well written, well rehearsed, and very well delivered.

However, out on the campaign trail, he is falling on his face. Obama cannot string several sentences together without insulting someone.

Hillary has a slight lead here in Pennsylvania. However, when this latest “Obama-ism” gets around to folks here in Pennsylvania, we are not going to take too kindly to it.

Being called a “gun carrying, Bible thumping person who is out of work. Looking for the government to save us. And because we are “so bitter”, we cannot tolerate anyone else (of a different color..??)

Obama- you might want to cover your ears. What I am about to say isn’t pretty.

Pennsylvania is called the “State of Independence.” This is where it all started, Bubba. This dream of freedom didn’t start in Chicago; it didn’t originate in Los Angeles. It started in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania has two major, world- class cities with people of all color living side by side. It’s been that way for hundreds of years.

In the middle, Pennsylvania has hard working people..

Oh yes, Obama. We have jobs. We work.

These people get more work done in one growing season, than Obama will in a lifetime.

Some of us own guns. Some do not.

Some of us believe in God. Some do not.

Some of us folks in Pennsylvania are republicans. Some are democrats.

But one thing we are NOT, is racist.

Pennsylvania has tunnels and old houses that were part of the “Underground Railroad”, in which many of our great-grand parents tried to help slaves become free.

Don’t you ever come to my state and call the people of Pennsylvania “racist.”

Obama, why don’t you visit Gettysburg? How many young farmers from Pennsylvania lost their lives on that bloody battlefield? Tens of thousands of young men died there, so that all men could be free. I will set up a tour for you, Obama. We have tours of Gettysburg going on right now.

In conclusion, Mr. Obama, the only racist I have seen in the past couple of weeks has been your preacher.

I still haven’t received any kind of apology from you.

In the future, please refrain from calling the people of Pennsylvania- “gun carrying racists.”

Let’s drop the stereo types.

I have never called you a “crook from Chicago.”

Thanks to “Hot Air” and “Right Wing News” for the Obama poster.