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“Get your paws off me, you dam dirty ape”


Special edition of The Angry Republican

Have you noticed the “left” is starting to use a different language..??

Most Americans speak clearly, and we can understand what it is they are saying. But liberals have started a language that is NOT easy to decipher.

It reminds me of “Ebonics.” Except the left is using a BEEP noise.

Jane Fonda

will be on a TV show and things are going OK. Then, all of a sudden, I will hear a “BEEP” sound. Fonda said something that got BEEPED off the air.

I must then try and figure out what word she used.

“Did Jane Fonda use the C-Word..??”

After I have eliminated all the words that could not fit into the sentence that Ms. Fonda was using, I can narrow it down to one or two words.

“Ms. Fonda DID use the C-Word.” (Women HATE the C-Word..!!)

So now, after I have narrowed it down to a couple of words that Ms. Fonda could have used in that sentence, I then have to try and figure out WHY she said what she said, when she said it..??


It is a terribly distracting chore and by the time I have deciphered what Jane Fonda really said, I have lost track of any point Ms. Fonda was trying to make.

It is like Ebonics.

But it is with a “BEEP.”

It is- BEEP Bonics.


It happened again with Air America Radio host Randi Rhodes.

Ms. Rhodes said that Hillary Clinton was a “BEEP” whore.

OK.. First I have to try and figure out what word got beeped. Did Randi use the word- “Bitch?”As in- Hillary is a “Bitch” whore.


Double negative. That doesn’t make sense.

“Did Randi Rhodes use the C-Word..??”

No, that doesn’t make sense either. (Though I have heard an angry female call another female a BEEP Whore.)So when you have figured out what Randi Rhodes actually said, you then must try and figure WHY she said it.

(Being drunk and stupid comes to mind here…)

Because Randi Rhodes used “BEEP Bonics”, whatever point she was trying to make was lost in the process.

(Other than the fact that Randi was drunk, stupid, and she hates Hillary Clinton.)

Any lasting thoughts on why Obama should be elected president were lost because Ms. Rhodes used- “BEEP Bonics.”

Is this what we can expect if a liberal is elected president..??


4 years of angry liberals using “BEEP Bonics” and we have to figure out what they said and why they said it?


Think about the children..??

What about the children..??

That is why we have put out this video.


The 11th Angry Republican

Video Broadcast

“BEEP Bonics”

Understanding what the **** liberals are saying.


All material, including the video, written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

On a sad note…

Charlton Heston died last night, he was 84.

Charlton Heston won the 1959 best actor Oscar for playing “Ben-Hur.” He also portrayed Moses and Michelangelo in other movies.

I saw most of those movies later on, because we didn’t have video movie rentals in those days and I was too young to go to the movies when they were first released.

Charlton Heston grabbed my generation by playing a very risky role in a movie about talking monkeys.

Can you imagine the “pitch” for the movie- “The Planet of the Apes”???“Yea, Mister Heston. We have this space movie. You will be flying on a spaceship. Then we have a bunch of talking monkeys. It will be great..!!”

It did end up being great..!! I believe “Planet of the Apes” ended up having 4 or 5 sequels.

Charlton Heston became one of the highest paid actors of his day. Filming movies such as “Earthquake” and “Airport 1975.”

Charlton Heston became more conservative, when most in Hollywood were turning to liberalism. Mr. Heston admits to voting for JFK and Johnson, but during the 70″s and 80’s, he became a conservative. I can relate to that because it was during the 80’s and President Reagan, that I became a conservative as well.

I have never known a major celebrity who defended the 2nd Amendment greater than Charlton Heston.

Heston defended the 2nd Amendment to such a degree, that liberals attacked Charlton Heston in a terrible- childish fashion. (I am not even going to venture over to The Daily Kos or The Huffer Post today. I do not want to read what those idiots will say about the passing of Mr. Heston.)One of my last memories of Charlton Heston was in the Michael Moore movie- Bowling for Columbine. Moore asked if he could interview Charlton Heston and Mr. Heston gracefully allowed it. (Heston had no idea who Moore was. He thought it was an interview about films.)

Moore began to question Heston about the NRA and gun control. Heston politely said he didn’t want to talk about it. He then told Moore the interview was over.

At that point, we all found out Charlton Heston was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Any, rational, caring person would have cut that section from their movie after learning about Heston’s Alzheimer’s.

But not Michael Moore…

The typical angry liberal Moore kept that scene in the movie. (Why? It served no purpose? Other than to degrade a fine American.)

If you would like to see a quick video of Charlton Heston, here is a video:

It is a nice look back on Charlton Heston’s life by the BBC.

I thought about ending this story with a great picture of Charlton Heston when he was young. Maybe playing Ben Hur.

But I think it would be better to end this editorial with the one thing Charlton Heston defended with all his might.


Defended it to the point where it ended his Hollywood Career.

The American- 2nd Amendment to the Constitution

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.