Why John McCain?

It always bugs me to see bloggers who do nothing but cut others down. Never do they ever build anything up.

I feel that if you are going to say that a particular political party is wrong for America, you need to also explain why another party would be better.

I have been picking on Obama and Hillary because I believe BOTH do not have the correct political direction for America. (I will probably be picking on both quite a bit, till November.)

But today, I wanted to talk about John McCain.

I have done several editorials defending McCain. These editorials date back to when McCain became the frontrunner of the republican nominee process. At the time, many conservatives hated the fact that McCain would represent the republicans. I have put a link here, if you would like to check two of these editorials out.

So, you think that YOU are conservative..??

The verbal beatings on John McCain

But let’s talk about McCain, today.


John McCain has the most experience of anyone running for president. You couple his military experience with his public service, and you cannot deny he is the most qualified of those running. I would prefer someone who has governed a State, but all three candidates come from the senate, so we cannot site McCain for that.

Clearly, mistakes were made in Iraq. (As with all wars.) Wouldn’t it be wise to elect someone with first hand experience in war?

America at WAR-

John McCain believes in the War on Terror. He feels it is making us safer and is hurting terrorists and terror organizations.

However, McCain feels that Rumsfeld and others mishandled the Iraq War. McCain made public speeches claiming we should increase troop levels- way before the actual surge took place. McCain was on the right track.

Gitmo and “harsh interrogations”

John McCain has said he wants to close down the Gitmo interment camp in Cuba. This has many conservatives pissed off.

I do not want to see terrorist prisoners brought to America and tried in the American court system.

They are NOT Americans. They fall into a category of POW’s and should be tried in a military court. Not on US soil.

But John McCain has never said that he is transporting all Gitmo detainees to America. He just said he wants to close Gitmo. Detainees could be tried in Iraq. Or an Abu Ghraib type place. We just do not know what his plans are for current inmates or future ones. I cannot debate this topic without that info.

“Harsh interrogations”

You have got to be the most callous son of a bitch, to walk the face of the earth, if you site John McCain for this one.

McCain WAS a POW.

He was in a prison camp.

And he was tortured.

If John McCain were to back down on this principal, how could he every receive respect for anything?

We are not voting for robots.

We do not elect clones.

We are voting for human beings and no two people are going to agree on everything.

I have a friend who is a conservative. We both have known each other for many years. We agree on most political and moral matters- except for a few…

I do not mind a funny movie with some adult humor in it, as long as no children are able to watch it. I think a “dirty joke” is funny. I listen to stand up comedy that might be considered “blue material.”

My friend is very religious and doesn’t care for this stuff. He believes it should not be made. He is MORE conservative than I am on matters of entertainment.

But he doesn’t kick me out of the conservative movement for liking a “dirty joke.”. He doesn’t say that I am “less conservative than he is.”

My friend doesn’t believe we should crack down on Mexican immigration. He believes that God wants us to care for- everyone. He believes that the illegal immigrants need help and we should help them.

I too believe that we can help people. However, rules must be followed. We need to know who is living in our country. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped. Legal immigration needs to be expanded.

Just because my friend is an “open borders” type person, doesn’t mean he is less of a conservative. I am not kicking him out of the “conservative club” for that.

There is room for both of us in the Republican Party.

Is John McCain conservative?

I am not going to pick on any bloggers or national radio commentators in this editorial, but you know who I mean-

They talk about compromising “their values” by voting for McCain.

Here is what I say about that…

You could be the best quarterback on the football team. But that doesn’t mean anything if you are sitting on the bench, watching the game from the sidelines.

Crying about the “best player not being on the field” doesn’t win the game. You have to win by using who is on the field.

In this political game, the “coach” is the American people. The “coach” has sent in John McCain to quarterback our team.

If we throw this game by not voting, or voting for a democrat, we cannot complain when democrats begin to change everything.

(And change things they will…)

Having control of The House, The Senate, The White House, and picking the US Justices, Democrats will have “free- reign” over the American government for a guarantied two years.

This is much more important than any football game, but it is the only analogy I could come up with.

Campaign finance reform

McCain needs to continue to explain that this bill didn’t work out. He needs to tell Americans that it should be repealed. It is an infringement on free speech and completely backfired.

I give McCain the benefit of the doubt because many Americans wanted some type of reform. The spending on American campaigns is demented. You could support a small country for a year on the amount of money spent on an American political election.

But McCain- Fendgold NEVER work out. In fact we have MORE spending today. (With worse political attack ads.)

In conclusion…

I will be harsher on John McCain in the future, as well as more complimentary. We have a long way to go yet, and as McCain is brought out into the “spotlight”, he will say things that will piss us off.

He will also say things that will prove he is the best candidate running.

After all, he is the most experienced and best-suited for president during a time of war.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

McCain- The media loves him.

Speaking of John McCain being pulled into the spotlight.

If you missed it, John McCain was on Late Night with David Letterman.

Here is a video of McCain’s “walk-on” during Letterman’s monologue.