It was Thursday evening, (March 20, 2008) Gov. Bill Richardson, who had worked for the Clinton’s in the past and was a friend, felt compelled to tell Sen. Clinton in person…

He called to tell Hillary that he was endorsing Barack Obama for president.

“Let me tell you: (pause) we’ve had BETTER conversations.” Gov. Richardson said.

Someone should write a book about the Clinton’s.

(OK.. Hundreds of people already have.)

But there are two problems with every book written about the Clinton’s:

Every book written about the Clinton’s is either a “love them” or “hate them” type story. I have never heard of a book that includes both the good and bad stuff on the history of the Clinton’s.

The second problem with every book written about the Clinton’s: they do not include the “ending.”

We are living through the “ending” right now.

This week, Hillary released sections of the documents logging her time spent at the White House.

I haven’t heard much about these documents since their release, so I can assume two things:

Everyone is still riffling through them.


No one gives a rat’s ass.

I am sure that Hillary’s team gaped over every page in these documents and there is nothing released to the public that could hurt Hillary.

However, here at The Angry Republican, we have found a couple of things in the Hillary White House documents that you might find interesting.

So we decided to focus our attention on Hillary Clinton.

(Mainly because, like everyone else, we spent a whole week picking on Obama.)

Which brings us to:

The 10th Angry Republican Video Broadcast.

This one focuses on the Hillary White House documents, and we interview a person “who knows the Clinton’s.”

We call this video:

“Look into Hillary’s eyeball. (I dare you..!!)”

If you hated that video, be reassured that you never have to look at it again. (Provided that you never “click” the center button on the video.)

However, if you enjoyed The Angry Republican Video Broadcast, you can view all of our videos here:

AR’s Video Workshop and Sick Rick’s Pics

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New to- The Angry Republican

The “Sean Penn- Fox News doomsday clock.”

Sean Penn stated that Fox News’ days are numbered and NEAR the end.

So we have decided to keep track of how many days have elapsed from the date of Sean Penn’s prediction.

Hey Writers…

Have you ever wanted to write a kick ass, aggressive political editorial?

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I know the feeling..!!

Why not send that original editorial to us..??

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To the folks who read The Angry Republican,


I’m not running out of ideas for this site.

One of the complaints I have received from viewers is that we do not put out enough posts per week. That we “miss” some of the important news stories each week.

I have always wanted to keep this site stocked with original work. With my schedule, I cannot put out more than 3 or 4 editorials a week.

This was the best way that I could think of to solve that problem and still remain an original material site.

Thanks for reading The Angry Republican..!!

I hope you will have a nice Easter Day..!!

AR Babonie