Once you folks on the left have opened up that door, you cannot shut it for your own convenience. That door is open for all to use. And use it, we will…AR Babonie

Listening to the many call-in shows this week on talk radio, I could tell the Obama- Rev. Wright story caught many Black Americans off guard.

“Why are people jumping on Obama just because his preacher said a few dumb things..??”

Welcome to the “Wonderful World of American Politics..!!”

Black Americans can now say they have had a presidential candidate get beat up by the American press.

Some of these callers seem puzzled, like they didn’t understand “the game.”

If I could yell through the radio and somehow reach these callers, I would have said-

“Where were you for the past- 100 years..?? You didn’t hear all of the jokes and mud that was thrown at Bill Clinton? You didn’t hear all of the jokes and slander thrown at George Bush?”


Did you think this was something we reserved for “typical” White Guys only..??”

Hell no..

We do this for everybody who wants to be president.

So the question remains: Why did it take this long to attack Obama..??

Some of the reason may have been that people in the news media were fascinated by Barack Obama. Maybe they didn’t want to “dig deeper” into his life. So they reported current events and focused on his speeches.

I believe some of it was “fear.” Reporters and News Networks- being afraid that they would be labeled “racist” if they reported negatively on Obama.

But mostly, Obama was the “great unknown.” He didn’t have a long voting record in Washington. He had never run for president in the past, so we couldn’t highlight policy shifts in his agenda.

To me, this whole story is less about race and more about political rivalry.

What Rev. Wright said was racist, that is true. Obama, calling is grandmother a “typical White person” is borderline racist, (I know what Obama meant, but still- he is lumping a group of people together in a stereo- type).

Obama would be attack whether he was White or Black, that doesn’t matter. Obama would be attack because he is running for president.

I believe it has little to do with skin color.

For years, I have listen to left-wing bloggers talk about Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell when each of these preachers have said something stupid.

The left tries to paint a picture that ALL conservatives feel the way that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell do on issues.

It is a way to scare their base, (and some moderates) into voting democratic.

I have never been to a church where Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were preaching. I have never listened to a sermon delivered by these men.

I’m not even sure if President Bush, or Dick Cheney ever attended a service with Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell?

Just a simple Google Search on “Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell” will produce 26,800 hits. Most by left wing sites touting how these REPUBLICAN preachers are homophobic, racist, and their views on 9/11.

We can’t even prove whether John McCain or George Bush even attended several of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell services, let alone attend for 20 years.

But it doesn’t matter, the left will lump us all together in a story.

Once you folks on the left have opened up that door, you cannot shut it for your own convenience. That door is open for all to use. And use it, we will…

It has little to do with color.

Barack Obama walked into a political game that has been taking place in American politics for years. He is just the latest victim. (But he will not be the last.)

Hillary supporters are taking part in this “game” because they want Hillary as president, just as simple as that.

Is it a fair and noble thing to do? Probably not. But we need to know whom we are electing as president.

Conservatives are taking part in this “game” because we want BOTH Obama and Hillary taken down a few pegs.

And it is working…

A recent poll in Pennsylvania shows that 19% of Hillary supporters would vote for John McCain, if Obama wins the democratic nomination.

20% of Obama supporters WILL NOT vote for Hillary, if she is the nominee. Instead of staying home, they would vote for John McCain.

Pennsylvania Poll

This is not good for the Democratic Party. This could cost them the win.

A recent Fox News Poll- (nationally) shows that if the election were held today, McCain would win. (By 9% over Obama and slightly more over Hillary.)

The Democratic Party knows they must end this political fight between Obama and Hillary.

But how..??

Good question.

I do not have that answer. (Nor, would I want to reveal it, if I knew of one.)

This has very little to do with race. This has everything to do with politics.

Obama just happened to be standing in the street when the Media trucks came flying by.

Obama would have been hit, regardless of his skin color.

For that is the nature of American politics.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

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