Remember when they were holding hands and singing “Kum ba yah”

Those were the days for liberals.

They all stood, side by side, boycotting The Fox News Network.

The liberal democrats, claiming they would not debate or visit “that” Fox News channel, because it would give the Fox News Channel credibility.

Liberal web sites like The Daily Kos preached about the solidarity of the progressive / liberal / democrat movement.

That has all changed now…

Obama has visited Fox News.

Hillary has visited Fox News so many times that I believe the Clinton’s have their own parking space at the Fox News parking garage.

The web site Daily Kos, which used to talk about the unity of the democrats, is almost splitting into 2 sites because of the fights between Hillary and Obama bloggers. (Pro Clinton bloggers do not feel welcome at the pro Obama- Kos web site.)

We conservatives get to sit back and watch it all unfold.

In a post last week, I complained that John McCain should leave the campaign trail and begin to “look presidential.” I said that McCain should travel around and visit some of these “hot spots” in the world.

Well, that is exactly what the McCain camp is doing. After visiting Iraq, McCain headed to Israel. Later, he plans to visit Germany and France. (It is so nice to belong to a party that, most of the time, follows its supporter’s wishes.)

However, back on the liberal / progressive / democratic side of the fence…

Hillary and Obama have spent the last three weeks NOT talking about the issues. Instead they have launched- through surrogates- verbal attacks at each other.

The top brass in the Democratic Party is worried.

On the one hand, this “very public” fight between Hillary and Obama has created a buzz between democratic voters, who are turning out in record numbers to vote.

However, because this fight between Hillary and Obama has been so angry, this could cause the losing supporters to just stay home and not vote for the democratic nominee. (Or worse yet- vote for McCain in spite.)

Here is what I can tell you…

Living here in Pennsylvania, I see that Hillary Clinton has a slight lead. Governor Ed Rendell has endorsed Hillary, and many people I talk to have said they would vote for Hillary.

And that was before the Rev. Wright / Obama story broke.

People are funny…

If you walked up to them and asked them a poll question- “Does this controversy with Rev. Wright and Obama effect the way that you will vote in the Pennsylvania Primary..??” Most people will answer “No.” (We all probably would- in public.)

But, when you are voting in private. Will what you heard Rev. Wright say about White Americans effect how you vote?

Obama has to have White voters to win.

If Hillary Clinton wins big in Pennsylvania, it will be mathematically impossible for Obama to take the delegate win.

Which means this campaign will be fought out at the convention.

Both campaigns need money..!! Millions of dollars each week to operate.

How long can you keep drawing money from your supporters before they reach the point that they cannot donate anymore money..?? What if the democratic “money well” runs dry from the primaries..?? What if there is nothing left to draw for the general election..??

What if Obama is slightly ahead of Hillary, but Obama doesn’t have the delegate numbers to “lock” the win, and the delegates believe Hillary could better compete with McCain? Will giving the win to Hillary destroy the Democratic Party?

Many, many questions and very few answers.

So, I’m reading some interviews from top democratic strategists who are very alarmed at the current state of this race.

There is only two ways this can play out, that will save the Democratic Party the most grief from its supporters.

(1) One candidate wins most (or all) of the last primaries and is so far ahead of the other that there is no question who is the winner. (Even if they do not have the delegate number to win.)

(2) That it is too close to call. A virtual tie. The Democratic Party and the delegates could then select the candidate that they believe could best compete against McCain.

There is only one problem here…

Hillary is going to receive a bounce because of this “Rev. Wright” controversy. (Obama’s poll numbers have dropped 14 % recently.) And you have those “missing” votes from Florida and Michigan. Half of the Democratic Party believes you should count all the votes. The other half believes that those states screwed up and shouldn’t count.

Folks, I cannot see anyway that this will turn out favorably for the Democratic Party. This Rev. Wright story appeared at the worst possible time. Obama could have locked this thing up, but I believe he will lose some of the votes that he was counting on in states like Pennsylvania.

If I were to make a prediction now-

I believe Hillary will gain ground. However, Obama will still hold the popular vote, (and maybe the delegate lead.)

This should be the end of the story.

(But no…..!!)

Huge debates will occur in Democratic circles about Florida and Michigan- (all those poor people who lost their chance to vote.)

The Democratic Party and the delegates will worry that Obama will have problems with Rezko, Rev. Wright, and Obam’s general lack of experience. They will give the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

This will cause a hell of a mess at the Democratic Convention. (Beating the fiasco of the 1968 Democratic convention.)

This will cause moderate Americans to say:

“These democrats cannot even run an election. How can they run a country? How can I vote for them? I do not trust any of them..”

Meanwhile- Little “old” John McCain will have been traveling around the world. Shaking hands and kissing babies. He will already “look the part.”

The democratic winner- (aahh chosen one) Hillary Clinton, will attack McCain, it will backfire and turn Americans off. (Having lived through the months of Hillary and Obama verbal abuse.)

John McCain will be the 44 president of the United States.

Whether you like it or not…

But that is just my prediction. What is yours..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

The “Angry Republican Video Broadcast” number 9

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