Reverend Wright- coming home to roost

During the tail- end of this week, one story exploded unto the media;

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and what effect they will have on Obama’s bid for the White House.

Rev. Wright was Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years. Wright brought Obama to Christianity, officiated at his wedding, baptized his daughters and inspired the title of Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

Here is the problem-

Rev. Wright is a racist.

If you do not know who Rev. Wright is, then you haven’t listened to any talk radio this week. You probably haven’t had a new channel on, and you spent very little time on the Internet. (Good for you..!! Way to tune it all out there buddy..)

Here is a quick video from The O’Reilly Factor to get you up to speed on Rev. Wright.

Rev. Wright is stuck in the 50’s.

Rev. Wright is a “blind man” stumbling in the modern world.

Jeremiah Wright doesn’t mention that Robert Johnson, the founder of the BET- TV Network, is a billionaire. Mr. Johnson started his empire like most Americans did: He started it with a dream and made himself a very rich man. Skin color didn’t hold Robert Johnson back. (or keep him down.)

Jeremiah Wright doesn’t see that Oprah is the richest woman on TV. There is no other woman, White, Asian, or other- who is richer than Oprah.

Skin color didn’t hold Oprah back. (Or keep her down.)

Jeremiah Wright doesn’t praise America because Barack Obama could be the next president. No, instead Jeremiah Wright condemns America.

Rev. Wright…

What the hell do you want..??

You cannot get any higher than “richest female” or the leader of The United States- “The President.” We do not have any social status in America that is higher than “the richest” or “The President.”

Rev. Wright is preaching to a 1950’s audience.

When Jeremiah Wright looks at me, he sees a “White man.”

I am the problem. (In his mind.)

However, my grandfather came to America 50 years after slavery ended in America. My family never owned slaves. Never…

Rev. Wright, I do not even have the “sins of my fathers” to contend with. (But you do not see that.)

When Jeremiah Wright looks at me, he sees a “White man” that is holding back the Black man.

Rev. Wright doesn’t know that when I started my first business, I hired my best friend: a Black man. My first employee was a Black man. Because I bid the job too low, (I didn’t charge the customer enough money) my friend ended up making more money than I did per hour. We still laugh about that today. He and I were working side by side doing this job. I owned the company and he was making more money. Matter of fact, when the job was done, my friend bought the beers because I had to pay for the business advertising and insurance, and I had no money left over.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright doesn’t care about this.

When he looks at me, he only sees a “White man.”

He doesn’t know my story, nor do I think he cares to know.

There are a million stories, like mine, in America today.

But Jeremiah Wright doesn’t care to hear them.

For that, Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a racist.

(I’m not even going to get into his “anti- American” statements. You could write a freaking book on that subject.)

Should this relationship between Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright effect how you vote..??

I can’t answer that question, folks…

I was never going to vote for Obama in the first place. Not because he is Black. Because I do not agree with him politically.

Obama is a socialist. He believes that you can always tax Americans more.

Today, we pay a higher percentage of taxes than the founding fathers did when they started the revolution against the British. We just cannot pay any higher taxes. That is NOT the way to solve things.

Obama believes we can start a new: Multi- Billion dollar social program, (National Health Care) before we fix the ones we already have- (Social Security). That is completely negligent. You have to fix the broken programs first, before adding new ones.

I was never going to vote for Obama, so I cannot answer the question.

We will all find out shortly if Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons effect Obama’s bid for the White House.

Kind of Ironic isn’t it..??

America was very close to electing the first Black President, and racism could bring him down.

Not racism by white people; Obama was leading in the poles, the delegate count, and the majority of votes. The only way he could do that is by getting White people to vote for him.

The racism by a Black man aimed at White people could bring Obama down.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Coming tomorrow…

I thought about doing an editorial on this girl…

It could have been fun..!!

But I am going to stick with the topic of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I figure…

Instead of just talking about Mr. Wright-

Let’s call the guy up on the phone.

Which brings us to:

“The Angry Video Broadcast” number 9

“Let’s call up- Rev. Jeremiah Wright”

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