Barack Hussein Obama- is he..

Is Barack Obama the “Anti- Christ”?

With as many twists as a 200 million dollar Steven Spielberg movie (about dinosaurs or aliens), the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama primary race keeps twisting away.

Saturday Night Live should be very, very grateful that they came back on the air just in time to lampoon this Democratic race. SNL hasn’t seen this much attention since the rise of Will Ferrell and Tina Fey.

Republicans should also be grateful because, while all the comedians are cracking jokes about Obama and Hillary, they are leaving McCain and President Bush alone. (Even when Bush is doing all those goofy dance moves in front of the White House, in Africa, and just about everywhere else.)

Another twist appeared in the democratic race this weekend. After Hillary won Super- Duper Tuesday, (Or Super Tuesday part two- Ohio and Texas) Obama has came back to win in Wyoming.

Obama still holds the lead.

But Hillary is too close to count her out.

However, luck may be on the side of Hillary in a strange twist of fate.

There are people out there who believe Barack Obama could be the “Anti- Christ.”

They have their theories…

Did “the great” Nostradamus predict that “Nobama” would rule the West..?? And bring on “The Armageddon”..??

Is Barack Obama the “Anti- Christ”?

Find out in-

The 8th– Angry Republican Video Broadcast

Folk’s, this was a parody. Do not take it seriously. When President Reagan was running for his second term, there was a group of “strange people” who thought Reagan was the “Anti-Christ.” Some Democrats picked up on this and helped promote the stupid theory.

I thought- “What was good for the goose, is good for the- democrats..” Had Hillary been in the lead, we would have picked on her instead.

Who is “managing” McCain..??

John McCain has won the republican nomination.

We all know this…

What the hell is McCain still doing flying around the country on the campaign trail..??

Get the freakin guy home. Put him to bed. Get the man some rest. He doesn’t need to campaign anymore.

What McCain needs to do now is “act presidential.”

He needs to head over to Iraq and greet the troops. He needs to visit Pakistan. He needs to visit China and tour the future Olympics site. McCain needs to meet with Putin in Russia.

While Obama and Hillary are fighting each other like school kids, McCain can already “look presidential.”

McCain will have plenty of time to fight with Obama or Hillary come this summer.

Rise above the political fighting.

“You must dress for success.”

McCain needs to look and act like the president of The United States.

He should start NOW..!!

All material, including the video, written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican