It is all about ME

Somehow- (and I’m not really sure how..??)

This editorial starts out at a teenage “house wrecking” party featuring group sex and ends up with Sen. Obama.

This editorial is an interesting journey into “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.”

Every so often, when I am studying the news for an editorial that I want to write, I will notice a “common thread” running through many of the stories.

Today I noticed that “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” was the common thread in many of today’s stories.

Gemma-is your average, (self-indulgent) stupid 15-year-old kid, who’s parents are heading off for a weekend and leaving her alone in the family house. (Parents- equally as stupid..!!)

So Gemma gets on an Internet blog site and tells everyone that she is having a party.

She lists her address on this web site, and guess what happens next..??

(Are you still trying to guess what happens next..??)

If you guessed that tons of people show up, people who Gemma doesn’t even know. If you guessed that they trash the house, put cigarettes out on the carpet. Drug the family dog. Have group sex in the family bed. Have sex on top of the washing machine. Spill beer all over the house and carve up the furniture with knives.

If you guessed that all of that, then you win the prize.

The prize that you have won is something that you already had.

Common sense.

Sense enough to not leave a 15-year-old child in the family home- alone, for a weekend.

Sense enough to check out what web sites your 15-year-old daughter is visiting. Had Gemma parents done this, they would have known their daughter, who gets “A’s” in school, was living a double life as a “wild- party girl” on the Internet.

We could blame the girl.

We could say that Gemma was an idiot for putting her house address on the Internet. For not respecting her parents house. She was displaying “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.” Gemma wanted to be the one on the Internet that had a huge party. She wanted to have fun and didn’t care who she hurt.

However, her parents also wanted a weekend away from parenting. They headed off to another city to watch a play and stay overnight at a hotel. They were living for the moment while practicing “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.” They didn’t care what happened at the family home.

Because of “self-importance” and “self-indulgence,” there is thousands of dollars worth of damage to the family house. Mother and daughter no longer speak to each other. There is a police investigation and no one is sure how many under-age females were involved in the “group sex” and homosexual sex that took place that night.

I worry about this whole situation because I enjoy the “free Internet” and because of stupid people like this…


This is another nail in the coffin of the “free Internet” as we know it.

Soon, the Internet will be regulated to the point that we will all look back and reminisce about the free speech we used to have on the Internet.

Madonna is being inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame.

However, Madonna said she will not perform at the ceremony.

This could be a first.

Almost every Rock Star that has been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has showed up and done at least one song. (Providing that they were still alive and able to.)

Madonna says she will be there, but she will not perform. So The Hall of Fame will stick Iggy Pop on stage to sing Madonna songs (????) (That doesn’t even make sense???)

VH1(sic) music channel has decided to NOT show The Hall of Fame ceremony live. They are going to tape the show and condense it down into a little package- to air later.

Clear as can be is the “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” of Madonna that she is “to big” or “to current” to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Also visible is the “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” of VH-1 in thinking that- “..This is Cleveland Ohio, it’s not that important..”

There is an underlying problem here-

Since the day the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened, many famous people have asked- “Cleveland?? Rock and Roll?? Why put it there..??”

Some people claim Rock started in Europe. Others believe that it originated with a bluesy lead guitar in the south. Still others believe Rock grew out of country music’s “twang.” Many believe it was Chuck Berry and Little Richard that created rock from soul music.

Who really knows..??

But the first person to utter the words “Rock and Roll” and one of the first persons to play “rock” records on the radio was Alan Freed, a Cleveland Disc Jockey. Freed is credited with starting the “Pop- hits” music format.

Before Alan Freed, a song could be popular on the West Coast and never be heard on the East Coast. Freed created a format of playing only songs that were new, hot, and tunes young people were dancing to. Alan Freed’s “top forty” style of music play is still used today at many stations.

So that is why- Cleveland Ohio.

No one really knows for sure where the “sound” of rock came from. But the words “Rock and Roll” were coined in Cleveland.

Yes, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be more successful if it were located in Hollywood. It would get more attention, no doubt.

The “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” of Madonna and VH1 is helping to bring down a national Hall of Fame and render it “unimportant.”

“Ain’t that a shame. You are the one to blame..”

Italian model and singer Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently stated that- (she finds) monogamy to be “terribly boring.”

Why would Carla believe that spending time with one person is boring? Carla explains-

“I am a tamer [of men], a cat, an Italian. I am faithful… to myself. I am monogamous from time to time but I prefer polygamy and polyandry..”

Well folks…

No need to dwell on this chick. She is chuck full, dripping, and soaking wet from “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.”

Just the statement alone that she is- “Faithful to myself. I’m a cat..”

Well folks, I have a cat. It sleeps for 16 hours. Coughs up a fur ball and wants to go outside and get laid.

That is not sexy.

That is an animal.

I feel kind of sorry for the French President. He is going to have REAL problems- any day now. Then again, he is the one who married her after only knowing her for a month. I guess he was dabbling in some- “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” as well.

Finally, we end up with Obama…

Obama had a great future in politics.

(But he didn’t want to wait for the future.)

As the lyrics from a classic rock song, read-

“I want it all. I want it all. And I want it now..”

A blind man, who is also deaf. Who was locked in a closet for 50 years- somehow knew Hillary Clinton was running for president.

We all knew that Hillary was going to run for president back when Bill held the White House.

Obama, rather than wait a few years and gain more experience in American politics. Decided he would NOT wait and wanted to be president NOW.

Obama is practicing “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.” If he cared about the Democratic Party, he would have waited. Maybe ran as governor of a state. (He surely would have won.)

Or, as many pundits speculate, (including myself) if Obama would have settled for VP under Hillary, the Democratic Party could have ruled the White House for maybe 16 years.

But Obama wanted it now.

Some say this primary race between Hillary and Obama is killing the Democratic Party. I would like to remind you that we all knew Hillary was going to run for president. That is no surprise.

It is not one person that is wrecking the Democratic Party.

It is “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” that is tearing the Democratic Party apart.

Do I, the writer, claim to be above all this “self-importance” and “self-indulgence.” As if I am looking down on it from some high pedestal?

Hell no..!!

The reason I write this blog site is to scratch my “self-important” ego.

But hopefully my “self-importance” and “self-indulgence” isn’t hurting anyone. You can always “click” away from my site.

Others are affecting a family home, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a political party, and a nation.

So I do not feel too bad about the ego…

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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