I have been wrong…

I have been wrong about a lot of things, but here are three things I was wrong about concerning this election.

I never thought that McCain would be selected as the republican nomination. I thought Romney or Thompson would get more votes early on.

I thought that Obama was a great speaker and would probably be an “OK” president. (For a democrat, not for me.) However, after listening to Obama for the past two months, he is an empty suit. He says a lot without saying anything- material.

And recently, I though Hillary was done for. That the Obama push was too high for Hillary to overcome.

I’m not sure what happens to people like myself. Maybe we follow politics too closely and when looking at the big picture, we miss the little things happening.

Little things that can cause a great political shift.

Something has happened to the Obama train. Maybe it was hi-jacked by reality. Maybe democratic voters began to question Obama, instead of letting him speak without hindrance.

Or maybe Hillary has solved a problem that has tormented her for months.

Like- ability.

Hillary did what she had to do. She won in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. However, Obama still holds the higher delegate count. So this race will go on into Pennsylvania and the rest of the states voting in April.

What happened..??

Many people, like myself, had just about counted Hillary out of this race.

Looking back, I believe two things happened.

(one) Obama- for the first time was pushed against the ropes with tough questions. Questions on his relationship with Rezko and his land deal with Obama. Reporters asked questions about Obama’s remarks on NAFTA, which had pissed off the Canadians. Questions about Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Obama’s wife is not helping him out much, either. If not telling the people of Ohio that they should “leave corporate America and work in the health industry”, she was inferring that she had only become “proud of America recently. Since her husband was running for president.”

(two) At the same time, Hillary was making high profile appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and David Letterman.

I saw most of Hillary’s appearances on these shows and I have got to say- she was funny. These appearances made her look human.

Now, I must tell you folks that I am bias on this subject.

I believe that John McCain cannot win against Obama. The McCain camp has already stated that they will not attack Obama. (Wise move, as it would be turned into a racial issue.) McCain would be a sitting duck for Obama’s youth and message of “change.”

However, McCain vs Hillary is a different story. Age doesn’t factor in as much. Nobody seems to care if you attack Hillary (small joke..!!) And I believe Hillary Clinton has the best shot of committing a “John Kerry” type mistake during the election and losing to John McCain.

But I am going to “back down” my editorials in pointing this fact out. I do not want democrats to think about this when heading to the voting booth.

So, if you are one of the many republicans who are giving a sigh of relief because Hillary is still in it, this is a good day..!!

(Rush Limbaugh should be very happy today.) That is, if he recovered from his illness.

Stories that I would love to write about, but there is no freakin’ time.

Russia tells Iran to “back down- Bubba..!!”

I feel like I’m watching a tennis match. My head is bobbing back and forth between these “superpowers.”

Who do you watch..??

China is now spending tons of money, much more than we figured, on their military build up.

But Russia is telling Iran to back the hell down.

(It used to be so nice when you could tell who was the bad guy.)

Bush and Cheney- could be jailed..??

A follow up of a story that I kind of “half-assed” covered in my 6th video broadcast. The town of Brattleboro, Vermont was able to gain enough votes to draft up an indictment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for what they consider violations of the Constitution.

This really means nothing because only congress has authority in this area. However, technically- if President Bush or VP Cheney show up in Brattleboro, the local sheriff could arrest them. (However, the sheriff would be in a heap of trouble and could- himself be arrested.)

No worries- the sheriff has said he would NOT arrest the president and that this vote was symbolic.

Read the story-

Conservatives are crossing Vermont off of the vacation list.

Suing Al Gore..??

Things are really heating up in the debate on global warming.

The information that is coming out from the “International Conference on Climate Change” seems to point to no consensus that there is “man-made global warming.” The finger seems to point to the sun and the natural cycles of the earth that is causing climate change.

(Kind of what we conservatives have been trying to tell people for years now.)

Hopefully, this news will get out into the media so that we can stop stupid laws on “carbon emissions.” Billions of tax dollars being spent on bio-fuels. (Which might actually cause more carbon release in the process.) And the government telling us which light bulbs we must use.

However, Al Gore could be sued for not changing his movie once he acknowledged the factual errors that are in the movie.

See, it is one thing to put out a movie that is proven- over time, to be inaccurate. (That happens all the time.) However, Al Gore’s movie is being distributed to schools as a learning tool. This changes things because school study material MUST be amended if such errors are found. Al Gore hasn’t done this.

Read more on this topic-

Hey Al, hang on to that money. You may need it..!!

International Conference on Climate Change

My editorial on this issue- Mr Science Guy

Glenn Beck has info on this topic at Glennbeck (dot)com.

Was Moses “stoned” when he received the “Ten Commandments..??”

This story is just silly…

I couldn’t even tell you how many professors there are in college, who do not believe in religion? I couldn’t even take a guess.

This is just another professor trying to validate his own beliefs.

Here is a section of this story-

“As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don’t believe, or a legend, which I don’t believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics,” Professor Benny Shanon told Israeli public radio on Tuesday.

So what..??

Noah drank wine. Big deal..!!

Jesus also drank wine- “Let’s get that story to the News Presses..!!”

The sole purpose of this story is to give left wing people something to put in their blogs.

Come on…

Moses was stoned..??

You cannot prove that. There is no factual way to prove it.

It would be like saying George Washington had “jock itch” when he crossed the Delaware. You can say it, but you cannot prove it.

Hey, if you want to read this story- have at it