Obama is set to beat the crap out of Hillary

(And nobody really knows who the hell he is..??)

Oh.. Sure..

Friends and family of Obama probably know him well.

But what do we, the voters, know of him?

Most people know that he went to college. That he is a senator. That he made a speech, in 2002, about not going to war in Iraq.

However, without running to Google search, or the Obama web site: What do you know about Obama..??

(Sean Hannity has tried for weeks to find people who can list Obama’s accomplishments. He cannot.)

A virtual “unknown” is about to beat the most powerful political family of modern times- The Clinton’s. (Aside from the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s of course. But they are not running for anything.)

How can a person who has almost no political experience beat a well oiled political machine..??

What does that say about the state of the democrats..??

“Anything is better than the Democratic Party’s normal..??”

“Democrats finally realize how bad the Clinton’s are..??”

“Democrats are drawn to things that are NEW and shiny..?? (Like a crow or a buzzard is drawn to a shiny penny.)”

I am glad this is happening on “that side” of the political fence.

The “most unpopular war”: The War on Terror

(I do not think so…)

At least not if you look at these two stories:

Prince Harry is being hailed as a “Hero”, (and rightly so) for fighting along side British troops in Afghanistan.

If this war were so unpopular, as the left wants you to believe, why would people be impressed? Folks would despise the fact that Prince Harry went and fought.

You couple that with this recruiting info for the month of December 2007-

Army recruiting for that month is above the goals that the Army set.

It never fails to amaze me that so many brave men and women sign up for the noble cause of beating back these killers in radical Islam.

Special thanks to: Donald Sensing

For the info on Army Recruiting.

File this under things I wish I would have thought of: (Maybe..??)

Many of us who write blogs probably wish there were a way we could get paid for doing this.

“Cash for Blogging.”

Some people actually make it work.

Who would have thought…

(I never would have thought of it.)

That you could take guys who like to look at female breasts. And place them with women who want bigger breasts.

And somehow you could make money for doing this..??

I am not going to give this guy advertising. (However, if you really want to know more about it- the story is on Fox News dot Com.) This guy came up with the idea at a bachelor party to build a web site that showcases women who want bigger breasts, but they cannot afford the breast implant surgery. So they chat on line with guys who like to look at female breasts.

(Sometimes, ideas are right in front of your breasts.. err, I mean face.)

These guys, who are drawn to female breasts and want to talk to the girl who is attached to these breasts, pitch in a few bucks. After talking to thousands of guys, the women have the $5,000 needed for the surgery. (Then, of course, they come back to the site and show the guys what their couple of bucks bought.) NEW BREASTS.

To me, this site sounds kind of like- “Pimping.”

But hey, who am I to judge. Looking at the TV line up, you have all kinds of people asking to be “made over” on TV. People getting their homes remodeled for free on TV.

I guess this is the natural evolution of a liberal society.

Innovation does make you think…

How about a web site for guys who want a bigger…

Aaahh, guys who would like a bigger..


Do you think girls would pitch in a couple of bucks to help a guy get a new car..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican