If you are going to use my words,

at least give me credit for saying them first.

(Unless, I am a writer and you paid me a kajillion dollars to use my words. In that case, never mind.)

Who is using who’s words..??

This is one of the most exciting political races that I have seen in my lifetime.

The US presidential race even has people in Europe captivated. Remember, though Europe is in many ways far more liberal than America, most European States have never had a Black Prime Minister or President. So many people in Europe are watching and favoring Obama.

However, many people over seas remember the Clinton’s. Some would like to see a return of that era.

While others are just now learning about Sen. McCain’s war record and the fact that he turned down an early release from a POW War camp in Vietnam, so he could stay with his men. Some folks in Europe view him as a real live “John Wayne” type.

Why wouldn’t they be captivated.? With all of its accusations and problems, the US Presidential race does play out like a soap opera.

Which has caused many Americans to lose interest in this race…

“..I am sick of all the “sound-bite” slogans..”

Did you know that this is nothing new..??

Early on in the development of The United States, most people never got to see or hear a presidential candidate. With no TV or Radio, it was impossible for the candidates to travel to each city and deliver a speech in person. At best, if you were lucky, you may have received a pamphlet or a flier that contained a speech from the candidate. From that one pamphlet, you made your choice.

Many American people couldn’t read. So the only thing they had were “words” from the candidate, read by someone else. A “sound bite” of a catchy phase by the candidate is what stuck in their minds.

“..I am sick of these campaigns. They start too early and last too long..”

There is nothing new with this situation either.

Early on in US history, campaigning started the minute the new president took office. His challengers, for the race that would proceed 4 years later, started to travel America and campaign immediately. It took that long to travel America and visit as many towns as you could in four years.

“..I am sick of all the political scandals..”

Again, nothing new here. The “old timers” had the same problems involving sex, legal, and political corruption.

So today, we are doing no better or worse than the Americans that have gone before us.

Today’s political scandals involve John McCain being a little too close to a lobbyist..??

Also, high on the list: is Barack Obama using other people’s words in his speeches..??

Some even claim that Hillary Clinton may have used words from John Edwards.

Here at The Angry Republican, we have placed a team of professionals on this situation to get to the bottom of this.

Did Obama, Hillary, and John McCain use other peoples words?

You will find the answer to that question in:

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast number 7

Plagiarism- “..It is only words, and words are all I have..”

(This one is a must see, folks..!! I crack up every time I listen to the Obama speech..!!)

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