Lobbyist- Building a wall around government

Who made the word “lobbyist” a synonym for evil..??

I always find it amusing that early on in the beginning of this country, there was no fence around the White House.

For many years, actually.

Anyone could go up to the White House and knock on the door. Depending on the “justification” of the nature of your desire to speak with the president, you might be asked to come inside and wait in a special room.

You could be waiting for hours. However, you might be able to meet with the president of the United States and state your business.

It is clear that the founding fathers intended a leadership for this country that was “approachable.”

Why else would they have created the “House of Representatives”??

I like the fact that I could go up to my district’s- state representative and ask questions. I want to be able to talk with my government.

I do not want to place my government behind a huge wall.

However, some people do.

What is a lobbyist..??

A lobbyist is a person who is paid by a company or a group of Americans to represent that company or group when speaking to the government.

Why do people hate lobbyists..??

They have this idea that a lobbyist will bribe a politician into doing things that only benefit the company that the lobbyist represents.

So, today we believe that lobbyists are evil and people want to “build a wall” around the US government. A wall that will keep people out.

Let me pose a question to you…

Tell me what is the difference here.

Let’s say that you and I want to start a small business. We are starting this business in an old house. All of our neighbors are happy that someone is remodeling this old house, so there is no problems there. However, we have one small problem: city law states that we cannot bust the street curb for any reason. We need to bust the curb to create an access for our customer parking lot.

What is wrong with you and I going to the city commissioners and asking for a variance to break down this curb? All of the people involved want this project to go ahead. We will employ 6 workers and we will pay higher taxes because we are turning a house into a business.

What is wrong with “we the people” being able to talk with our government?

I believe that is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind for this country.

Now take this example to a higher level.

What is wrong with Wal-Mart or Microsoft employing a lobbyist, who is familiar with local and state laws, to talk with the government in that region..??

There is nothing wrong with it..!!

In fact, I say that we need lobbyists to make a better government.

We need people to get involved in government affairs. We need people who are trained in law and government to head to Washington DC and say: “Hey, senator.. If you pass that law, you are going to screw thousands of people who work in the lumber industry. You are going to screw the stockholders of this company.”

We need these folks. We need lobbyists.

You and I do not have the time, nor the knowledge to watch over every little law that congress is contemplating.

Many times it is a lobbyist who will alert the general population on a law or a bill that could hurt a community.

Let’s be honest, if we had the money, we would hire people to look after our interests. (Everybody does) We would call these people- “investors”, doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, etc. And if we had dealings with the US government, we would hire a professional who is trained in the local law.

So we have this fear of the “lobbyist.”

I feel it is unfounded.

In your mind, who would you consider the most “evil lobbyist of all”..??

An American Oil Company lobbyist might come to mind.

(They are greedy bastards, right..!!)

I ask you, why would you call yourself a “greedy bastard.??”

An American Oil Company is a “public traded stock.” Average Americans own 41% of all stock in an American Oil Company. If you have a 401K plan, or a Mutual Fund, or some type of pension, then you probably have stock in an American Oil Company.

A lobbyist for an Oil Company is actually looking out for the interest of millions of Americans.

But we just do not see it that way, do we..??

We see the lobbyist as a miscreant who steals money for the “fat cat” rich guy who lives in a huge “rich guy” house. He steals money from us because he wants to be richer.

I don’t know folks, I have been to the gas station quite often lately and no one has ever stuck a gun to my head and told me to “fill the tank.”

I do that on my own.

I am the one who bought a gas-powered car. I could have bought an electric car. I could have bought a hybrid. But I didn’t. The choice was there, but I bought the gas powered car.

However, we still view the lobbyist as a crook who hands my “poor little senator” gobs of cash to bribe him or her.

Bribing a government official is a crime and needs to be punished.

With that said, I have another question for you…

If your seventeen year old child comes home drunk in a police car, do you blame Bud Light because they make beer..??


You blame your child because life is full of temptations and they will have to resist them.

So why would you blame a cigarette manufacturer because your senator is a crook and took a bribe..??

“We the people” need to make sure we know who we are electing into office. If we elect honest- trustworthy people, we will not have to worry about briery.

It is really two ways of looking at a problem.

I believe that we must be able to talk to our government officials. I believe that groups of Americans, or companies, have a right to hire a lobbyist to speak to the government. I realize that sometimes; briery takes place, but we must keep our government approachable.

Other people believe that we must “build a wall” around the government. That lobbyist’s should not exist. That people should not be able to approach the government in fear that they might “influence” the government.

These people believe there should be a wall around the government.

Folks, that is not a representative democracy. That is a kingdom. Kings build walls around themselves and you cannot speak to the king. (Unless you are affluent.)

Hell no…

We need to talk to our government. We need to point out their screw-ups. The more lobbyists the better.

We just have to make sure we put honest people into office.

(Now, where are we going to find all these honest people..??)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican


This editorial was inspired by the recent New York Times story on John McCain. No one seems too worried if John McCain had an affair with this young lady. Most people seem worried that this woman was a “lobbyist” and McCain spent some time with her.

“She was a lobbyist for the telecommunications industry.. Ooohhh.. That is EVIL..”

People, get real…

Let me take you back to 1999, 2000.

What was happening in America..??

Cell phones were expanding, however we had huge gaps of “no coverage”. Do you remember 1999..?? You could make calls in some areas, but have no signal in others. We needed to build more “cell towers” in America and much of that land was privately owned.

Also in 1999, 2000- The Internet was expanding. Do you remember the talk about Europe being far ahead of us in “high speed Internet?” Al Gore preaching about governments help in expanding the Internet.

Am I the only one who remembers this stuff..??

So, am I surprised that a telecommunications lobbyist was talking to a US senator in 1999?

Hell no..

I would be surprised if one wasn’t.

Did John McCain sign bills that helped the telecommunications industry?

I sure hope he did and your state senator probably did as well.

If your senator DIDN’T sign bills that favored the telecommunication industry, then you probably live in a state that makes a cell phone almost useless because you cannot find a signal. You do not have accesses to high speed Internet and you probably have a choice of (one) telephone company to set-up a phone in your house.

Did John McCain break the law..??

From what I can see, no.

We all wanted an expansion of the Internet and cell phones in 2000. So his signing of bills favoring telecommunications raises no red flags with me.

Now, if you can prove that McCain favored other industries. Ones that didn’t follow the will of the people, I might be interested in knowing it.

But, for the most part, this is a “one trick pony” from the New York Times.

In 2000, we all wanted an expansion of telecommunications and McCain was doing his job.

Besides, if Bill Clinton can play “touchy- feely” with an intern, why can’t John McCain have a young lobbyist chick who sits and listens to his long stories??

Not one person can prove anything wrong took place here.