Happy Days in Cuba

Now that Fidel Castro is stepping down. (Or dead- and / or stepping down and dead at the same time.)

The people of Cuba can look forward to a “free-er”, sunshine filled Cuba.

Fidel’s young brother Raoul Castro, who is much more energetic, will head the country. Raoul can walk, talk, and he can digest solid foods without the help of a machine. This is a BIG “plus” for a leader.

Some of the BIG changes expected for Cuba by Fidel’s younger brother Raoul are:

The go- ahead of a BIG Cuban movie that Fidal never “green-lighted.”

“Brokeback Havana.”

The film “Brokeback Havana” is the story of a young rebel and a future dictator who are torn between the love they have for each other, and their love for killing and suppressing the freedom of people.

The movie tentatively stars George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, with Steven Spielberg directing.

Also, Cubans can look forward to- The expansion of Cuban Television

This is really big news.

For many years you couldn’t get free TV in Cuba. Only “state” indorsed shows were broadcast. Satellite TV was looked down on and dangerous to have in Cuba.

Here is a list of New Shows for Cuban TV:

The total history of Cuban- 1970 until today

This show is interesting and details the rise of Fidel Castro. As the shows narrator; Danny Glover explains- “There really isn’t any need to study Cuba before Castro.”

Another new show for Cuba is called:

Cigar Talk

This show focuses on all of the famous Americans who have traveled to Cuba (illegally), kissed Fidel on the face, and smoked a cigar with the dictator. This show excites viewers with zany antics, witty humor and teaches the masses how the make cigars for 50 cents a day in a sweat shop.

Another new show for Cuban TV is called:

Rolling the refugee

This is an interesting game show. Two groups of Cuban military guards compete to see how many starving refugees they can knock off of a raft. The team who can knock the most Cuban refugees into the shark-infested water will receive a hundred bucks and a can of Spam.

These are all great changes in store for the people of Cuban. However, the biggest change might be the relationship Cuban will have with America.

Already Raoul Castro has opened his arms to a possible relationship with America. To which, President Bush (basically) said: “Get the hell out of here..”

But, with the prospect of a “President Obama”, anything is possible.

Time is the only enemy of Raoul Castro, right now.

However, Death doesn’t seem to stop people from ruling Cuba.

With the advances in modern technology, it is possible that Raoul Castro may be able to rule Cuba long after his death.

There may come a day when Cuba losses it’s “enemy of the state” status with America.

Which may mean that Cuban people will lose their “refugee status” and they will have to get in line behind the millions of Mexican people who want to come to America.

Is it a happy day for Cuba..??

(Please note) The above story was a parody. Do not take it seriously. However, more people should take the story below serous. Only a few conservative outlets are brave enough to print it.

Turning the blind eye

Liberals and progressives love to point to any morsel of “he said, she said” type allegations on President Bush’s White House policy. Even if these allegations never see the inside of a court room, liberals still present these stories as “proof” president Bush is a criminal.

However, a liberal’s investigative skills seem to fall asleep, nayfall into a “drunken stupor” when it comes to possible illegal activity concerning the Democratic Party.

Illegal activity that IS heading to a federal court.

Super Rich Hollywood producer and mogul Peter Paul is a tad bit pissed off. What happened was Peter Paul put on this huge Democratic Party spectacular show, filled with stars and celebrities, to help Hillary Clinton with her New York State Senate race.

The problem is…

This event was highly illegal under the rules of campaign financing.

When legal issues began to surface, the democrats involved ran like filthy- maggot infested rats, and left Peter Paul to take the blame.

But Peter Paul is not going to take the blame by himself. He is grouping some of the best attorneys in America and he is asking for an October court trial. (Just before the election.)

Who will have to take the witness stand?

Former Vice President Al Gore, former Democratic Party chairman Ed Rendell and Clinton presidential campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe. Along with Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton.

Some famous celebrities who might also have to testify are Barbra Streisand, John Travolta, Brad Pitt and Cher.

Peter Paul claims that all of the people named above witnessed a deal between Paul and the Clinton’s.

The Clinton’s have tried to get this case dismissed but the California Supreme Court has ruled that this case will proceed. Hearings in this case will continue this year, with a possible trial in October 2008. (However, you will not hear much about this story because it involves the Democratic Party.) If this case involved republicans, it would be all over the front page of every newspaper.

(Picture it…)

President Bush, VP Cheney, Karl Rove, James Woods, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger caught in a scandal of campaign financing that is heading to Supreme Court.

That would be the TOP headline for days in all national media…

Shame on the American media and your democratic bias..!!

All stories written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican.

Some information for the last story came from World Net Daily.

World Net Daily

Obama wins again- 10 in a row…

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