Could there be a (pill) for liberalism..??

We are able to treat other mental illnesses. Could there be a pill that will treat liberalism?

Dr. Rossiter claims “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

I know that radio talk show host Michael Savage wrote a book that stated that liberalism is a mental disorder. But now, a professional medical and board-certified clinical psychiatrist claims it is true.

I have always wondered about liberalism, however I have always felt that liberals never truly grow up.

Here was my thinking…

Remember as a child, waking up on Christmas morning and rushing to the Christmas tree. Each child (hopefully) has about the same number and value of presents under the tree. Because if one child has a few more gifts than the other children, there will be hell to pay by the angry children claiming Santa was not fair and gave that child more. (So, since the beginning of it all, Santa has had to be careful not to favor one child over another.)

Liberals view the government as “Santa.”

A guy in a red suit handing out gifts to the masses.

Don’t feel bad, I too was a liberal when I was in my teens and twenties. I was an alcoholic and could never excel in my profession. I was living paycheck to paycheck and never seemed to have enough money. I felt it was unfair that “some lucky bastards” had so much more than I did. I spent two decades complaining about it and “hoping” the government would fix my life.

Then a funny thing happened…

I grew up.

I kicked the booze, the drugs and began to excel in my profession. I found that the talent I needed to climb the ladder out of poverty was already inside of me. (I just never really gave it 100% and tried.) I began to do better and spend more time doing the job that I love. I became more valuable to my employer.

That is when it happened…

I no longer need my employer. My employer needs me. (And that is when the pay increases for you.)

It is at that moment that you become a conservative. When you see people all around you who do not try. They do not care about doing a “good job.” They are happy just providing an “average service.”

They spend their lives waiting for someone to come along and fix their lives.

Why should the government reward those who do not try..??

We are not talking about the physically disabled or the mentally ill. We are a compassionate nation and we can help these folks.

I do not want a HUGE government that plays “Santa” with our tax money and gives it to people who waste their God given talents.

Back to Dr. Rossiter book…

Dr. Rossiter says the kind of liberalism being displayed by the two major candidates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination can only be understood as a psychological disorder.

Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:

  • creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;
  • satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;
  • augmenting primitive feelings of envy;
  • rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.

“The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind,” he says. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.”

Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD received his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago and served for two years as a psychiatrist in the United States Army. He is currently in private practice in the Chicago area.

Dr. Rossiter is board certified in both general and forensic psychiatry. For more than forty years he has diagnosed and treated mental disorders, with a special interest in personality pathology and its developmental origins.

The Docs Website

World Net Daily story on the book

This is a very interesting premise and if I get a chance to read the book, I would love to talk about it more.

If you are liberal, you should ask yourself this basic question:

“Why do I feel that someone else should pay for my expenses..??”

News about News…

I just finished my copy of the new “Townhall” Magazine and it is fantastic.

I believe that Townhall could become the leader in conservative publications.

It is every bit as good, if not better than Townhall (dot) com, with one great advantage. You can tuck it under your arm and take it anywhere you are going.

One article that stands out for me is called “Free Market.” How Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan created the current mortgage crisis.

Good luck and Best wishes to “Townhall” on the launch of your new magazine..!!

Townhall’s Website

I wanted to send out a BIG- “You are welcome..” to Mitt Romney.

I supported Mitt Romney because I truly believed he was the best candidate from the group we had running this election and I would do it again in a minute.

The following is a “Thank You” letter from the Romney campaign in which I wanted to share with you…

Dear Richard, (AR Babonie)

Thank you for your strong support and dedication to Governor Romney and the campaign. We had such great success in so many states because of all your hard work and the efforts of your team of volunteers. As you may have heard, yesterday Governor Romney endorsed Senator John McCain for President of the United States.

The Governor and his family thought long and hard about this decision and feel that it is best for the Republican Party to bring the country together and unit behind one candidate. We need to provide our party with the best opportunity to defeat the Democrats in November.

It is time for our party to come together by standing behind Senator John McCain for President in order to keep our country prosperous and strong. Thank you once again for your support of our campaign.

Respectfully yours,

Beth Myers
Campaign Manager, Romney for President, Inc.

And, again- I say: “You are welcome. No problem.”

Yes, we do accept Books, Magazines, DVD’s, Newspapers, newsletters, etc- here at The Angry Republican- for review. (However, we do not pay cash for these items.)

If I like what you have created, I will talk about it.

If you haven’t heard me talk about an item that you have sent in, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it. News happens everyday in the political world, and it is difficult for me to fit everything into the three or four editorials I write each week.

If you have a book or an item that you would like us to review (free of charge, of course) please send it to:

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I have yet to receive my FREE copy of Playboy, so I will NOT talk about it here..!!

(Sorry, a little joke at MY expense.)

Coming Sunday to The Angry Republican

Will Hillary Clinton leave quietly..??

The Clinton’s have become famous for storing up secrets that could destroy those who stand in their way.

But they cannot seem to beat Obama…

Feeling rejected and abandoned by the party that once adored the Clinton’s,

Could the Clinton’s destroy the Democratic Party..??

That editorial is coming tomorrow