If you do not respect my country, why would I respect your city..??

If you do not respect my religion, why would I respect yours..??

Many of the news stories I am reading this week have a common thread of “intolerance” to them.

US City officials who will NOT tolerate having the US Marines anywhere in their city, so they kick the Marines out.

US Cities that cannot wait for the Democratic Party to find enough evidence to impeach President Bush and VP Cheney, so they will do it themselves.

Palestinians who cannot tolerate the Tomb of Joseph being on “their land“, so they try to burn it down. Even though the tomb has been there for almost 2000 years.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell opens his mouth and shoots himself in the foot by saying that many white Americans will not vote for a Black Man.

(Aaahh.. “Fast Eddie” Rendell, you might be wrong about that because Obama is kicking Hillary’s ass right now.)

Folks, you could probably dig up more stories of intolerance, because there are tons of them out there. But I wanted to focus on these four. (Or this post will be a mile long.)

First up-

“Not tolerating the US Marines in your city.”

The city council of Berkeley California wanted to kick out a Marine recruiting office from their city. Berkeley doesn’t care for the war in Iraq, so they want no part of the military being anywhere around the city. They have since reversed their opinion and have decided to allow the Marines to stay, so I will not ponder this one too long.

Two questions arise from this debate…

If Berkeley is so “liberal”, why would the Marines want to be there..?? Simple answer: The military needs bright minds to help America have the most sophisticated military in the world. Berkeley, though somewhat misguided in their idea of “who the enemy is”, does have some brilliant minds.

The second question would be: If a massive riot occurred on the campus of Berkeley, who are they going to call to stop students from burning down the college? The city police? The state police? Both do not have the manpower to stop a massive riot. They would have to call in the military.

(Or, the forth option- just let the college burn to the ground.)

Disrespecting the US Military..

Didn’t these hippies learn a lesson from the 1970’s? Spitting on US soldiers returning home from Vietnam destroyed the hippie movement in America. People didn’t want to look at a “hippie” again, after that.

Moving along…

In Toledo Ohio, the US Military was scheduled to hold an urban military war game around the cities- many abandoned buildings. The Mayor of the city said “he didn’t know anything about this war game” and he canceled the event and sent the military home. When it was found out that most of the people in the city knew of the war games, the mayor changed his story and said he was protecting city people from being “scared by the sight of the US Military running down the city streets.”

The mayor of Toledo has yet to apologize for his decision and said he would do it again to “protect the citizens of Toledo” (from the US Military..??)

City officials of Toledo Ohio are voting on a citywide apology to be sent to the military, but I believe that it is too little and too late.

Now lets move on to Boulder Colorado.

Have you ever complained about a huge Federal Government that tries to dictate your personal life..??

How about a “little city” government that tries to dictate National- Federal Government..??

Boulder Colorado is voting to impeach President Bush and Cheney.

This vote will do..

(Absolutely nothing..!!)

How can I say that..??

Because in 2003, the city of Boulder voted to NOT send US troops into Iraq. This vote did nothing and nobody even knew it took place. (At least, we didn’t remember it.)

In 2006, Boulder voted to bring all the troops home from Iraq. This vote also did nothing and was soon forgotten on a national level.

So this new vote to impeach President Bush will also do nothing and will be forgotten in time.

This underscores a point that many of us conservatives make about liberals. Liberals are happy to talk about doing things. They do not really care if anything gets done. Just talking about a problem is the most important thing.

A city doesn’t have the power or the authority to impeach a sitting president. Only congress has this power. This vote by Boulder is a wasted effort and they should be focusing “their brilliant minds” on fixing the crime problems in Boulder and the city budget.

If you wanted to impeach President Bush you would need to run a national movement and gather many signatures, then petition your congress members. I am going to take a guess that the Boulder officials tried this and got nowhere. So they are doing what liberals have done since the hippie days. They are talking about it and taking meaningless steps that will result in no “actual” action.

Burning the Tomb of Joseph.

This is the most blatant example of intolerance from the group of stories I have here today. Palestinians are trying to burn the tomb of Joseph, which is a sacred site to Christians and Jewish people.

Christians and Jewish people are not trying to OWN this land that the tomb sits on, they just want to be able to visit the site.

That is not good enough for the angry members of radical Islam. They want to burn it to the ground.

When I think of the number of times that the West could have bombed the crap out of Mecca. But we don’t, because we respect other people and their religions.

For that matter, we could have bombed the Al- Jazeera TV network and cut off Arab information. But we didn’t.

When I see a group of assholes like Hamas throwing tires into the Tomb of Joseph and lighting them on fire, my reservations on Islam- and Muslims in general, are reinforced. Seeing Hamas do things like this causes me to not trust Arab people.

And that is a shame…

Because I want to give all people the benefit of the doubt. But I have yet to see Muslims come out and condemn this mistreatment of the Tomb of Joseph.

Maybe they just do not care about anyone else?

Let’s switch gears to a place that is local to me…

“Fast Eddie” Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, said that Obama will probably not win the presidency because he is Black.

The “wise” Rendell pointed to his 2006 reelection and the fact that his opponent was Lynn Swann, the ex- Pittsburgh Steeler who happens to be Black.

Rendell stated that Swann was intelligent and very well spoken, but lost the election because he was Black and that White people were not ready for a Black governor in Pennsylvania. (So, Rendell believes America will not vote for Obama.)

Ed Rendell is an Idiot…

Which doesn’t say much for the people of Pennsylvania who voted for him. I, not being one of them, because I voted for Lynn Swann.

What Ed Rendell said was blatantly racist. Rendell is standing in front of us Americans and he is trying to be some kind of “spokesman for ALL White people.” He claims that- Whites are not ready for a Black leader. What the ***k are you talking about Rendell..??

I’m not voting for Obama because he is a liberal socialist. I could care less what color he is. I would have gladly voted for Condi Rice for president and I did vote for Lynn Swann for governor of Pennsylvania.

(Need another example of how Rendell is an idiot?)

Ed Randell is pushing for a toll on Interstate 80, which runs across Pennsylvania. Interstate 80 is one of the last FREE interstates that travels east – west across Pennsylvania. Many interstate trucking companies have already pointed to Interstate 89 in New York State. They will use that road and not pay Ed Rendell’s toll.

“Hey governor Rendell.. What happens when trucks and cars no longer travel through Pennsylvania..??”

We lose business..

What happens to the price of goods in Pennsylvania when you tax the suppliers with tolls and fees..??

We all pay for it.

May I take this moment to apologize to America and to all Black people in the United States..??

I am deeply sorry that my stupid governor opened his big fat mouth and spewed out garbage about Obama’s “Blackness.” Rendell is an idiot. Please forgive the state of Pennsylvania.

Folks, we conservatives take a lot of heat because democrats labeled us “racists” many years ago. However, the only fighting about “skin color” that is taking place today is coming from the liberal democratic party.

“You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

All this dam fighting about who is Black and who is White? Who is female and who is Male…

I feel like I’m back in the 1950’s

I’m just trying to find the best person to lead this nation. I could give a dam if they are Black, or female, or rich, or poor.

That’s all most of us are trying to find..!!

And when did America, “the melting pot of the world”, become so intolerable..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican