I just can never figure out why democrats think the way that they do..??

Just when I think democrats may be on to something and actually serious about an issue, they prove that talking about the issue is more important than acting on an issue.

Words are more important than actions.

To a democrat.

Hillary Cried again today..

Was being at the Yale Child center too much for her?

Or did she read the morning news about her Health Care plan?

Doorway to the White House

One of the top issues concerning the Democratic Party is a national health plan. This is the very same issue that the Clinton’s ran on in 1992. Hillary was given the task by hubby Bill to come up with a national health plan and what she came up with back in 1992 was so far out of touch and unreachable, that both democrats and republicans could not sign on in congress.

The plan failed and the Clinton’s never mentioned the issue again.

That is until now- (When they need to be elected again.)

However, this time the media is actually trying to find out HOW the Clinton’s plan to fund this national health plan BEFORE Hillary is elected.

This is causing problems because Hillary isn’t sure how to fund it. (They haven’t figured that part out yet? You are supposed to elect the Clinton’s FIRST. Then they will throw some stuff on paper and turn it in.)

Many liberal heads turned when they heard Hillary say that some people will be FORCED into paying for their health insurance by garnishing wages.

You thought it was going to be free, didn’t you..??

You thought that somehow the Clinton’s would tax the rich, and you would receive a card in the mail giving you free health care..??

You figured “someone else” would pay for it..??

Folks, if you tax the rich to death, you will still not have enough money to pay for every persons health care. The top 50 % of wage earners in America already pay 90 % of the income tax today. You cannot tax these people anymore.

Hillary doesn’t seem willing to talk about “taxes” right now. (She is trying to get elected.) But she will talk about “federal incentives” to health care providers to lower their health plans.

(What..??) A liberal suggesting tax breaks for BIG health care providers. One of the BIGGEST insurance providers in America, a multi- billion dollar company, will get a big fat tax break..??

Also, Hillary Care will get you “dead beat” sick people on an insurance plan by way of force. (Maybe at gunpoint, I am not sure?)

If you do not pick a plan, your wages will be garnished and a plan will be forced upon you.

Maybe you are thinking Hillary could not possibly be talking about (you)? Hillary MUST be talking about “those people” who make $100,000 per year.

You just keep your fingers crossed, Bubba…

However, crossing your fingers might not work this time. Most people who make above $50,000 per year already have some type of health plan at work. It might be a partial payment from the employer, in which the employee pays a percentage of the plan. But it is available. If you do not take advantage of this health plan, Hillary is coming after you.

You WILL have no choice. You MUST buy into it.

I hate to say this because I will offend people here, but it must be said..

If you make more money than what Medicaid and Medicare allow, however, your employer DOESN’T offer health insurance; you are the “dead-beat” sick person that Hillary is talking about.

Hillary hopes that the BIG tax breaks for the BIG (RICH) insurance providers will cause these providers to lower the health plan payments. Then, the “Hillary Care” storm troopers will swoop in and force you to pick a plan and reach into your pockets and pay for it.

Hillary, is indeed, talking about you. (Unfortunately, she is not talking about the rich guy. He already has insurance.)

Liberals- who claim they do not trust Big Business. Are putting a ton of trust into big business with “Hillary Care.”

“Hillary Care” relies on the health industry to lower the payments. (Who will guaranty that they keep the payments low?)

What will stop small businesses from dropping their company health plan and sending their employees to “Hillary Care”? (Which means the employee will have to pay 100 % of their health plan, instead of 40%.)

“Hillary Care” is today, what it was in 1992.

A doorway into the White House for the Clinton’s.

Thank God reporters are finally asking the Clinton’s “how do you plan on paying for it?” (Something they never asked in 1992.)

There is only one way to provide a national health plan in America. You would have to tear down the current system and start over. The first step would be sky high taxes.

None of the current presidential hopefuls are suggesting that. They would never be elected on the promise of “sky high taxes.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

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