Today is the big day.

Super Bowl Sunday

To my knowledge; Fox TV, who is airing the Super Bowl, has said they will except NO campaign commercials this year. (translation) They have enough money coming in from traditional advertisers. They do not need campaign commercials.

However, this doesn’t stop the local Fox TV stations that are showing the Super Bowl from sticking in a couple of campaign commercials. It just means that Fox TV- nationally- will not be airing the ads.

The Super Bowl could be almost political commercial free..!!

This could be a good thing, or a bad thing..??

Think about it…

TV commercials usually get “tricked out” or “Pimped up” for the Super Bowl. I have seen some of the funniest commercials during the big game.

I believe many of the campaigns could prosper by running crazy campaign commercials.

With that said, maybe we all need a break from this campaign. With Super Tuesday coming this week, many Americans will be bombarded with political ads.

Maybe Fox TV was wise in not accepting political ads..??

Here at The Angry Republican, we should have used the advice of Fox TV and NOT accepted political TV commercials.

For the 6th “Angry Video”, we decided to accept a few campaign commercials and it may not have worked out so good.

That “red-hot” campaign cash began to flow into AR Productions and, well…

We may have gotten a tad bit greedy.

But you will have to be the judge of that.

Here is-

The 6th– “Angry Republican Video Broadcast”

Our 6th video is called:

“President Bush and Cheney- arrested in Vermont..??”

Thanks for checking out The Angry Republican