Verbal Beatings

Last weeks verbal beatings of Sen. John McCain, by my own party, left me physically sick.

At one point, I had to turn off the radio.

For some reason, people are unwilling to “build up Mitt Romney?” They have chosen instead to tear down John McCain.

(That was a trick used by the Clinton’s)

Where I come from, there is a very simple logic that has guided me in my life and career: “Do not burn any bridges that you may have to cross.”

Bridges were burning all over the place last week…

It was “all or nothing.”

Things were so much nicer when we were talking about the stupid, (almost racist) things that Bill Clinton was saying in public.

However, that all changed last week with the “self-imposed” feud between conservatives and John McCain.

Matter of fact, this feud enabled Hillary and Obama to have a peaceful debate that happened to be the highest rated debate on cable news channels.

Folks, we are taking our eyes off the prize here.

I do not want to see John McCain as the republican nomination. I have been supporting Mitt Romney for some time.

I believe we need to find another way to make this happen. (Let me explain..)

Yes, when we conservatives spoke up- loud and proud– about the “Amnesty Bill”, we were successful in stopping it.

However, verbally beating a Vietnam Vet in public is going to backfire on us conservatives, and I will take no part in it.

(OK, maybe I will take a tiny- comical part in it.)

Folks, we have to find another way..

I believe the honorable thing to do here is to raise Mitt Romney up and NOT tear down John McCain.

What is worse than a “President” John McCain..??


A pissed- off “President” John McCain who wants revenge on the conservatives.

What is worse than a pissed-off “President” John McCain..??


President Hillary Clinton

All of the choices above; are scary visions of a dark future world.

I believe we can raise Mitt Romney up without tearing John McCain down.

Helping “Mitt” become a “Hit”

Mitt Romney has had one big problem facing his campaign.

He is rich…

People think that because Romney has money, why send him any?

Mitt could spend his fortune and still not equal the amount of money going into the McCain campaign right now.

If we truly do not want to see a “President McCain”, Mitt Romney is going to need money- and need it right now..!!

I have sent in $100 dollars to the Romney camp. That is not a lot of money, but it isn’t a little either. If Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the thousands of other “pissed off” conservatives will send what they can, Romney could still win Super Tuesday.

Romney has used 34 million dollars of his own money in this campaign. Today, he placed another 3 million into it. But he can only do so much to become our president. (He might need to save a little cash to have a BBQ after this election.)

Just turn on Fox News this weekend..

You will see ads from John McCain telling us that he is the “Clear conservative choice.”

(Sorry, I had to pause because my gag reflex was going wild.)

It is not too late. Anything can happen. I have watched Howard Dean be the sure winner of his party, only to lose it all. I watched Mike Huckabee rise to the top, only to fall. I have watched Ronald Reagan lose a bid for the White House.

Anything can happen..

It is NOT too late…

If you would like to learn more about Mitt Romney, click here

If you would like to donate to Mitt Romney click here

If you cannot send money, but would like to help, click here

If you do not want to see John McCain represent the Republican Party, the time to act is now.

I believe Mitt Romney should be our president because he has the government experience and the business experience that this country needs to cut spending and keep taxes lower. Romney was raised and has lived his life with strong family values. He is strong on American military defense.

Romney is the most conservative of the top candidates running. And he is THE ONLY CANDIDATE at the top, who has run a state. John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Obama have never had to govern a state.

How can they manage or govern a country..??

Romney is the clear choice. We do not need to beat the crap out of McCain.

What I saw last week was disturbing.

Adults, kicking a 70 year old Vietnam Vet to the curb.

I believe I can now say that I have seen everything…

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican