Rudy could give support to McCain

McCain Fever

You are not going to find “perfect” in the modern time because only history can give you perfection.

Once everything that can be written, has been written. Once all the judges have judged. Then and only then can you find perfection.

John McCain edged out Mitt Romney to win Florida.

But that alone is not the headline.

Rudy Giuliani could ask his supporters to back John McCain.

But why stop there..??

When Mike Huckabee feels enough is enough. He too, could give his support to John McCain.

I guess now would be a great time to feast on reality.

I have spent a lot of time focusing on the struggle that is taking place with the democrats. Yes, we conservatives are locked into one hell of a battle ourselves.

The American people are selecting a candidate who we believe is not conservative enough. (John McCain.)

And we feel screwed and tattooed.

We can only sit back and complain…

Rush Limbaugh believes that a competition between Hillary (or Obama), and John McCain is a choice between 3 liberals, so why vote? Rush says“If a liberal is going to screws up America, it should be a democratic liberal and we can take the country back in 4 years- just like during Jimmy Carter’s term.”

I understand that logic. I really do.

However, if the day comes that McCain wins the republican nomination, and it becomes a race between Hillary and McCain, you will have to “eat crow” to do the right thing.

What is the “right thing”..??

In politics, (and I’m really surprised Rush said this) you can never guaranty 4 years of anything. I am still surprised Bill Clinton won a second term. I am sure there are many democrats who cannot believe George W. Bush won a second term in 2004. We conservatives should know better than anyone about this possibility because we dam near held the presidency for 16 years. (8 years with Reagan and 4 with Bush 41.)


You never let the other team win because- “You’ll get them next time.”

There might not be a “next time” for eight, or possibly 16 years.

You have two- highly “charged” political figures in Hillary and Obama. You can best- bet one will oppose the other in four years. We conservatives may not get the presidency back for 8 years. Maybe 12 years?

Never, never- ever give up.

Glenn Beck tells his audience that he is conservative, but that he never “signed up for the big ‘R’. (republican) So he doesn’t have to vote republican if he doesn’t like whom the republicans select.

That is all fine and well, Glenn. But this isn’t a machine that is voting. These are American people who are– for some reason, picking McCain in these early primaries and caucuses.

I understand what Rush and Glenn are doing. While there is still time, convince people that McCain isn’t a conservative.

McCain isn’t a conservative.

But he is a republican.

What is a republican..??

The Republican Party is a big tent. (I know, that is cliché) but it is true. Under this tent we have the conservative people. Also under this tent are religious people who may not be fiscally conservative. They may believe in some social government programs, but they feel that the democrats lack the morals to lead this country. They have joined us under this tent. We also have wealthy people who feel that the democrats want to tax them to death. The wealthy people may not be religious, but they have joined us under this tent. We have moderate people from all walks of life who may not be conservative or religious, but they are just tired of hearing the democratic promises that never are realized. They have joined us under the republican tent.

We conservatives may not always get to lead the Republican Party. We can kick, scream, and fight our way to the top of the party. But we need every person under this tent to win the White House and congress.

I have told people that I am supporting Mitt Romney. McCain is NOT a conservative. However, if McCain wins the nomination, you can bet that I will support McCain. Because he is a republican.

So, I understand why Rush and Glenn are objecting to McCain. But there is a danger in demonizing a candidate so much that he can never recover. If the American people select McCain to represent the Republican Party, he might not recover from the beating that the conservative media and bloggers hit him with.

Which means we could live with a democratic president and a liberal congress for God knows how long.

We conservatives got off on the wrong foot with this campaign. For some reason, we were searching for the “perfect conservative” and we held up Reagan as our model.

You are not going to find “perfect” in the modern time because only history can give you perfection.

Once everything that can be written, has been written. Once all the judges have judged. Then and only then can you find perfection.

President Reagan was not perfect in 1979.

He, at one time, was a democrat.

He was a card carrying Hollywood type.

Reagan wanted to pull US Troops out of Vietnam.

Reagan lost 2 bids for the White House.

When attack in Lebanon, he pulled troops out of Beirut without even a fight.

Reagan’s presidency was involved in a scandal: Iran-contra.

I believe President Reagan was the best president in my lifetime. However, in 1979- Reagan was not “perfect.”

I remember many, many conservatives who abandoned Reagan in 1986 and 1987. I remember the jokes people were telling about Reagan not remembering anything- “I don’t recall..” “I don’t remember..”

I remember, like it was yesterday, many conservatives making fun of Reagan because he was in Germany and he told Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall.” These conservatives said- “What the hell is Reagan doing in Europe? We have problems here in America.??”

I never gave up on Reagan. Just the same way as I haven’t given up on President Bush.

Today, we are looking at this current group of republicans and each one of them has flaws. There is never going to be another Reagan. And if we looked at Reagan through the microscope we are using today, Reagan might not pass the test.

I, just as much as any other conservative, do not want to see McCain as the republican nomination. McCain is not a true conservative on all the issues. But who is??

However, if the American people, by way of voting, select McCain to represent the Republican Party; I will support McCain. He is not that bad of a guy. He has just made a couple of bad decisions. (McCain / Kennedy.. McCain / Feingold.. etc)

Here is the way I see it…

(If anyone cares??)

We have three, highly visible and active democratic candidates who could win the presidency. Obama, Hillary, and Al Gore. They will “stack-up” on each other. (meaning) Once- one is ready to leave office, the other will be ready, running, and able to carry on “the work that the other started.”

We conservatives cannot just “let the democrats win” to make a point. A loss here could mean more than 4, or 8, or even 12 years of a democratic president.

If the American people want McCain, then I will support him.

Because I am not so egotistical that I believe I know more than the American people do.

(OK.. maybe I am a little egotistical.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican