Obama routs Clinton in SC

I walked the long distance across the plains of America. I have climbed the highest mountain. There were not just Black people on that mountain. The mountain was full of ALL KINDS of people. I peaked over the top of the mountain, out unto the other side, and I have seen the future of America.

That future is President Obama…

About a month ago, I picked the 2008 candidates. I hate to say it folks, but I was right on the money. (So far.)

On the republican side, we had a detour of “Rudy could win.” Then many people felt Fred Thompson was the ticket. Others took a ride with “Huck and Chuck,” they thought Mike Huckabee was the sure thing. Some still cling to Ron Paul. Today, others believe John McCain is our best bet.

Through it all, I stuck with my pick of Mitt Romney.

The democratic pick was much easier for me. I picked Obama because I was impressed by his 2004 Democratic Convention Speech. Even back then, I knew Obama could roll..

I heard that very same speech again last night. (Not the content, but the delivery.)

Obama had that crowd filled with hope, pride and joy.

And that spells trouble… (For us conservatives.)

I do not believe any of our candidates can win against Obama “on a roll.” Not unless some major news event happens that trips up Obama’s campaign.

Our petty bickering between whom is more like “Reagan” will allow Obama to grab the brass ring.

All of us…

The Ron Paul people. The “Chuck and Hucksters.” The John McCain-i-acs. The former Thompson people who are now lost.

All of us. We must join together and pull for Hillary Clinton to win the democratic nomination.

We have all seen Hillary and Bill Clinton- SCREW something up. Running against Hillary would greatly increase our odds of winning in 2008.

Obama is on a roll. And if left without opposition, he will win in 2008.

It doesn’t seem like Bill and Hillary can do it alone. They need help.

It is not too late folks…

Hillary still leads Obama in delegates.

Clinton has 249 delegates, followed by Obama with 167 and Edwards with 58.

It is very simple, (though it will hurt like an elbow to the groin…)

I propose we say something NICE about Hillary. We do not have to like her. Just say something nice about Hillary.

Maybe you could say that Hillary’s hair looked nice today? Or maybe you could say that her pant suit made her look a hundred pounds lighter?

Once Hillary is far enough in the lead, we can go back to fighting about which one of our conservative candidates looks more like Ronald Reagan.

In the spirit of saying something NICE about Hillary, The Angry Republican has put together this video-

It is called-

“High Taxation “can” solve all of our problems.”

I fear it is our only chance. If Obama can whip Bill and Hillary Clinton, he will walk all over poor- old John McCain and pop Mitt Romney in his “fat” wallet.

We must say something nice about Hillary.

It is not too late..“High Taxation “can” solve all of our problems.”