Terrorists- right to privacy

Before President Bush has delivered his Final- State of the Union address, democrats have launched an attack on this speech. (He didn’t give the speech yet..??)

Democrats have decided it is silly to wait and listen to what a person has to say. They will take a “guess” at what you will say and attack you based on “their guess.”

(So much for free speech…)

Democrats have decided that the president should focus on the economy. Duhh- I believe he has been. Read a freaking paper. (It is actually the senate that is holding up the “stimulus bill.”) The president has said he will sign whatever crap the congress passes.

Democrats have also asked President Bush to denounce torture- “so that the world will hear him say it.” Bush must close Guantanamo Bay.

Democrat forgot to offer where the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay should go? I believe there are still a couple of hundred remaining there. Many of the Asian countries do not want these prisoners returned to their lands because some of these prisoners carry guns and blow up innocent people in the name of Allah.

But, none the less, democrats want them released.

I am hopeful that Ted Kennedy will offer the Kennedy Compound to house these terrorists until they can be tried in court.

(Of course, with the rape charges (William Kennedy-Smith) and heavy drinking at the Kennedy Compound, the detainees might be safer at Gitmo.)

I would guess democrats must have grown tired of yelling at each other on who would be the “Blacker” president. (Bill / Hillary Clinton or Obama.) So they have decided to yell at President Bush about torture..??

It is ironic that on the very same day the democrats launch a “pre-speech” attack on the president, this little story pops up in the news…

Tim Nelson and Hugh Sims, who are Pan Am flight instructors, are pissed off because Clarence Prevost received a 5 million dollar reward from the government. They believe they should also receive a cash award because they helped capture the 20th – 9/11 hi-jacker- Moussaoui.


People should receive awards if they are deserving of them. But that is just half of this story.

Let’s read on…

“..After his arrest, Moussaoui sat in jail for 3 1/2 weeks on an immigration violation, saying little to investigators before hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or crashed in a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11…”

Moussaoui sat in jail- silent, while planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Moussaoui admitted to being a part of the plan.

FBI officials in Washington DID NOT want to bother with getting a warrant to search Moussaoui house or belongings. Nor did the local agents have authority to water board Moussaoui to find out what he knew.

Had the local FBI had the authority to search Moussaoui house, or at least- water board him, they could have stopped 9/11 from happening.

We know for a fact that this little bastard squealed within 20 seconds of being waterboarded.

He squealed like a pig and gave us valuable information.

I cannot understand what democrats are fighting for..??

They must be so far elitist, that they have never been pulled over by a local cop, who says“I am pulling you over because you have a taillight out. Also, I am going to search your car..”

A local traffic cop is able to search your car, (if it fits a suspected vehicle description) but the FBI is NOT able to search a house of a suspected terrorist.

A terrorist who could blow up The World Trade Center and kill thousands of Americans.

It has to be something in the water that these democrats are drinking..?? They make no sense anymore.

Democrats want the authority for government officials to tell you what light bulb to use in your house. How warm you can have your house. And even how fat your kids can be.

But God forbid, we cannot have one FBI agent check out a terrorist house. A terrorist who might kill thousands of Americans.

That… we simplify cannot tolerate.

It is a type of insanity. A group- PC type insanity.

We could have stopped 9/11 if the local FBI had the same authority as a local traffic cop.

A local traffic cop can search your car. If you refuse, the cop can impound the car. (Take it from you and you walk home.)

The local FBI does not have this authority and the democrats want the FBI to have less authority.

Here is the critical moment folks.

If you want to know why we couldn’t stop 9/11 from happening, here is why…

“..The Minneapolis FBI agents who responded to the tips were unable to persuade their superiors in Washington to seek a national security warrant to search Moussaoui’s belongings and laptop computer..”

The local cops could do nothing…

Six men, who could have stopped 9/11, sat helplessly in Minneapolis while planes crashed into the World Trade Towers.

All because they couldn’t get a government “suit” to give them a warrant. They did not have the authority to interragate this terrorist.

Democrats want to rely MORE on the government “suits” and less on the “gut feelings” of our men and women who fight crime in the streets.

You would think democrats would have learned. After watching President Clinton fumble with Osama bin Laden. After watching the attacks on 9/11. It should be clear to all that we must empower local cops and FBI.

Not the democrats..

They want to give more power to the terrorists, more power to the BIG judges, and the BIG government “suits” who have no knowledge of the crime that is taking place on the streets.

To the little guy who is fighting crime on the streets, democrats tell him “Screw you- we do not trust you. We do not trust your judgement. Go get a warrant. And do not lay a finger on that terrorist. We must protect his rights.”

Liberals want to take away the right to interrogate a combat detainee.

Even the American founding fathers reserved the right to interrogate the enemy.

I wonder how many more Americans will die because liberals do not trust the cop on the street..??

Why are you more willing to help a terrorist?

Shouldn’t you help an American cop..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

(Side note)

I, and many other conservative bloggers, were going to talk about other issues because the War in Iraq is going so well.

However, thanks to the DNC for bringing up the issue of defense, (an issue that they are very weak on) democrats have brought the issue of security back to the foreground.

Thanks DNC..!!

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