There is an AP News story out today reporting that “two nonprofit journalism organizations” state that President Bush and company gave 935 “false statements” in the led-up to the Iraq War.

Let’s see who put this thing together-

By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL Associated Press Writer

OK, this story was rushed out to the AP Wire Service to give liberals something to talk about. (Besides how bad the Democratic Party looks with all its political infighting. Obama and Hillary beating each other up.)

If you read this whole piece, you will walk away from it thinking that President Bush LIED 259 times to get us into a war.

However, you cannot lie or give false statements if you believe the information you are using is true.

This is a silly game that the left plays.

I will remind lefties that we didn’t know Saddam’s military strength and we couldn’t take the chance after 9/11. The left wing bloggers will cut and paste some story about Congressman Joe Smith- who “knew all along that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction.”

OK, that is fine. Good for Joe Smith…

So I will point out the fact that President Clinton, Hillary, Cheney, Bush, John Kerry, John Edwards, and most countries in Europe believed Saddam had WMD’s. The lefty will cut and paste another story on Bubba Smith, from the CIA, who “knew Saddam had no WMD’s.”

And that is the way this little game plays out. It doesn’t matter how many examples you give of people who truly believed Saddam had weapons, the left will always find some “Bubba” from the CIA who thought Saddam was empty handed.

Where the hell was “Bubba” and “Joe Smith” during the run-up to the Iraq War? I was alive during that time period and I do not remember them speaking out.

The reason we removed Saddam from power was because Saddam never followed his surrender agreement. The US Military was kicking Saddam’s ass in the FIRST Gulf War. Saddam surrendered. Part of Saddam’s surrender was that his country had to be inspected. Saddam didn’t allow the inspections and in fact- began to shoot at US pilots.

Had Saddam followed the surrender agreement, we would have known his military might. We could have focused on other countries.

The fault falls squarely on Saddam for NOT honoring his surrender.

Saddam caused three American Presidents to use the military on him. No other world leader can claim that. Not even Hitler. Not even the British- King George.

I agree with the American congress and the president. Saddam needed to be removed, he was a threat.

Would “Jack the Ripper” be less dangerous if you took away his knife? He would still be “Jack the Ripper.” Nothing has changed in those regards.

I have a challenge for the left…

If you believe president Bush is a criminal, then bring him into a court on charges.

We republicans believed Saddam was a threat, with the power of the US Military, Saddam was removed and the people of Iraq sentenced him to death.

We republicans believed President Clinton was a liar and a thief. We couldn’t prove that Clinton was a thief. But we did prove, in a court of law, that Clinton is a liar. (Obama is finding that out now.)

When are you folks on the left going to take action..??

We keep hearing you talking about it. Talk is cheep.

We keep seeing the stories that you are printing about how much of a “war criminal” president Bush is. But yet, you never DO anything about it.

Is this what the democratic party has become..??

They talk about giving America a national health plan in 1992. But in 1993, they never get it done. The left talks about Global Warming, however when they are in charge, they never do anything about it. Democrats talk about how dangerous Saddam was, but they just launch a few Tomahawk missiles into the country.

Now the left prints another story claiming President Bush is a “war criminal.”

Should we get excited..??

Will BIG things start happening soon..??


It’s the freaking democrats..

They are not going to do a thing about it.

Just talk..


The heat is on

Watching the feud between Obama and both of the Clinton’s got me thinking…

Let’s say that we republicans have 100 million in cash for the 2008 election. We were going to spend that money on fancy campaign commercials and spiffy buttons that read- “Vote for Mitt.” Or “Hookers for Huckabee.”

But none of this stuff seems to be working. The people who spent the most money on TV commercials are not necessarily the leaders in this race.

Why don’t we just give this 100 million in cash to the loser of the democratic primary and have them work for us?

Think about it…

Obama and Hillary (and Bill) are doing a GREAT job of ripping each other apart. Far better than any campaign commercial we could throw together.

Let’s say Obama wins the primaries. We give the Clinton’s 100 million dollars to just keep going around the country and ripping on Obama.

Would the Clinton’s except the job..??

Well, they each took about 12 million to spill their guts in a book. Plus, they are already traveling around the country- ripping on Obama. My bet would be YES.

It is something to think about.