What do you do when you have an ESPN Anchorwoman talking trash like a drunken truck driver..??

First, let’s find out what happened..


ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J., (She was drunk) She began to spout off-

“F— Notre Dame,” “F— Touchdown Jesus” and finally “F— Jesus.”

“Touchdown Jesus” is the popular name for a mosaic picture on the Notre Dame campus of Jesus with his arms raised up in the air. (The raised arms probably denotes “calling the faithful” or “addressing the faithful.” But being a college that loves football. Yes- it does look like Jesus is signaling a “touchdown.”)

ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson says- “F*** Jesus.”

What do you do with a female sports anchor who is drunk and speaking like a hooker..??

What would Jesus do..??

Well, Jesus would probably forgive her and maybe ask her why she has so much hate for Notre Dame football?

But that is not what we, (the people), will do..

No sir…

First off, we are going to talk about it. We will talk about it for several days. (Unless some other story comes around.) We will talk about it until ESPN fires this drunken, trashy chick.

Because that is the way it is in this little corner of “mob rules.”

Free speech is a wonderful thing. However, some people should study the owner’s manual.

Free speech allows you to say what is on your mind. But that is NOT always the right thing to do.

Just ask ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican


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