Democrats charge democrats with crimes

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Democrats are sore losers. When they lose, they never regroup and come up with a better plan for America. No, they spend all their effort trying to make the winner look bad and they claim voters were “stupid” or misled.

Romney wins in Nevada

McCain wins South Carolina

No problems..

But on the democratic side in Nevada-

Hillary won the popular vote. However, (somehow???) Obama won more delegates than Hillary did in Nevada.

(Which means it is time for)-

Charges of voter intimidation Obama is hitting back hard- on Bill Clinton. Basicly calling Clinton a liar.


I know I’m starting to sound like I’m beating a dead horse here..

I just recently did a story on Obama supporters who believed there had to be “voter fraud” because Hillary won a state.

President Clinton is (was) charging “voter intimidation” and “voter suppression” in Nevada by the Culinary Union. Clinton believed that union thugs were forcing members to vote for Obama- “or else..??”

Folks, I think it this very odd. We conservatives have a very tight race here. On any given day, any of the top four republicans could win. Also, we have two very popular candidates not fairing well. (Fred Thompson and Ron Paul.)

Yet, we do not have the candidates claiming “dirty tricks” and voter fraud. (OK, some Ron Paul supporters are reporting stories. But Ron Paul himself is not charging any claim.)

But that is not the case with the Clinton’s and Obama.

I am reminded of why I am not a democrat. I just cannot stand the tactic of-

“I didn’t win and I should have won, so I am going to get you..!! I will come after you legally..!!”

Which is what the democrats have done to the president for the last 7 years.

“We didn’t win so we are going to charge Bush with crimes..”

Democrats are sore losers. When they lose, they never regroup and come up with a better plan for America. No, they spend all their effort trying to make the winner look bad and they claim voters were “stupid” or misled.

What I am saying is redundant to conservatives. You folks already know this. What I am saying will never sink into the skulls of a far left. Hell, they are the ones who have been printing the “Bush is a criminal” stories for seven years. Yet, Bush has never been charged with a crime. They were printing the “600,000 Iraqi’s killed by US troops” story, and we now know that study was bogus and funded by Soros.

But there are moderates out there and actions speak louder than words..

Moderates remember the 2004 election when democrats claim voter fraud in Ohio. “Right Wing conspiracies..”

Well now, moderates can see with their eyes what the Democratic Party has become. Republicans have nothing to do with the race between Obama and the Clinton’s. But we are watching the Clinton’s cry like little babies when they lose and claim “voter fraud” and “vote suppression.”

If I believed the Clinton’s, it would mean the whole Democratic Party is full of cheaters.

But I do not believe Clinton…

After all, the reason Bill Clinton was impeached was because he lied to a grand jury. If he can lie to a jury, lie to his wife and daughter…

He would have no problem lying to voters in Nevada.

(And, of course, lying to you about republican crimes for 7 years.)

Democrats are lucky. For they have the progressives doing their dirty work. Cutting and pasting hundreds of “hate Bush” stories unto the Internet. In return, the democrats’ “promise” doggy treats to the progressives.

So, I am hoping that moderates and progressives will take a good look at the front running democrats this year. Watching grown people point the finger at each other and claim racism, voter fraud, and vote suppression.

You will see a group of spoiled adults acting like children.

You cannot blame republicans for this one.

It is all contained in that colossal Democratic Party that has a vested interest in keeping things- “just the way they are.”

The way things are..??

You are poor. I am the “evil conservative who is keeping you poor.” And democrats will save you from me. “If you will vote for them.”

How many years does it take to save“you from the evil republicans.?” I have been hearing it for 40 years?

Maybe someday, modern progressives will tire of believing this message too.

Maybe they will stand on their own feet and run independent of democrats.


(What am I saying..??)

Modern progressives want the government to do everything. Why would I ever think they would start a party of their own..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Republicans cause the homeless

If you check out news headlines, you must have seen this Associated Press story, written by ERIN McCLAM called-

“Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?”

We hate to hear stories like this but it is typical of drug and alcohol addictions. The story focuses on Peter Mohan who served in Iraq. He came home to a heroes welcome, but then became self-destructive. Driving his motorcycle 100 mph while standing on the seat. Drinking alone at home, not working. Having a wife tell him to leave. Being homeless with no job.

There are millions of people who are alcoholics and drug addicts. Some are lawyers, some are rich and famous, and some serve in the military.

If they do not get help, (and there is help out there) they will lose everything like Peter Mohan has.

If you continue to drink, you will have car accidents. You will lose jobs. You will lose your spouse. You can lose your house. You can become homeless.

It happens to thousands of people each year. They could be business managers or Iraqi Veterans. Alcoholism doesn’t care what you do for a living.

Not one American wants to see a Veteran suffer and become homeless. However, a political party who wants power should not use this as a political issue. Before democrats claim homeless Vets as a political issue, ask yourself this-

“What did democrats do for Vets between 1992 and 2000? Did democrats increase Veterans benefits, did they hold the line, or did they cut the military?”

I agree that we need to pay the military MUCH more than we do. I have yet to see a democrat or a republican willing to give the military a pay raise.

But, homeless Veterans are not a political issue.

This is an American problem and we need to take action.

We need to look into our communities and watch after these Vets who return home. If we see them drinking and becoming destructive, we have to drag them to counseling.

We do not need a government mandate to care for each other…

Do we..??

The first step is admitting that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. If you do not see a problem, then you will not change. You will lose more.

Alcoholics Anonymous </A>Veterans Affairs

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