I fear the death of America will not come from one massive thrust of the socialistic knife. It will be a slow death from a hundred little lesions.

I just finished reading a story on how the state of California wants the authority to control the temperature of YOUR house.

The technology to do this is here today.

California could be ready to activate this policy by next year.

If the state of California and the power provider notices your house is a “tad bit warm”, they will turn the temperature down for you. (By radio controlled equipment.)

“You are too stupid to conserve power. The government will do it for you. You just sit there on the couch like a fleshy blob, the government will control your home settings.”

What if a person is sick with the flu and a warmer house felt better? What if a person was working all day in the hot sun, suffering from dehydration and sunstroke? They are not allowed to turn the A/C up a little?

You ain’t seen nothing yet…

The technology is already here for lights that turn themselves off. A sensor looks for movement in the room. After a minute of no movement, the light turns off automatically. (Not a good idea for someone in the bathroom. If you know what I mean?)

These systems may sound futuristic, and kind of “cool.” But they cost more money to buy and install, and the more complicated the system- the more things that can go wrong with them.

New York City passed a law that pertains to how food is prepared. City laws to protect you from gaining weight..??

How will laws like this effect the Huckabee Family? (Who seem to have a big appetite.)

Maybe my complaint sounds petty to you..??

And that is what scares me..!!


Stupid government officials can be voted out of office. Dumb laws can be removed. But changing peoples minds that losing liberty and freedom are OK because of the “greater good of Global Warming”, that is not so easy to change.

I cannot just pick on democrats this time. We have some republicans running for office who have developed socialistic tendencies. President Bush signed on to a bill that will require all Americans to use fluorescent light bulbs in the next few years.

Where I work, we have used compact fluorescent bulbs for years. (Not because they save power, but because they were supposed to last for 5 years. They do not.) These bulbs flicker when they are cold and they DO NOT put out the same brightness of light. I am not sure what people, who cannot see well, will do..?? I guess you will have to buy extra lamps and place many in one area for reading. This being the case, what are we saving..??

Who will collect the mercury from these bulbs? You cannot just throw them in with the garbage. However, people will just throw them into the garbage and they will get busted at the dumpsite. When workers notice the busted compact fluorescent bulbs in the dump, they will have to call HazMat. (A mercury spill is an environmental hazard.) Garbage collection fees will increase.

Before passing this “light bulb law”, did anyone think this stuff out..??

You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Many of the candidates running for office want to promise Americans a national health plan. It would be nice to give everyone free health care. However, we all know that Social Security is in trouble. Isn’t it reckless to start a new: multi- billion dollar program when you cannot pay for the ones you already have?

Cooler heads need to prevail here..

I have searched the constitution to try and find out where the government has the authority to turn my heater down.

Under what amendment does the federal government have the right to force me to buy Chinese made compact fluorescent bulbs?

I can’t find it folks..??

What burns me the most is that I know of no one who is wasting fuel? Fuel is too expensive to waste. Some people have bigger cars but maybe they feel safer in a bigger car? Maybe it grips the icy / snowy roads better? But I do not know anyone who is filling up the car and driving around in circles because it is “fun to drive.”

All of us are conserving fuel because it is too expensive to waste.

This is what pisses me off…

We, the people, are not wasting fuel. It is the mega- rich celebrity who flies to Italy for a few hours to have an authentic Italian meal. Just that one trip, for dinner in a private jet, burns up more fuel then you or I will in a year.

Freedom and liberty does concern the freedom of speech, religion, and general freedom of life choices. But liberty also pertains to the little things that are being taken away.

(Sacrifice liberty for The Greater Good)

I fear the death of America will not come from one massive thrust of the socialistic knife. It will be a slow death from a hundred little lesions.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

I welcome all comments. However, before Ron Paul supporters believe they should preach to me about his goals, I have already explained my feelings on Ron Paul in an editorial-

Which you can find here. Ron Paul

The International Herald Tribune story on California

The liberal (Progressive) web site “Daily Kos” is asking Michigan democrats to vote for Mitt Romney.


Kos believes that keeping a lot of republicans in the race will help democrats in the long run. (Because of political infighting.)

However, this will not off-set the huge political fight between Obama and Hillary. Remember, all eyes are on the democrats.

So I say- “The more the better..!! You democrats come on over and vote for republicans. It will help us raise money with bigger voter turnout.”

Matter of fact, if democrats would like to continue to vote republican throughout the general election, I won’t stop you.

A “KOS” for democrats to vote republican

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, while pushing her new book, claims George Bush is one of the worst presidents.


Her reasons are-

We didn’t do enough about global warming. I’m trying to remember what President Clinton and Albright did for global warming during the 8 years they were in charge?? ANSWER- nothing.

Albright believes President Bush is involving American troops into too many other countries. Not true. President Clinton used the military more often in places like Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries in Africa.

Me thinks Albright might be a little bias here..!!

Albright- She’s a bad Mamma Jamma

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