There must be voter fraud because my candidate didn’t win.

I almost completely forgot about the “rigged” voter fraud stuff. Remember in 2006, democrats mostly won and so we didn’t have people claiming voter fraud.

In 2004, democrats didn’t win, which brought on a ton of vote fraud stories. But in 2006, the vote fraud stories all but vanished.

Today, they are back… (But with a twist.)

Some democrats are accusing other democrats of using republicans to rig votes.

Yes, you read that right…

Democrats believe that other democrats are using republicans to rig the election.

(We have to get those EVIL republicans in there some how.)

Obama was polling way ahead of Hillary in New Hampshire BEFORE the vote. But somehow Hillary Clinton won the primary.

How can that be..??

Could it be- Voter Fraud..??

Or, could it be that young people are turning out in record numbers to vote and no one counted on that? Polls were not set up to account for this overflow? Could it be that people are not always honest with poll questions, so they grin and give a false answer? Could it be that polls, which have been wrong in the past, are wrong again?


It must be voter fraud.

“..Those piss- mean, angry- freedom hating republicans are helping Hillary Clinton win the primary because republicans believe they can beat, (or work with) Hillary in the general election…”

Republicans are using the “famous” Diebold op-scan voting machines, which everyone knows are rigged, to give the victory to republicans.. (Except, of course, in 2006- democrats won that election fair and square. And NOW because republicans are using these “evil machines from hell” to give the victory to Hillary.)

Forget the fact that there has never been a legitimate case of “voter fraud” linked to the Diebold voting machines. Every inconsistency has been traced to “human error” at a local level. Forget the fact that the Diebold voting machines worked fine in 2006. (The year that the democrats won.) However, because Obama didn’t win in New Hampshire, there is a conspiracy.

Ron Paul supporters are also “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore..”

“..Ron Paul should have won something by now, don’t you think??..”

Fox News kept Dr. Paul from a debate. (Which got Paul on Jay Leno’s show.) Some supporters believe that republicans are silencing Paul because they are afraid of him. (???)

Some Paul supporters are considering commandeering a state- like Florida, and taking it over. Placing Ron Paul as leader.

Other “Ron Paul Bearers” are actually considering moving away to Cuba, or New Zealand. They would draft Dr. Paul as a president of New Zealand (???) I think they already have a leader in New Zealand.

(If you guys do travel to a far off place with Ron Paul, don’t drink the “flavor Aide.” History has a way of repeating itself.)

Is it true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease..??

Is it true that the loudest are the only ones heard in a crowd.

Maybe there is something to this- “claiming voter fraud” stuff.

Maybe it does work..??

I am supporting Mitt Romney for president. So far, Romney has the most delegates of any republican candidate running. His strong second place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, plus a win in Wyoming, has given Romney the lead with delegates.

But maybe that isn’t enough..??

I am supporting Romney and he isn’t far enough ahead, so there must be some kind of conspiracy taking place.

The conspiracy……

I believe that democrats are working with republicans, to rig the EVIL Diebold voting machines from hell. See, democrats will help republicans rig the election so that Huckabee or McCain will win. Then the democrats can beat the crap out of McCain or Huckabee in the election.

I believe the Ron Paul supporters are also involved in this conspiracy because they actually want to move to Florida and take over the state and place Ron Paul as supreme, ultimate ruler.

What other possibility could there be..??

There is a grand conspiracy by democrats, Ron Paul supporters and republicans to STOP Mitt Romney.

That is why I plan on….


I’m not actually going to do anything about it.

Just complain about it.