Four big reasons I cannot support Ron Paul

There are quite a few honest- sincere people who are supporting Ron Paul for president. I believe that many of these people I meet really feel a need to break away from the two parties. I can understand that feeling.

But there are four main reasons I could never support Ron Paul. (Even if he won the republican nomination.)

Cutting the military

Dr. Paul supporters have asked if I have truly listened to Ron Paul?

Yes, I have listened to Ron Paul.

He says he wants to do away with a full time- professional military. He only wants to keep enough forces to protect our borders and enough national guards to help the states with civil unrest and natural disasters.

Dr. Paul’s proposal would be a National Disaster.

We cut the military after WW1, (the war to end all wars) and we were not ready when Japan attacked us. We literally put guys through a crash course on combat, tossed a gun into their hands, and told them to fight the Japanese. (Oh, and while you are at it- also defeat the Nazis.) This is the reason we lost most of the battles during the first years of WW2. We lost 2,000 men in a training exercise. That should never happen.

We cut the military after Vietnam. When Iran took Americans hostage, we couldn’t even muster up a precision strike force to head into Iran. The helicopters got bogged down in sand and 12 US soldiers were killed. We never made it to Iran.

Today, our professional military can march down Iraqi streets and drag the leader of Iraq from a hole in the ground.


Some of the most organized, respectful, and dedicated people I have ever met- served in the military.

It is wrong for Dr. Paul to cut the military.

Besides, “cutting the military” doesn’t lower taxes. It just means you are not hiring new soldiers. (Unless you plan on firing soldiers and CUTTING their pensions and VA benefits?) You do not save any money TODAY, by cutting the military. Because you still have to honor those who served.

Dr. Paul wants to disband the IRS.

That is fine, so do I.

But Ron Paul is also promising new programs. How can you raise the funds for programs if you cut the IRS?

With a flat tax system, it is difficult to predict how much money the Feds would receive in taxes because how can you predict how much money people will make next year? Hell, I can’t tell you what I will make next year, let alone 300 million Americans- collectively.

The Sales Tax, or as Dr. Paul calls it- Tariffs. You have no way of knowing how much money will come into the federal government. If people have to pay a 25 % tax on a new car, they might not buy a new car this year and fix the old car. That is revenue that the government will lose.

It is reckless to promise government programs AND cut the IRS. This proves to me that Ron Paul hasn’t thought this entire thing out.

Ron Paul claims he want to follow the constitution. However, one of his first orders of business IS TO CHANGE the constitution.

Ron Paul- World Net Daily

(Are you following the constitution, or are you rewriting it?)

A vote for Ron Paul is symbolic.

Dr. Paul is only one man.

He will be surrounded by democrats and republicans in congress. They will never approve the programs that Dr. Paul is offering. Ron Paul, if he did win, which he will not, but if he did win- could never get anything done and passed through congress.

I have said this many times. I would like to see a third party in America. But it has to be more than one person.

Without backing in congress, Ron Paul would be helpless, making a vote for him- symbolic.

Symbolism is nice and it might make you feel good. But it can backfire. My symbolic vote for Ross Perot caused Bill Clinton to win in 92.

Some democrats believe their symbolic vote for Ralph Nader caused Bush to win.

Is a symbolic vote worth giving the victory to the other party?

Not in my opinion.

I feel the frustration that people have of the two party system.

But we must remember that The United States, by design, has a system of checks and balances. NO one person has ultimate authority.

A third party will fail unless it has a collection of representatives, senators, and governors to back it up.

Dr Paul is not a republican. He will never win the republican nomination. If he ran as an independent, he would never beat Obama.

And, if he did beat Obama, he doesn’t have enough support in congress to get anything done.

There are too many strikes against the poor guy and I could never vote for him.