The Huckster’s fall from grace

Huckabee– the man who came out of nowhere. (Hope- Arkansas) Who climbed to the top of the republican presidential contenders. Who did it with less money. Huckabee clambered to the top by using “down to earth” common sense and a sharp wit.

Huckabee may have committed his “Howard Dean” scream moment…

On Monday, Mike Huckabee held a press conference to tell the people of Iowa, and America, that he was going to take the “high road.” He would NOT get involved in the mud slinging. Huckabee told reporters that he was pulling a negative ad about Mitt Romney because-

“..he (Huckabee) had a sudden aversion to negative politics…”

But then Huckabee played the negative Romney ad for the reporters in the room.

The reporters, with TV cameras rolling, captured the whole moment and began playing the “Huckabee made- negative Romney ad” on TV stations all across Iowa.


If we forget about morals here..

If we were talking about the Clinton’s..

This could be a brilliant campaign strategy. You tell people that you are going to take the “high road.” But then you do the very same activity that you just told people you were NOT going to do. Reporters, being gullible, play the negative Romney ad on TV- FOR FREE.

And- of course- you walk around trying to convince yourself, and America, that you took the “high road.”

But we are not talking about the Clinton’s. We are talking about a Baptist Minister who wants to be my president.

The first thing I thought about when I heard this story was the fall from grace of TV reporter Connie Chung. Remember when Connie Chung asked Newt Gingrich’s mother-

“Off the record- what do you think of Hillary Clinton..??”

Newt’s mother thought that she was speaking “off the record” and said

“I think she (Hillary) is a bitch.”

But Connie Chung played the clip on TV, even though she said it was “off the record.”

That moment was the end of Connie Chung and I feel Huckabee cannot survive this type of moment either. If Huckabee were running as a democrat, liberals may forgive him. Liberals might even hold Huckabee up as a great politician who pulled a great trick.

But conservative will have a hard time with this.

I’m not looking for “Huckster- the Trickster.”

I’m looking for a president who will clean up the financial mess that is left over from President Bush. However, a president who will remain tough on terrorism.

I do not need “Huckster, the Trickster.”

America still has integrity.

There are a few things you just cannot do-

Don’t mess with a man’s food.

Don’t mess with a man’s wife.

Don’t mess with a man’s car.

Don’t tell people-

“I’m taking the high road and not getting involved in dirty politics.


(If I was going to be negative, but I am not)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican