Human rights groups and Cindy Sheehan will protest this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade.

The title of this year’s parade is “Passport to the World’s Celebrations.”

What seems to have some people ticked off is a float honoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. China, not being famous for “Human Rights”, has caused some groups to protest this year’s Rose Parade.

We sent The Angry Republican team to PASADENA, California- to dig up the dirt on this years parade.

What the AR Team found was quite shocking..!!

I just cannot condone this float:

“How to shoot a Spotted Owl” float.

(What were these parade organizers thinking..??)
You can’t have that. Think of the children..??

However, this next float…

I’m not really sure why people are angry about it?

This float is called-

“al Qaeda riding the Magical Hissing Frog.”

I’m not sure I understand the anger behind that last float. Like it or not, al Qaeda is part of the world. And Hissing Frogs are in danger of vanishing from the earth.

To me,

This next float doesn’t belong in this year’s Rose Parade. What does it have to do with “The World”..??

The “John Edwards’ march across America” float.

I’m starting to see a “liberal bias” at the Rose Parade.

This next float is called-

“Ted Kennedy drives home.”

(Notice there are two “nurses” standing by, incase something happens.)

Now I really believe there is a liberal bias at the Rose Parade.

They have two democrats in the parade and not one..

Oh.. wait..

They do have a conservative float this year..!!

“The Fred Thompson BIG TREE” float.

I do not see Fred Thompson on the float.

Where is Fred Thompson..??

“Smacked” by a Christmas Card

Someone tried to burn Mitt Romney with fake Christmas Cards.

I guess someone sent out a bunch of FAKE Christmas cards to republicans in South Carolina. The cards read that they were from Romney and were not very flattering. The Romney Campaign had nothing to do with them.

(Notice the phase- “FAIR AND WHITE”)

Hey, there is nothing wrong with supporting your candidate, but we can take the “interactive” aspect a little too far..!!

Not to be out done…

Other fanatical political supporters rushed to get a fake holiday card out for their rival.

You had the “Rudy Holiday Card.”

And of course..

The Hillary Clinton Holiday Card

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Thanks for reading,  The Angry Republican