Ron Paul, you would not be standing here today, lecturing me about constitutional isolationism, if it wasn’t for the help we received from other people in those early days of America.

“..America should not be pushing Pakistan towards a democracy. Those people can’t handle freedom. They need a hard-line dictator to keep the peace..”

How can anyone who lives in America, claim people cannot handle freedom..??

The greatest melting pot in the world..!!

We have Muslims living next door to Jewish and Christian people. Black people living next to White people. Take any two groups of people, who are locked into some world conflict, and we have those people living side by side here in America.

Just look at the current pool of presidential candidates.

We have a woman, a Black man who studied Muslim, a Mormon, a Baptist, a Latino, (and a bunch of rich white guys.)

How can we ever claim that people cannot get along together?

The people of Pakistan, or Iran, or even Iraq can handle freedom. They just have too many radicals who screw the freedom up. But the majority of the people can handle the freedom.

If you took an outsider to 1920’s era Chicago, they would believe America was on the verge of collapse. Gangsters running the city and store owners being threatened with violence if they didn’t pay cash to the mob. Millions of people were breaking the law and drinking alcohol.

What if you took an outsider to the late 1800’s- The “Wild West” and they were treated to vigilante justice, prostitution, and people being gunned down in the streets?

Would this outsider still believe that Americans could handle freedom?

Part of being free is having the freedom to fail…

We Americans do not always get things right. (Understatement of the year.) But I believe we are more right than wrong.

In light of the murder of former Pakistan Prime Minister: Benazir Bhutto, some Americans- Ron Paul being one, have made it clear they blame America for “sticking our nose” into other countries business.

(Here is why Ron Paul will never win the republican nomination..)

Paul, it is NOT America’s fault Benazir Bhutto is dead.

It is the terrorist who shot the gun, blew up the bomb, that cause her to hit her head and she died. (Whatever the official cause of death is today..??)

When people make stupid statements like that, they are giving the REAL killers a pass.

“..Oh.. sure.. It was al Qaeda that killed her. But if America wasn’t propping up this puppet government in Pakistan… Things would be much better..”

No they freaking wouldn’t be better…

Go sit down, shut up, and have another freaking latte. You are stuck on yourself and you are drunk with your own- self induced feelings of power. “You have no freaking power..”

Pakistan has people who want to modernize and others who do not. Some people want freedom while others want radical Islam to rule.

America- sending millions of dollars in aid and technical advice for the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is not causing al Qaeda and the Taliban to kill people.

Al Qaeda’s hatred of freedom is causing the killings.

You are not propping up a puppet government.

Let me put it another way…

When the “Live Aid” concerts raised millions of dollars to give to African States, was “Live Aid” propping up puppet governments in Africa..??

Come on now folks, let’s be fair here…

America has a tradition of trying to help other countries. We are one of the most generous nations on earth. (That is a fact.) Some of this money that we Americans give heads into the most ruthless African dictator’s nations. But we are not trying to help the dictator; we are trying to feed the people.

We generally help nations that LIKE America and want to work with us. Those that hate America we cut off.

Cuba, being a prime example. When Fidel allowed Soviet missiles to be placed in his country, we cut off all ties with Cuba. Had Castro come to us and made amends, we would have forgiven him. But Fidel never has done this.

Why, in your mind, can you rational a difference between sending millions in aid to Somalia, or sending millions in aid to Pakistan?

We decided to help Pakistan because the people of Pakistan, at one time, voted for democracy. The people seemed to be crying for freedom. We would have sent money to Pakistan if it were Benazir Bhutto in charge or if it is Pervez Musharraf.

We sent money to help the Palestinian people. That is until the Palestinian people voted Hamas into their government.

So we help nations that are friendly to the west. Why is that a crime?

Let me ask you…

While walking to work, a bum asks you for money. You tell the bum that you have no change. However, two blocks later, you see a guy playing a guitar and you toss a dollar into his box. Why did you do that? Was that fair?

Charity is something that comes from the heart because you are not wealthy enough to help everybody.

The reason Benazir Bhutto is dead is because al Qaeda wanted her dead. It had nothing to do with money we Americans send over there.

The reason Saudi Arabia has terrorists is because they allow radical Islam to be taught in their schools. It has nothing to do with America giving support for The house of Saud.

Every thing that goes wrong is not always America’s fault.

Some people believe we should help everyone, even our enemies. Actually we try. After we are done bombing the crap out of an enemy, we help them rebuild.

People like Ron Paul say we should help no one. Paul claims it is unconstitutional to force people to help other countries by way of taxation. If you want to help, then help from your own pockets.

OK, that is fine Ron Paul, but I have some questions for you…

Was it one Native that helped early American settlers, or was it whole tribes of natives that helped the white man adjust to life in the New World?

Was it just a couple of Frenchman who helped America defeat the British? Or did France, as a nation, help America defeat the British?

Ron Paul, you would not be standing here today, lecturing me about constitutional isolationism, if it wasn’t for the help we received from other people in those early days of America.

America should help other nations achieve freedom.

We help who we can, but we need to remember…

Part of being free is having the freedom to fail…

These countries will fail many times. (Like we did.)

The only thing we can do is help nations who yearn for freedom. And deny nations who oppress.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican